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Found 20 results

  1. Someone sent me a link to a free hot air balloon. It works and is so cool. Then RealAir today released the Duke and Lancair for P3D v4! So here's the Duke at KFOT, Rohnerville And the Lancair at KRDD, Redding!
  2. I wish someone would make an Oz or NZ livery for this beautiful FSLabs A319. So I made a flight with a nice yellow livery from Sydney, YSSY to Melbourne, YMML. Heavy weather but the plane performed perfectly. Was very pleased with the result.
  3. Made a nice flight from Melbourne, YMML, to Avalon, YMAV.
  4. From Anchorage to Homer, PAHO. Practicing and loving it.
  5. I tried to fly a 747 to Melbourne from Anchorage but didn't have the time so I'll have to try again soon.
  6. Well, alrighty then, let's fly from Redding to Rohnerville!
  7. Well, I flew from WTP, Woitape to TAP, Tapini to make a delivery but boy was I surprised at what I found! But then Capt. Mac E. Roni and F/O G. O. Thermal arrived with tons of supplies!
  8. One more leg to post after this. Quite a beautiful area. NTSU Pago to NSFA Fagali.
  9. Taken soon after I upgraded to 4.3. Just the A329 at KBOS, nothing special.
  10. I decided to make a bunch of flights around this paradise. Up to four legs so far and it's very beautiful. Started at OFU, which is Z08 and flew to FAQ, Fituta
  11. I departed Ketchikan, PAKT at around dusk and headed for Juneau, it was a cool flight. Coming around to the cool offset approach, I love this approach with the lights on the small islands.
  12. Hi Matteo @Matteo Veneziani Do the terminal roofs look better? I uninstalled KSAN and reinstalled it. Thanks.
  13. Just practicing in the A319 I really like this one What an absolutely adorable little jet! I LOVE this thing! The jetway wouldn't work. It said I needed to be at a parking spot. Such is life.
  14. Started out here with AS4 on but it was so dense with clouds I shut it off.
  15. KSAN - Global - Vector - Trees - SCA - AS4 - A2A Comanche Mmmm, more yellow! Hey! How did I get under here!?!?! What? How did I get up here? Empty terminal, kind of creepy, eerie even...
  16. I finally updated to P3D 4.3 last night, wasn't too hard, a new version of the GTN, FSUIPC, the FSLabs A320, and then bought the FSLabs A319. So I got some liveries and liked this one and flew it by hand from EGLC to EGLL. Smooth, and although this area is tough on frames I had Ultimate Traffic on, AS4 on, and had a great time. All Orbx stuff, Global, Vector, Trees, England, Europe LC, etc. To push back or not to push back, that is the question. Whether tis more noble to fly to Heathrow.... Amidst the slings and arrows of AS4's weather "Shall I reverse the engines Captain?" "Do you mean reverse engineer them First Officer Mac. E. Roni?" "No, I mean spin them in reverse!" "You elbow! You can't actually SPIN them in reverse!" "Oh, sorry...."
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