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Found 306 results

  1. Following the afternoon trip... ... we did not stay in Hervey Bay. Instead, we took a seamless connection... ... checked the parking lot of Woolworth Uranagan, ... ... and followed River Heads Road southwards for a short while. River Heads is the place where you park your car, ... ... and wait... ... before the shuttle bus takes you to the barge terminal. From there you "just" cross the bay to Fraser Island ... ... until you see Kingfisher Bay Resort https://www.kingfisherbay.com/: Perhaps you stay aware when walking at the beach... But the resort itself is a perfect place to stay some days. I´ll virtually do so, as I go travelling for the next two weeks (in a region without any Orbx ). (Click on the picture to fully enjoy.)
  2. After our flight to the northern Queensland coast ... ... we took a rental vehicle and inspected Cairns´ surroundings. We left the airport to the north across Barron River... ... and initially followed M1, Captain Cook Highway. But as we use a plane here, we can do little detour up to Barron Gorge. Just a few seconds away (if you don´t take the famous railway): Leila´s airstrip and Kuranda. A touristic spot we skipped... Merging with the highway again. It winds along the Pacific quite nicely... ... until it turns towards the cane fields. Plan with some delays on the way. Mossman village is the place where one should leave the M1 towards the mountains. Drop your vehicle at the visitor center below... ... and let yourself be guided into Mossman Gorge. No place to land below and no beer either. So we had to continue...
  3. Let me take you onwards on Stuart Highway just from the point we reached yesterday: The Henbury crossroads. That´s how it looks in the sim, coming from the sand track under the plane and then following the paved one, northbound. Just 54 km from here a good stop is Stuarts Well Roadhouse. Should be here. We all feel instantly welcomed by the menu. You are not taking my order, are you? You don´t either, I am sure. Here we should have found the good one; 5 soups of the day, please! Be careful, if you do not follow the rules here... ... you might be taken to the nearby correction center. Luckily there is no runway, so we can go on, passing Pine Gap Tracking station... ... descending over the MacDonnell Ranges, ... ... along the old Alice Springs airport, ... ... into YBAS. Since AU V2 I have this blurry runway, together with some misplaced runway lights. Parked at the correct lot.
  4. After visiting the Resort at Kings Canyon for a belated breakfast, we took a local mobility provider to move on. Climbing out, you can see Kings Canyon to the right of this screenie. If you like to see more, look here. In case you need a stop, Kings Creek Station is the first (and last) option for a while. An aerial view of Kings Creek Station. The regular "commercial" area to the left, the airstrip easily to see (as written before: The OZx model is 100 % accurate!), and the campground is just under the right engine of the King Air. Did I show you our little kitchen helper already? No worries, we follow Luritja road southwards until the next crossing. Ernest Giles road, looks like an easy shortcut on the way to the northeast... ... and pretty straightforward in the Orbx depiction. However, the road has its challenge. You´d better have a proper vehicle, and an experienced driver. We had (not me, of course). (PS: This is not a parking lot. This is just stopped on the "highway".) Crossing Palmer "River". Surely it was dry. And the end of the road there should be the Henbury Craters. Sounds interesting, but we did not get the time for a detour here. Finally, near the OZx airstrip "Henbury", we reach Stuart Highway, the next paved road. We´ll turn left, but I keep that for the next post...
  5. After yesterday´s late arrival at Kings Creek Station... ... it is good to get up VERY early for a walk along Kings Canyon. OK, we will save time and energy and take a more relaxing alternative. We´d be picked up at our campsite just right in front of the airstrip (not shown yet in OZx)... ... follow the track just right of the runway ... ... to reach Kings Creek Station at the main road (well, Luritja road is the only road here, btw). https://www.kingscreekstation.com.au/ Sorry, I have no Robinson in my hangar. But I have time to visit the local camel meeting point. Off to Kings Canyon, this is the parking lot. Last flush water toilet for the next hours. It is wise to climb "Heart Attack Hill" early in the morning. At least there is a defi and a satellite telephone on top for cases of emergency. We´ll "just" cross the Canyon... ... and finally go down to a resting site a bit off track, ... ... whilst a heli passenger will need to fly to Kings Canyon Resort to change vehicles again.
  6. Following the intro ... ... this post is going to summarize our tours in & around Sydney: By ferry, by walking, by a bus tour, by ship, and finally by car. Nevertheless, in this peer group we are all about flying... so let´s just head directly from Kingsford Smith to Bondi... ... then over to South Head, ... ... before we turn back over Port Jackson to Sydney´s first airport: Rose Bay. From the time when long-distance flying was mostly done with seaplanes. Here we cross Taronga Zoo... ... and then fly back around the CBD to Darling Harbour. Some may take a rental car for the next leg, but the KingAir does it nearly as good: Up into the Blue Mountains. You may recognize the towns of Leura and Katoomba on the rim. You really learn a lot about the 3rd dimension of these areas from the sim, whilst a map will not reveal that. And when you walk the rim, you´ll see it this way. Echo Point, with the 3 Sisters added as freeware. Or, carved in stone. Finally, turning back into town over YKAT Katoomba airstrip with its photoreal OZx surrounding.
  7. The other morning we went on from Kings Canyon airstrip... ... following Larapinta Drive... ... into the West MacDonnell ranges near Areyonga. A very slight detour to Gosse Bluff crater. It has never looked so good in the sim. On to Hermannsburg... ... and when Pine Gap tracking station appears to the right, it is time to contact your destination airport. While turning into final you can see a big settlement to the left. The old airport of this central place. I am sure y´all know where this is. Time to grab a cab and head into the city, vibrating as it is (at least relative to the surroundings in a 500 km circle).
  8. The temperature at YAYE / Conellan airport was quite demanding, as you can see on the EICAS: Outside air temp. 39°C in the morning. Warming up engine or pilot not necessary. The whole scenery in one shot: Uluru, Yulara village, Kata Tjuta. I followed the road eastwards. At Curtin Springs you see "Fooluru" to the south (right). Turn left at the first crossing in Angas Downs. Continue left in Wallara. Hard to spot these settlements... Here we cross Kings Creek Station. https://www.kingscreekstation.com.au/ Ian ynd Lyn Conway would be happy to host us - next time. Passing Kings Canyon... ... towards the nearby OZx airstrip. The main terminal has what it needs: Check-in counter, duty free shop and spa area.
  9. A successful Opal hunter from Coober Pedy hired me, as he wanted to get the gems up to a touristic hot-spot quickly. No problem to put him in the backseat and add the style these men are used to. Bye, bye, mate. Quite a dry region. Soon a certain waymark appeared in the distance... The rock becomes clearer now. Get down on it. My passenger was ready to sell the fresh Opals to those wealthy travellers around. Which means the chartered plane was easily paid. [The mixup between the OZx airport and the AUv2 default one will be solved in the next post.]
  10. Well, this time the mines are located in a slightly warmer region than what is usually served by Mule Air Team. But at least we hired the same type of freighter to pass over the most urgent necessities that were transported by ship across the Australian Bight to Ceduna/SA. Across the green South Australian plains... ... into salty areas, ... ... then into more sandy areas, ... ... and, over Tarcoola, even into totally sandy areas. But here it is, the Opal Capital of the world. Coober Pedy. They say temperatures are not reported in degrees here, but in "liters to drink without going to the loo". Fortunately our plane was full of beer when we took off.
  11. As Port Lincoln is famous for shark cage diving, we did not spend much time swimming in Spencer Gulf or the Bight from here. Instead we made some metres and chose a fast plane. Over Coffin bay, ... ... Cape Redstock, ... ... and the airfield with the same name... ... towards Streaky Bay YKBY. It seems to me that some of the OZx libraries are not fitting properly here. Streaky Bay "CBD". The green plains of South Australia. Or is it already WA? And here we dive into Ceduna, the place to change planes again.
  12. We took off from Adelaide right into the morning... ... and circled around the CBD, ... ... just to find ourselves lost over the Saint Vincent Gulf seconds later. At least there was another comrade travelling below us. Gladly we reached some land again, at Yorketown. Unfortunately the lakes on the peninsula are totally green currently. Either a landclass error or environmental problems. The western tip of Yorke peninsula. Althorpe Island. And here we reached one of OZx´s highlights: Thistle Island. Always looking fantastic. Soon we arrive at Port Lincoln... ... with a slightly high approach. But successful. And parked, just like Martyn likes it.
  13. Today we´ll make another low&slow inspection of a series of OZx airfields along our way into South Australia´s capital. Left Goolwa, ... ... and soon we saw the first grape fields. We crossed the coastal hills, ... ... to the "Adelaide plain", ... ... and along YADG Aldinga. Hunt Field, an airfield which is mainly used for model aircraft today. Or for flight simmers... Initially we only passed the city, ... ... and flew along Scott Creek... ... and Woodside, ... ... to find Constitution Hill. But where is the runway?? GE shows it, but I was not brave enough. And I didn´t trust the trees would move away fast enough. So I moved on to YPAD, ... ... to find an adequate parking lot.
  14. Here we go on, from Ant´s beautiful Hamilton Aero airport. Just a few minutes later we climb over the Grampians range. As so often before, I can state the mesh is much more impressive now in AUv2. Sadly the Balconies (formerly called Jaws of Death) are still missing, so you have to look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grampians_National_Park Bellfield Lake. Halls Gap. The Grampians airfield by OZx. Seems to be fitting well into AUv2. Unfortunately the photoreal Naracoorte Lakes don´t work well in the new Australia. But Younghuusband peninsula is more detailed than before. Into Goolwa for a slow approach to the next city. Guess which.
  15. The right place to start a little great ocean road tour: Apollo Bay. Turning around Cape Otway. The mouth of Gellibrand river looks much more impressive now in AU v2. Whereas the 12 Apostles still are a bit unspectacular. Passing Warrnambool, ... ... the Tower Hill lake, ... ... and Port Fairy. Heading inland, ... ... to Ant´s Airport Hamilton Aero. The airport itself still works well, but I have lost some taxiways when changing from FSX to p3dv4.
  16. ... but not, as the livery suggests, coast to coast. At least not today... Taking off from Melbourne Tullamarine... ... and initially heading into town. With a slight turn over Marvel stadium... ... towards St. Kilda. Lake Borrie, just before crossing... ... Avalon. Barwon Heads, I think I have experienced the elevation errors here for years now. At Torqay (with the Tiger Moth World) we encounter the Southern Ocean. Passing Anglesea, ... ... and Airey´s Inlet, ... ... before heading into Apollo Bay. With its sloped runway it was always a bit difficult to use, but the location is brilliant: Either to jump to Tasmania, or continue westwards the Ocean Road.
  17. Time to continue my clockwise Australia tour. From Welshpool (NSW)... ... across the bay at Corner Inlet to Wilsons Promontory NP. Sealers Cove... ... and the Wilsons Prom Lighthouse. The first trace of settlements at Tidal River. And leaving the NP near Shallow Inlet. Some windfarms on the way to... ... Philip Island. With its GP track... ... and the Penguin Parade beach. Straight north towards Hastings... ... and Tyabb. With some elevation issues and double houses. The yellow submarine is parked.
  18. Today we are going to test OZx/AUv2 over some wet terrain, so we will be using the Catalina to fly out of Orbost. Unfortunately in slightly wet conditions. And soon we turn south over Bass Strait. This is what we were looking for: Some OZx oil rigs, namely (from the left) Flounder, Tuna, West Tuna and Marlin. Let me skip the other 5 we crossed (Snapper, Whiting, Barracoota, Dolphin and Perch). This is the landfall near Yarram. In the left background you can see Wilsons Promontory NP. But we make a break in sunny Welshpool today.
  19. Around the southeast corner of Oz´s mainland, I mean. Here we go from Canberra ... ... across Tallaganda Park. Looks like it´s winter. Oh, it IS winter! Meet the coast at Moruya. I was able to deactivate the double buildings as described here: Merimbula. The buildings were streamlined as above, but the bridge and the black hall remained. Gabo Island. Looks a bit remote... Here we cross Mallacoota. Obviously the old OZx photoscenery does not blend well, ... ... as it doesn´t in Orbost either. But I like the personal touch.
  20. This flight started in Wollongong (uncorrected scenery)... ... over these fantastic looking coastal mountains... ... to Jervis Bay. Across Morton National Park... ... and Mills Cross radio telescope... ... into Canberra.
  21. Here we go, just off Sydney... ... passing Holsworthy Airfield, ... ... and Wedderburn, ... ... before we get back to the M1 and the Pacific coast again. In motion the step between the M1 and the coastal lowlands looks much more impressive than here, ... ... when you drop down to Port Kembla. Downwind along Lake Illawarra, ... ... and you can spot the runway lights just over the hill. This is next place where I feel the mesh is more detailed in v2 than before. Final into Wollongong. Basically the airport works, but can you see all the double buildings in the foreground? Suspicious... and I had even turned off Ant´s Airports.
  22. Some test pictures from Katoomba. In use are AUv2, OZx (all packages and the p3d-libraries), FS Global 2010 mesh. Surprisingly all buildings except these 2 are still perfectly placed. It is the best place to start a short hop to @corinocos Three Sisters. I love to fly there.
  23. Leaving Sydney (with the 3rd party scenery fitting perfectly, thanks to Orbx and the other company working so well together), ... ... with a little detour over the city (and the hotel we have already booked). Into the Blue... Mountains at Penrith. Streets and landclass appear more precise to me than in AUv1. Sun Valley to the right. I am not sure about the black structure under the 337´s belly - is it shadow or a LC error? Wentworth Falls,... ... where we get the first view of Jamisons Valley. And turning south over Katoomba. My impression is the mesh is improved here, and it looks really good. Echo Point and The Three Sisters, using the photoreal add-on which was issued yesterday by @corinoco . And this is YKAT airstrip, out of the good old OZx packages. Nice blend, though there might be some elevation difference. Looking back to the blue... ... and ahead towards Sydney. A little downwind turn over Randwick racecourse, and then we were set to land back in YSSY.
  24. Not from the start at Brisbane, ... ... and also the "Port of Brisbane" is not significant in the sense of the post title. But wait and see. We cross Saint Helena Island... ... and come south over green estuaries to Boonnahbah Island, ... ... followed by Woogoombah Island. This part of the Gold Coast settlements is Coombabah. The view to the left uses different letters: Runaway Bay. Turning to Surfers Paradise, ... ... before we arrive in Coolangatta. Tmrrw I will have t type with ther letters.
  25. After arrival from Cairns we change vehicles in Brisbane, domestic terminal. Following Moreton Drive, just right of the airlink railway, until it meets the M1. On the way north we pass Caboolture, nicely upgraded in OZx. The Glasshouse mountains appear to the west of the motorway, ... ... and Caloundra to the east. We pass the coastal settlements of Noosa in the distance... ... and the surprising location of the airstrip IN Lake MacDonald. This is sugar cane land. No doubt. You can follow the road to Hervey Bay, but we are already on base... ... final, ... ... and parked.
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