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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, Maybe this has been answered but there are so many posts related that I did not found the answer : I apologize for the inconvenience Many third parties addons may have modified the autogen definition (in Prepar3D v4/autogen" or "FSX/autogen" folders) How is it possible to verify Orbx original autogen definitions or restore them ? Is it done by "verify files" and in this case which of the scenery elements should be verified ? FTX Global ? Thanks and regards, Jean-Paul
  2. There is a problem when loading flight in FSX after installing ORBX Global. Loading process stops between 20 % - 40 %. Then FSX do not answer. System is Windows 10 home (2019). Computer: Intel Core 5 - 8300 CPU 2,3 - 3,8 Ghz; Graphics Nvidia GeForce 1050, RAM 8 Gb. What can be a reason?
  3. There is a problem when loading flight in FSX after installing ORBX Global. Loading process stops between 20 % - 40 %. Then FSX do not answer. System is Windows 10 home (2019). Computer: Intel Core 5 - 8300 CPU 2,3 - 3,8 Ghz; Graphics Nvidia GeForce 1050, RAM 8 Gb. What can be a reason?
  4. Did a very short hop from Kansai to Haneda in the early morning (realtime). Lets load this stuff up. THe sun comes through already. 5 oclock in the morning. Lets go finally Cruising on FL370 Descending to FL5000 Aaand we are there. Not even 1h trip.
  5. Short haul trip, on a yellow plane, for sure @Jack Sawyer will enjoy On taxi, traffic provided by VATSIM, moving towards rwy 19 at EDDF Europe below descend into Pula taxi 2 the gate and be quick with the turnaround leaving Pula to Dubrovnik at the gate, we are done... leave your comments below
  6. Transaction ID is - 585f9fa6d184b Hello, I have recently upgraded to the new Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4.. However now my ground textures look like this. As mentioned in the "Read me" topic: I tested it with and without locked framerates. I tested it with about a million different setting combinations. Played around with standard as well as changed V4 .cfg.. And am now stuck.. For Christmas I wanted to buy some A2A aircraft - However now Im thinking of not doing that because of the ground textures.. I love ORBX and in V3 I had absolutel
  7. Hi, ID: 59d03d1bbf269 I recently purchased p3d v4 along with ORBX Global and ORBX Trees HD. I downloaded and installed the RTX Central 3 installer and begun downloading the products. Upon launching p3d I noticed the products were not displaying and I could only see the default p3d v4 scenery. I can't seem to find anyone else with this problem. I've tried reinstalling p3d with no luck. Some help would be much appreciated.
  8. if i purchase the FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK. Is that just a base to build on so the other products they sell expand by purchasing those also. I am a complete newbie to secenery and addons. I purchased things from other websites and seem to be failing majorly.
  9. Hello, Recently I've purchased the following ORBX FTX products: FTX Global BASE Pack FTX Global openLC Europe FTX Global VECTOR LOWI Innsbruck Airport Order number (receipt number): 5964f880cf7b2 I have Microsoft Flight Simulator Steam Edition installed, before installing the ORBX addons the simulator worked fine without any problem. After I purchased and installed the above extensions, the simulator started crashing regularly throwing the out of memory error. Also, when loading a flight it just hangs at random point with black screen, req
  10. Hello to everyone. After installing ORBX, the FSX ground was broken Global.Scenery.cfg Texture_ID = 1 I also added.As you see.
  11. I installed orbs global, and most of the ground textures are black as well as misplaced textures, even over water.
  12. Guys i have issue installing ORBX global.i tried cleaning the registry but still nithing, i unstalled and reinstalled,still nothing.i'll attach an image so that you can see the issue
  13. Hello, I am very new to this type of thing. I installed fsx gold edition. I just purchased orbx global and now that I have it in a folder on my desktop I have no idea where to put it for fsx to see it. That is just the start of my problems. I am running a triple 27" monitor setup with the Nvidia 770 GTX. I have a Trackir 5 plugged in. Saitek x52 pro flight pack with rudder pedals and a new computer with more than enough guts to run every thing I have. The problem is that I put the cart in front of the horse and now have tons of questions and cant even get a $100 addon to run w
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