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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Nick and Everyone, I have just finished setting up my new PC rig that is equipped and sized properly for MSFS, and it is a blank canvas software-wise. I am just now preparing to download and install MSFS 2020 from the MS Store and then install and setup Orbx Central so as to manage the ongoing installation and maintenance of Orbx Managed Scenery and Add-Ons; just as I have become accustomed to over many years of FSX + Orbx. Many thanks to the Orbx Team for helping squeeze so much enjoyment out my orphaned FSX/Accel software. Now, what is Orbx recommended sequence to
  2. Hello, I am sure that it was asked before, but please forgive me for asking again. I own AFS2 through steam and I also have every Orbx scenery bought and installed. But I don't know how to show these addons on Orbx central. In my Orbx central, my P3D and XP11 products are shown. But I couldn't figure out how to see my steam addons in the Orbx central. You kind help will be much appreciated. Orbx central is v4.1.22
  3. I have both v4 an v5 Orbx library setup outside of both versions of P3d in one shared folder as created by Central on my D: ssd, V5 P3d is installed on my m.2 drive F: and i wanted to move the v5 library also to the same drive. Can i make a new folder and drop my v5 files into this and will Central recognise it, or do i need to create the library first using Central then drag the v5 contents into it. I am OCD about keeping things together...
  4. ORBX keeps crashing even after reinstalling it twice. There is a download in progress that can't complete because of the crashes. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  5. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: P3D v4.5 hf2 Screenshot: Issue: Hello and happy new year. Today i tried my luck with installing the new ORBX Central, after reading many issues with it. Ive read moderators write here that one can keep FTX Central and only install new orbx products via ORBX Central. So ive tried it.... Sadly it failed. I bought and installed ESGG from you, went into settings in ORBX Central and set insertion point and a few other settings like no autoupdate etc etc. Now whenever i load into ESGG i get the message/error y
  6. Hi Guys, hope someone can help me and shed some light on an issue i have in Orbx England, I seem to be missing trees and vegetation since updating to FTX Central v4 I have tried to verify my scenery and reinstall trees and Orbx England , unchecked Open LC Europe as well to see if that was a conflict, but still not having any joy ?? i have posted a few screenshots of Old Warden EGTH airport as an example for you to see the comparison as you can see i have used the ORBX product screenshots with my ones at the same area , but you can see how baron mine looks in comparis
  7. Hi, I have observed some green lakes on Yorke peninsula (S35.0446, E137.29)... ... and west of Port Lincoln (S34.1938 E135.2041). (S34.0177 E135.1636) The GPS and GE show water, so I suppose this may be a landclass error?
  8. Hey guys, I have problems with orbx Central (the new one ) so Installation and everything world but i think ist would Not really put into my sim cause for example on Central v3 i Had to change airport elevation on the new one not.... so i think it ist not really in my sim ...AirPorts seems to work i am using p3dv4 global +Vector
  9. Initially the Orbx libraries were installed in my X-Plane Custom Scenery directory, but I wanted to migrate to a special library directory outside the X-plane folder. I used the Migrate to Library function in Orbx Central v4.0.6. Restarting X-plane initiates a number of errors which points to a missing library (log.txt). I checked the links fr the Orbx_OrbxlibsXP directory in the Custom Scenery directory and this points to the newly created directory in my Orbx library folder. Al this seems to be correct, but it doesn't work like it should. The only way to correct the problem is t
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