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Found 16 results

  1. In my last post I arrived in Munich and asked where my next flight might be going. Martyn guessed "Andorra", and today we will see if he was right. Here we get ready with the plane & airline of choice. Flight number is SQ327 for those who want to spoil. Let´s go! Munich city... ... and the airport, seen from a southern fly-by. The Chiemsee with the alps in the background. Today we even use the center tanks. Slightly later, passing the Crimea. Mt. Elbrus in the
  2. This afternoon´s trip started with a short hop from Horovice... ... over Tocnik Castle ... ... and the magnificent impressions of OpenLC_EU. The VIP way to commute. I seem to have some trouble with GSXv2 and the jetway setup. Some say it is easy to cure, but I forgot how to do. Instead, I just jumped into a little airliner, ... ... went off over Prague downtown (again), ... ... into a thunderstorm! Cabin service was shortened to a glass of water, but luckily enough the trouble
  3. Took a Red Bull promotion plane from Prague... ... with a nice city view shortly after. About 100 km east of the capital I crossed Semtin, an outskirt of Pardubice (and you can already see the airport to the right). Now some flight action... Next trial: OK, I give up... ... and return via Prague, ... ... and Karlstejn Castle... ... to Horovice: Another old bird to be met here:
  4. As the route from Paris to Prague is not flown with my passenger airline liveries, I had the pleasure to hire as a cargo pilot: Unfortunately there was a queue at the runway, ... ... but finally we were able to leave. OpenLC in its glory in northern France, ... ... and, just a few minutes later, north of Frankfurt (both shots with the weather of last Saturday). The eastern end of Bavaria. Approaching Prague-Ruzyne, ... ... and on downwind into runway 31.
  5. Preparing for another real life trip I took a rental car plane and left Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle along one of the many motorways... A powerplant east of Paris - which I could not identify with GE: Could it be Vaires-sur-Marne? Following the roads with Paris CBD in the background... ... and passing the Aerodrome des Lognes. I was crossing the forest of Fontainebleau, mais le chateau n´existe! @Richard Bui, may you be able to help and drop it here? An intermediate stop at the industrial area of Montargis-Vimory,
  6. After some weeks of flying in Africa (where I needed to use non-Orbx-sceneries, so I could not report here) I have reached the European mainland again. Here you see me onboarding at Gibraltar. Climbing out over Algeciras. Here we already reach the north of Spain, with its usual cloud coverage. Maybe we should better stay at the mediterrenean? At least we can see the runway. SODE works, as well as the rest of the updated Bilbao. Always good to see a successful test.
  7. Left Heathrow well before sun up. Descending into an early spring dawn... Mike
  8. This needs to be a safe area next Sunday... ... when the Beast is going to ride these roads... ... and we survey the city. The Trade Fair will be opened by & see a visit of Mr. Obama on Monday, ... ... whilst Michelle is probably going to purchase things for the next home... ... or strolling through the green forests of the city. Whatever comes, a parking lot for AF1 is prepared. Welcome, Mr President!
  9. After finally having reached spring, I took the new Turbo Legacy for a spin. From Nice... ... across Monaco... ... to Genova. And on the longer leg southwards, I tested the new features: an enormous climbing power, the sound of a heavily breathing pilot (made my daughter shiver), virtual oxygen supply. Check the instruments for altitude, climb rate and ground speed! Crossing Pisa, already descending... ... towards la Isola d´Elba... ... and into Marina di Campo. A nice combination of a fast bird with IFR
  10. ... was an uncommon "long-distance" flight in the new 777 from Zurich to Hanover... ... with a little seat upgrade. Free. Thanks to the airline! Take off from the 28... ... turning north... ... and climbing out, as seen by the brand new airshow. Ain´t the alps beautiful? So relax on board... ... before a sporty descent: Turning into final. Faces of Swiss. Two great tours, both real & virtual! http://www.world-of-swiss.com/de/boeing-777-300er
  11. ... and so I finally left the cold regions, coming from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and Norway across my hometown... ... towards the southern alps, with the Lago di Lugano in the background ... ... to the Riviera, here approaching from the italian side towards Nice. Time to enjoy some warmer views... with some low & slow flying over the weekend!
  12. I had to conclude this is not the time for low&slow expeditions in Iceland... ... so I decided to work my way down to more central parts of Europe. Well, not too central, in fact. From Reikjavik... ... passing the icefields south of Vatnajökull... ... and down to Scotland´s Isle of Lewis, Stornoway "International" airport. Grab your luggage, Ladies and Gentlemen!
  13. After takeoff from Keflavik we can enjoy the typical, beautiful Iceland weather. Orbx has paid some attention to Reikjavik city. Climbing over the southwestern ridge the visibility gets down again... no chance for low & slow sightseeing currently. Landing attempt into Vestmannaeyjar. Not really safe, and even impossible in the sim. So we had to return to Reikjavik, where ILS & visibilty help to survive.
  14. ... change the continent, at least. A very cold & dark start in Fairbanks... ... and takeoff into sunrise: Takes some time to reach the north coast of Alaska. Just imagine this way with a truck or dog sleigh... The Northwest passage. Remembering Benjamin Franklin and his brave & desperate men. BTW, hard to find suitable alternate airports for emergency cases here. About 2 hours after sunrise. Confused? That´s the pole... Second sunrise of this flight. Maybe Earth has indeed another shape than the suspected discu
  15. ... that is where I had to go today after a nice holiday week. And at least in virtual, I was able to head into the moderate temperatures of the mediterranean. From Barcelona... ... to a place with a rock. On base, ... ... on something like "final"... ... and - luckily - successful. With a strong crosswind from the left and without instrument support, this is not as easy an airport as the layout might suggest. Maybe a bit late, however I wish all of you a happy new year!
  16. For me this was a long awaited trip in Orbx-land, even more required after Martyn has just finished the opposite direction: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/94785-off-to-the-land-of-gerold/ In March this is the light situation when I leave Hanover every morning to ride to work: The vehicle then passes Wunstorf AB, the home of Transall C-160 wing 62. The first German Airbus A-400 M is also stationed there (do not read the disaster of that planes development delays....) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wunstorf_Air_Base : Next station: Bückeburg / Achum AB: http://en.wikipedia.or
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