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Found 118 results

  1. Hi all. Could someone inform me if there is a sequence of installation of products ex: Should I install Base Pack first, the OpenLC then Vector. Also is there a quick way to enable or disable these products. Example when I am flying commercial Jets at 35,000 feet I do no require all the details. Please let me know. Thanks Bat.
  2. Santo Domingo to San Juan Gear up... Picking up the radial Good bye to the Dominican Republic Hello to Puerto Rico Miami to San Juan with the four stops was 7.4 hours logged in the sim. There is a milk run in reverse, but I think I'll park that for now. Much more to explore... Mike
  3. Leaving a grey Jamaica: Haiti ahead: Time to head down: Port Au Prince: Better conditions than Kingston: One more stop before San Juan.
  4. The hop from Montego Bay to Kingston on PA431, Miami to San Juan milk run. Settled en route Probably should have tuned the localiser... 23°C, dew point: 23°C... Next stop Port Au Prince in Haiti.
  5. The milk run to San Juan from Miami in 1961: Crossing Cuba. I wonder what protocol in 1961 was... Into Montego Bay The next hop is across to Kingston.
  6. I think im reaching the end of my 1 year long journey to find nice atmosphere settings in P3D. The goal was to have somewhat realistic colors on the different flightlevels. Without to be over-saturated and same time undersaturated. Of course it very depends on the monitor but anyway, i hope it is visible what ive tried. But of course i dont expect ppl to like it, tastes are very different i found ^^ The base Preset was R&D preset for Tomatoshade but by now most settings differ from that base. Still im soooo thankful for this preset, it made many things clear to me and is still one of the best ever made tweaks for P3D (imo, try it, its amazing...). Added to that i added my own ReShade preset because imo the ones out there are too much...Either too much ambient lightning or too colorful, so i made my own. Just a bit ambient lightning and clearness + levels adjustment. The flight was from France, LFRS Nantes to Munich, Germany. Through openLC and Germany South. Getting ready, 133 pax on board Still on the ground, everything nicley colors with full vibrant colorpallete. Sun-influence on a scenery-angle Slight haze on the scenery to give that realistic touch Haze starts to get thicker and blueish further away. But not too blue like many modern presets have it. Skycolors, Cloud-lightning/coloring Material shading on the plane Haze on daytime at higher flightlevels Example: Sim In the evening (notice the changed lights on the terrain. Its a freeware plugin that came ut today and greatly improves nightlightning. Haze in the evening Example Sim Evening, around 19:00 Also when it gets dark i tried to keep balance, not have too much light-influence on the plane. Nightsky (well, not full night. around 20:00, that is not fully dark yet here) is neither blue nor black Down we are! Nice flight.
  7. TNCM to KOFP in a DC-6A. A mere 5 hours... but flying a four engined airliner at 6k' instead of 36k' does kinda make up for it: The Bahamas: So... the forecast wasn't good And so it proved Mike
  8. I tired posting this a few minutes ago, but mistakenly posted it to the old coots club, please forgive me on that... I had every intention of buying one or two items tonight upon getting home from work, to find the sale has ended. I read on the ORBX facebook page, and somewhere on skylounge that it was until the 6th. Pretty bummed out. Anyone know if this is a fluke or for what reason it ended early? Wold hate if I really missed out. I know it's only about 5pm NOV 5th down under?
  9. Long time I did not take this one out of the hangar. Today was the day. Not many pics sadly. I was going from LIPZ to EDDM.
  10. And again the cargo needs to be hauled.... 76 tons of pure Vodka! Cheers. Busy airport Yep, its busy here. Austrian A319 (or 318) landing. Leaving LOWW behind. Already on the descent here into Zuerich. Turning onto final approach All away, i come!!! Last possible look at the Switzerland scenery (openLC) Down we are at an even more busy airport. Safe flight, no problems on the trip. Besides a thunder going on here. Lets unload that Vodka..... and fill the plane with Cheese! (yeah i hear you, all these accusations and clichees! :-) ) Enjoy ^^
  11. Hello together. We are arriving at Milano, Italy today. Not too many pics, just a few from the landscape on arrival. Enjoy Bark at the moon I made a break and forgot to pause.... got a bit darker meanwhile ^^ But i like the pic, so ....
  12. Yep, it gets heavy again here. This flight leads us from Atlanta, KATL to Toront, CYYZ. Another realworld flight with Nr KE286. Both airports are not from ORBX so i couldnt do detailed pics there that show more of it. Landscape is openLC NA. Taxiing on a nice and sunny day at Alanta Getting ready now to TOGA soon And thats what we did Traffic and more traffic on the highway to the west :-) (look closely in-front, theres a plane in the contrail of another) Weather is getting closed. And a few turbs here and there start to shake through the cargo :-) The tower clouds start coming more and more But we still get some time to catch the landscape here and there On the descent we cross Toronto I really love the 747 and nothing beats it. But the beauty of the 777 is undeniable too hehe. Not as nice here as in Atlanta (in regards to weather) but as long as we make a safe landing all is good ^^ Ah yeah, now we go catch a Hotel in Toronto soon, it was a long day. Any tips? Maybe not.....takes a few mins more because the traffic here is a lot today :-)
  13. Good Morning, I would like to ask, if you plan to relase more of Mesh (OpenLC Mesh and Holgermesh) and when rest of the OpenLC (Asia for example) is planned for release.
  14. Leaving ESSA right at this moment.
  15. Asiana 747-BCF infront of South Alaska mountains near Anchorage (ORBX South Alaska) AirbrideCargo 747F arriving at UUEE - Near Moscow (ORBX Global) AirbrideCargo 747F over the Rhein river (i think, or Donau river) (ORBX Germany South) Various 747 shots over ORBX Global UPS 747F nearing PANC Anchorage - ORBX South Alaska UPS 747F leaving KSDF Louisville Base - ORBX OpenLC NA Kalitta 747F leaving EHAM - ORBX True Earth NL Silkway 747F leaving LHBP Hungary - ORBX openLC
  16. Some screens from a longhaul, coming from LA KLAX to cold Germany, EDDP Leipzig
  17. I have openLC South America, and I am planning to tour South America's photoreal volcanoes. However, the names of the photoreal volcanoes do not appear to be documented on the product page or the User's Guide. Has anyone compiled a list and would be willing to share? Thanks, blackbird7
  18. Sometimes its better to turn GPWS off...
  19. So as mentioned in the "Dash-8 in the skies" topic here follows the 747 version. Enjoy! God, that are quite some.... ANd thats maybe 5% of pics i collected over the past 2 months. I hope you enjoy.
  20. Its getting colder... Norway Pula Airport, LDPL
  21. Finally managed to get the TacPack guns working on the MilViz P-38. I'd happily share what I did to make it work; but after hours and hours of experimenting, the truth is I really don't know what the problem was, or for that matter, how I fixed it. Anyway, all the effort was the result of recently reading Burke Davis' Get Yamamoto. You'll recall Yamamoto was the Harvard-educated strategist behind of the Pearl Harbor attack. Codebreakers learned Yamamoto was going to be flying on an inspection tour, and the top brass authorized a mission involving 18 Lightnings (16 P-38s and two spares) to intercept and shoot him down. It would be a year to the day after the Dolittle mission to bomb Tokyo. Having planned missions to reach an immobile target like a bridge, I knew how hard it is to get the ToT (time on target) right. I knew the chances of success when the target is a moving aircraft flying about 180mph, with an unknown actual takeoff time, would be ridiculously slim. So I decided to try to recreate the mission and fly it myself just to see what it was like. It was easy enough to set up a flight of two A.I. Bettys and six Zeros from Rabaul to Bougainville at 6,500'. Setting up the same weather and time was simple, too. It was harder to track down the exact flight path of the P-38s. I plotted the direction and times from several sources on Google Earth; but using the 200mph cruise I knew they used, I simply couldn't get anywhere near the right spot where the intercept happened. When I finally figured out what I had were true headings not magnetic headings, correcting for variation made it work out just right and I was able to plan the flight. But the timing issue remained a mystery and I knew exactly what time the Japanese flight took off, but the WW2 boys didn't. Airborne in clear skies with 30 miles viz and high cirrus, the flight was just as the pilots told it--a long tedious business, flying in formation at 200' for hours and hours. And I didn't have to suffer sitting in a greenhouse under a tropical sun, but I did have the same problem trying to stay awake with nothing to see but endless waves. Under strict radio silence, they couldn't even tell dirty jokes and I didn't have anyone to talk to either. As when sailing, the first sight of land was a thrill, especially when I knew it meant within minutes we'd either see the enemy flight or miss them altogether. But there they were! I assigned myself as lead of the four-ship killer flight (duh), and sent the other 12 up 20,000' to serve as top cover. Unfortunately, at this point the scenario got distinctly unrealistic. The Bettys and Zeros meander along on their merry way, flown by apparently blind pilots, totally unconcerned about the P-38s about to pounce. And pounce we did. I managed to get the two Bettys, but the Zeros magically disappeared, which suited me fine. The flight home was uneventful at 10,000', except for worrying about fuel. But I landed with over an hour on board thanks to Col. Lindbergh's advice about using 1600RPM instead of the standard 2250. Another famous figure wasn't there when I landed, but when the 339th boys landed on April 18, 1943 a PT boat skipper named Kennedy just happened to be on the field and joined the celebration. Lindbergh and Kennedy weren't the only famous participants. The codebreaker that realized Yamamoto could be a target was John Paul Stevens, a future U.S. Supreme Court justice.
  22. Hey everyone. Today i post some pics dedicated to the sweet Dash-8. ANd of course to ORBX, without it the flight would have been not half as amazing. Enjoy! The 747 follows next :-) And some Germany South pics too.
  23. This pics cover half of the flight from San Francisco to Oklahoma. Second part is coming soon ^^ Lots of diversity To be continued....
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