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Found 90 results

  1. This is from the Lufthansa flight DLH518 from Frankfurt to San José, Costa Rica, where our friend @carlosqr lives. I uploaded a video of the approach a little while ago. Anyway, this flight also yielded some very nice views that I thought I could share with you: Take-off runway 07C in Frankfurt. Beneath lies Koblenz ("Confluentes") where Rhine and Mosel meet. EDDK / Cologne ahead. Over Cologne. EDDK. Wuppertal (to the upper right of the quarries / bright spots) and Essen (in the distance, left of the lake). EDDL / Düsseldorf and the Lower Rhine. Going ETOPS later over the Atlantic Ocean. Eleuthera / Bahamas. Nassau / Bahamas. Andros / Bahamas. Over the Caribbean Sea. Nicaragua / Honduras finally. Lake Cocibolca / Lake Nicaragua. Passing the lagoon of the volcano El Arenal. The Arenal is to the lower right of the lake. It's getting evening. Approaching the capital of Costa Rica, San José. This approach (RNAV W Rwy 25) requires a 180° turn on final with mountains on three sides and therefore full concentration. Done! (Passengers had to jump). Thanks, I hope you liked it!
  2. Buffalo Airways C-46 departed Fort Smith for Manning. I love the far north of openLC NA. Great textures. Early fall weather. Nice flight. Light was already short when I flew it on 27 October. I like the plane, but this thing is a bear to land in anything other than a breath of wind.
  3. I thought I'd share with you a video of my approach and landing on runway 25 at Costa Rica's San José Airport (MROC). A bit high but it worked out. @carlosqr, this is especially for you!
  4. The next leg of our United Airlines rotation is a fictitious one: flight 194 from Honolulu to Pago Pago. Why leave the Samoa service to Hawaiian, after all? We're in Honolulu, Oahu. After doing most of the preparation work in the cockpit, the pilots leave the plane again only to board it a second time for the camera. The camera team didn't arrive on time... One second later the captain's trolley would plummet all the way down the airstair because, as you can see, he had loosened the grip on the handle accidentally... Arrival of the cabin crew. Yes, I like a "bob". We skip the part where we were flogging the passengers with a bull whip to make them board the plane faster and show you the hand signal of the ramp worker instead. Here we go. Takeoff runway is 8R. Lineup... ... gear up. Climbing over Waikiki. Gently banking in the clouds... That looks good! That looks even better! Evening breakthrough. Ah, this smells like vacations! Heading south. Left turn as seen from the jumpseat... It's evening over the South Pacific. The sun has set. The moon is our new companion. Some hours later, it's time for a descent through the clouds... We reach Tutuila. Crossing TUT VOR and the aerodrome of Pago Pago. We have been assigned the VOR D approach on runway 5. Perhaps their ILS is in maintenance? Just a few tiny lights in the dead of night. I'm always to busy to take pictures during the approach. Some minutes later, we're happily on the ground! That's it and as always, I hope you liked my flight as much as I did...
  5. Departing aircraft are a good proof that we're actually at an airport. The first passengers take their seats... ...while their baggage and freight for Honolulu is being loaded. Climbout to the northwest, direction Toronto. Westbound traffic below. Wonderful clouds. I love them. Nearing the Rockies. FTX Northern California here. King of the Skies. Lake Davis. Beautiful weather as we cross the snow border... ... that is soon replaced by a thick cloud cover as we approach the Pacific Ocean. Ship traffic. Perfect horizon. We reach Oahu eventually - Bellows Air Force Station can be seen on the north coast. We circumnavigate the east end of the island close to Koko Crater. A residential area named "Hawaii Kai". We begin the LDA approach on runway 26L alongside Waikiki - abeam Diamond Head here. The approach involves a handflown curve on short final. We have a METAR: PHNL 112253Z 19008KT 10SM FEW025 FEW040 28/18 A3000 Cockpit view! Speed pegged to VApp, sinkrate is -800'. This approach looks stable as a rock. Gear view! Tail view! Touchdown! On the center line with an 8K crosswind from the left. (Instant replay, that's why there are no spoilers visible) One of the more interesting taxiways. The abnormally inclined horizontal stab trim is due to Chaseplane's replay mode, I found out. So we arrived at the gate. Aloha! We're there and mighty proud. That's it, I hope you appreciate my flight and - especially! - my landing as much as I did.
  6. It's a wintry morning in Stockholm... ...the land seems frozen... ... visibility is reduced... ...snowflakes are dancing in the air. So is the Swedish winter! The United Airlines plane that's being catered at Gate Foxtrot 36 finds itself in this winter story... ...and is being de-iced right at the gate. The passengers inside the plane observe the de-icing crew doing their job without protecting their heads and hands against the cold. Those hardy Swedes! A few minutes later, the Triple-Seven is being pushed back from the gate... ...and starts to taxi to the runway. The snow gets no less on its way... ...flaps and slats are kept retracted to prevent icy material to attach to the flaps mechanism and potentially freeze there. How different the sight, only a few minutes later! A bright morning above the clouds. The airplane cruises high above the snowy landscape of Scandinavia... ...and above the ships that traverse the Atlantic Ocean. The New World is no less covered with snow than the old one. Somewhere over New England... ...the sky looks even colder than at the other side of the pond! Who might populate those snowy hills in this time of year, when even the bears retreat to their den? New Jersey and Staten Island ahead! And a massive bank of clouds... A/P off at 270' and touchdown. After more than 8 hours, the plane has made it from the wintry cold morning in Stockholm to the wintry cold morning in Newark. Content and relieved, the passengers leave the plane through a comfortable jetway... ...and probably face the worst part of their voyage on the highway to home. That's it, I hope you liked it. Cheers.
  7. Just some Asian (and North American) highlights, without much ado. PIA789 OPKC-CYYZ Baku The beginning of the Caucasus Range Scandinavia Greenland Labrador PIA790 CYYZ-OPLA Ontario Québec Oh no, the yellow flood! Mother Russia. Let's make an awesome turn. What remains of Lake Aral. It could benefit from some Orbx love. The Fann Mountains of Tajikistan. Dushanbe ("Monday"), the capital of Tajikistan. The Hindu Kush ("Hindu Murderer") in Afghanistan. Close to Lahore, the view goes in the direction of Islamabad and the Western Himalaya. Thank you for looking.
  8. Just a short flight from Val-d'Or (CYVO) to Ontonagon County Airport (KOGM) on the southern shore of Lake Superior in the Comanche.
  9. At the International Terminal in Boston. Cockpit preparations are underway. The aircraft is being loaded. Boston skyline as we line up runway 33L. Cleared for takeoff. Manual flight at FL210 to avoid some CBs. Leaving the bad weather behind. Cape Cod. Barnstable County. Nantucket & Tuckernuck. It's evening. Banking to the left. Night falls. Heading Sao Paulo, over Palmas. Sorry, no destination shots today.
  10. Hello, I just purchased openlc na and have severe blurry texture issues. Everything was fine under Global. It looks like it initially loads in my immediate vicinity but that's about it. If I circle around the area directly below me will eventually load,but once I'd fly off in any direction severe blurs again. I have searched many forums and tried many solutions with no luck. Everything from forced migration, affinity mask tweaks, deleting cfg and letting it P3D build a new one, all with no luck. P3d v3.4 i6600k @4.6ghz 32gb ram 980ti
  11. Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Boston! At the stand in Brasilia. Holding short before lineup. You can spot lightning in the distance... Descending towards Ezeiza with Aeroparque Jorge Newbery behind the wing. Up in the air again. Enroute. Carribean sunrise. Some fuselage shots (not only) for Martyn. Approaching Boston, we make a wide bow across the Atlantic Ocean. The final was so bad that I decided to go around. Not stable at 500'. We had to fly in a holding for a little while. View of the city. This time I do it better. The extreme trim position of the horizontal stabilizers is entirely PMDG's fault. At the gate. The tower building of Boston's Logan Airport always fascinated me. The airport is well monitored it seems. No cursing, no foul language was heard on the radio! Just a calm day at the airport, it seems. Funnily, I had thought that this warm hearted movie was set in New York until I noticed it's Boston actually - only thanks to that easter egg. Cheers Lars
  12. In the last chapter we finally reached Juneau, after a diversion to Whitehorse due to the weather, and produced some disappointed customers. Today these customers should be happy that we came back to pick them up! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard our flight back to Frankfurt, finally. Our route will take us roughly to the east to the Great Slave Lake, before turning north towards the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, over Greenland and crossing the Atlantic north of Iceland. We're then heading south along the coasts of Norway and Denmark. Flight time will be around 9 hours 20 minutes. As a compensation for your overnight stay in Juneau, Condor offers you a free extra sandwich. Enjoy the flight! "Mommy, when do we get our sandwich?" "Look at that, a cabin with smoke..." "Did I brief you for departure?" --"Umm yes?" This is a steeeeeep turn! Thankfully we made it over that mountain in the last pic and got a little direct to Yellowknife. "Why didn't we get a big direct to, say MERGI?" "Last night in the hotel, I had a nightmare. Do you want to hear it?" --"Does this involve a woman called Hilda?" "No! I dreamed that someone would steal our plane! Then he takes it to some rural town in America and makes aerobatics with it, and flaps 30 takeoff. Richtig krass!" "Flaps 30 takeoff? Hahahahahhahah! What a nonsense dream!" We cross the Great Slave Lake... ... and reach the northern side a few minutes later. Yellowknife is just to right of this picture... Much farther north... Welcome to Denmark! The sun is located in the north-east in this shot, at about 2:30 am local time. Leaving Greenland... Soaring south along the Danish coast... Rømø behind and Sylt below, we cross the German boarder. The Weser River, Bremerhaven at its mouth, the Jadebusen behind and in the background, the East Frisian Isles. The city of Bremen below. Northern Germany. On our descent near Frankfurt... The landscape is already quite different to the North German Plain. The Main River. At the near side, Bavaria, on the far side, Hesse. Touchdown runway 25L. Lufthansa 123 Sausage, eh Super, cleared for take off! "Hey, we are unloading your baggage for you! Didn't you like your sandwich?" That's it. The last flight of the Condor (so far)! I hope you enjoyed it chaps. Cheers!
  13. Just a few..... this is default airport. With a mod for ground/runway textures and the gates are from GSX. Landscape is openLC or one of the ones i mentioned in my other post (PNW, NorCal, SouthCal, Rockies), i just cant tell....
  14. Leaving Miami Preparing while still daylight. But time goes by quick
  15. Hey guys. Just a few pics from a real short flight from KSLC to KDEN.
  16. Our routing of the day. Not very close to the great circle. Frankfurt invested considerably more than Düsseldorf: it has a proper Unit Load Device Truck. Pushing back, starting engine no. 2. Company 767 to the right. Difficult to say which airline is the most prominent in Frankfurt. Germany. The Netherlands. The IJsselmeer in winter Greenland. This is not the ice season. If it were, we wouldn't notice either. The Canadian tundra... ... and Arctic Archipelago. We are over the Coast Mountains... ... and approaching the Alaska panhandle. (The fiord in the haze to the left should be the border) Annette Island including airport. Turning north towards our initial approach fix, Metlakatla community below. View over Annette Island to the Inland Passage. The road that connects the Metlakatla community with Annette Island airport. Landed at Ketchikan! The approach on rwy 29 is 6.5° steep, but fully configured, this is not a problem. And down the ramp! Arrived at the stand. Only slightly oversized. Bye bye, our trusty Triple Seven! Off to take the ferry to Ketchikan.
  17. Ready to move further westwards, to discover some of the orbx airports I have purchased since my last virtual west coast stay. This is the plane we are going to use, seen from the coffee bar in the United lounge at Houston terminal E: Cockpit preparations. Hurray! Just compare the registration of the PMDG bird with the real one above. We are serious simmers, aren´t we? A view over Houston, from the international airport to CBD. Texas in green. The cockpit in nice. Arizona in brown. Imperial Dunes, while already descending. The Gulf of California to the left... ... and the Pacific ahead, at the same time. Here you can see the use of freshwater in California. And here you can see... the visibility during final approach. A pleasure to all pilots... There is no vertical guidance on this approach, and the clouds just opened seconds before landing. So I was waytoohigh and had to pull the brakes... Made it. Then overheated the brakes, which caused blocking... so there is no gate screenie today.
  18. This is from BA273 from EGLL to KSAN. At the Gate in Heathrow. No SODE here. One of the jetways is inop. First Class snobs have to share a jetway with the other folks. Taxiing to runway 27L. 777 in old Etihad livery taking off before us! Concorde on display. Takeoff... Northern England. Leaving for the Irish sea... ... and the Atlantic Ocean... Greenland. Labrador (no CTDs here, never had). Some midwestern town... Arizona, probably. Some mighty grand (?) canyon... Southern California... Crossing the last mountains before final. Touchdown. Evening in San Diego! That's it, I hope you liked it. Regards Lars
  19. Hello chaps, here comes part 4.2 of my little story of the brave cargo pilots from the desert boldly venturing north. We started this flight in Anchorage... Crossing the Brooks Range in northern Alaska. Eventually, even the mighty Brooks Range ends and gives way to frozen tundra flats. Flying over Deadhorse near Prudhoe Bay. "You can have either ice or mosquitos here. Sure I prefer ice..." Leaving the continent neither to the west nor to the east but to the north. "We got a direct to ABERI. That means we're going to pass really close to the pole!" "The sun never sets in those latitudes - or it never rises..." "Captain, is that the pole? It looks somehow strange..." -- "Let's call it a big strange Polynya." "89°31.1N - that's just 29nm from the pole!" Back in southern latitudes, Novaya Zemlya, the northern island. Descent to Moscow. Russia is a winter wonderland in late march. Closing in to Sheremetyevo... "Hey, we flew over the pole and now we are here! Isn't that incredible?" -- "Well..." That's it chaps, I hope you had fun. I for sure had a lot of fun. To get this close to the pole in a plausible flight was something very special. It surprised me that, with a bit of imagination, the space view textures that you can behold this far up north do make for an acceptable substitute for the otherwise lacking sea ice in the highest latitudes. By the way, I wouldn't recommend flying farther north or south than 89°: the speed tape starts to leap back and forth, the airplane suddenly banks strangely and TAT drops to -64°C...
  20. Getting the 789 ready... not in Amsterdam, but - for the short version of this approach - in San Juan / Puerto Rico. Here we go, into the evening. St. Thomas, part of the british tax-avoiders paradise islands. Nearly all superyachts of the world are registered here, in order to make the millonaires a little more happy. I did not get happy with a view onto the default runway and the graphic artefacts rising up in the air. Bypassing the weather on descend. St. Maarten comes into view... The plane is totally light, which makes it surprisingly sensible to crosswind. The classical spotter pics. Just to proof we survived the landing. PS: 3rd party scenery is in use to pimp up the destination. It is already on a level that can not be significantly improved by Orbx - so why waste developers time?
  21. Part 4 of our journey to the north is going to be split up in multiple parts - the first half covers the greater part of Alaska. "Today we are going to get VERY close to the northernmost point on earth, passing way north of Greenland and returning south east of Novaya Zemlya." -- "That looks like a pretty big curve." -- "That looks like the Russians won't let us fly over their atomic waste site." "Let's enjoy the warm Alaskan spring breeze before going to the pole..." Still waiting for our cargo! Later... "Captain, look, a King Air is crossing the taxiway over there..." "Captain??!!" -- "Are you OK? Did you just think I vanished?" Lining up... Turning north... The ice on Susitna River has already melted. Not done yet with climbing. Crossing over Talkeetna. Alaskan geography is alternating between plains and tundra... ... and mighty mountains... ... like Denali (or Mt. McKinley), the highest elevation in North America. Cruising towards central Alaska. Near Chandalar at the southern end of the Brooks Range. More to the north it's still frozen. That's it for the first part of part 4. Don't miss out on the next one!! Cheers Lars
  22. Hi guys, here's part 3 of my recent cargo series. This time we're finally going in a northerly direction (so that I didn't lie all the time in the title ). We are on the southern cargo apron at KATL. It's unmistakeably Atlanta. Pushback. "Expect hand signal on your left hand side." We're taxiing to the southern runway. "This is the famous Atlanta cruciforme grass and the famous Atlanta non-underpassing underpass." And takeoff... Passing over some midwestern town. Getting farther up north... ...till we finally reach Alaska. Descent. The ice has melted early this year. "These mountains are getting really close, Captain..." Finally we reach Anchorage, ready to approach runway 33. Wind is around 30 kts from northwest. Touchdown! All in all, I think the mountains could have been a tad more edgy, but that's not Orbx's fault. Don't know if they show more mesh detail in Orbx SAK? Regards Lars
  23. OK guys, part 2 of the journey leads our Qatar Air Cargo pilots to Dixie. The 737 in the background at Liège is from the Australian government... Quite an international selection at Liège. Let's make flightsim great again! Oh wait, has it ever been greater? Banking smoothly over the hills of Belgium. A sunny day. Cruising over Brussels. A front is approaching from the west. We head for the Channel and pass over the beach at Ostende, Dunkirk in the background. Say Hello to Heathrow! Cymru. Quite a lot of traffic on the Irish Sea. We begin our journey over the Atlantic Ocean, NAT Golf... ... and reach Labrador. It's getting cloudier over the US. Rolling out on runway 9R... ...and taxiing... ...towards the southern cargo area. That was part 2 guys, part 3 will cover the next leg to Alaska. Cheers Lars
  24. OK, last time we sailed across the big ocean to lovely Brisbane, so we have to get back to lovely Vancouver. "We decided to make the passengers jump the last meter today as a fitness test, just to make sure they won't need the rescue helicopter when they go hiking in our dense Canadian woods." A selection of pacific carriers. I love the bridge. Gateway Bridge? "We're going to do an APU-to-pack takeoff due to our heavy weight and the high outside temperature, i. e., bleed air for the air conditioning is coming from the APU, freeing up the extra power for the engines." "It's a loooong way to Tipperary..." Passing in front of the domestic terminal... "That beach must be visible from the ISS." - "Confirmed." "We have a fuel imbalance!" - Ten minutes of scrolling checklists back and forth. - "I forgot to switch on the left center tank pump." "Wave politely, you never know who might be looking." Ureparapara Island, Vanuatu. It's getting dark over the Pacific Ocean. "Switch it on, just in case!" - "Oh Canada, the true north strong and free..." The sun is rising, and so are the mountains of Vancouver Island. Mountainous terrain ahead. The interior of the island is very mountainous. The east coast less so. "I can almost smell the salty air!" A last look at Vancouver Island... "Did you take photos of my brilliant touchdown?" - "Ehmm..." "Thank you for flying with Air Canada! We wish you a pleasant stay in Vancouver." Thank you for flying with me once more! Regards Lars
  25. Probably you all know this children´s book, either from your own, your children´s or your grandchildren´s youth. In case you are not familiar with the German title, the slightly different translation is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janosch With the AW-109 now officially adapted to p3dv4 I flew from Tocumen airport over la Ciudad de Panama... ... to the Miraflores locks at the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. If you got some time: Worth reading! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panama_Canal Following the Rio Chagres... ... and over Gatun Lake... ... to the Gatun (Aqua Clara) locks on the Atlantic side. I did not pay any toll for the Canal passage, even cheaper than Richard Halliburton: The lowest toll ever paid was 36 cents (equivalent to $5.13 in 2017), by American Richard Halliburton who swam the Panama Canal in 1928. Interesting life, btw, see the link and enjoy reading! The city of Colon, with Enrique Adolfo Jiminez airport - totally deserted so not worth a picture.
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