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  1. Well, today it will be a climate change just for me and my passengers. We´ll take United flight 219 from O´Hare to Honolulu. Official departure time is 10:10 hrs. While the paxes have to wait in the departure lounge... ... the delicious food, especially the famous ice cream, is loaded... ... and we have to make our preparations in the office. Once again, O´Hare provides some navigation challenges for us. But we finally made it! Out of Chicago in fine January weather. There is not just any
  2. For the way back north from St. Louis we switch to an airliner, UA4789 to be precise (ok in fact they use an Embraer, but I have no choice). Crossing the Mississippi, ... ... and flying over Illinois´ plains. Here we already turn into the approach over Chicago, ... ... with O´Hare to our left (while flying downwind) ... ... and Meigs to the front. Establishing on final was not so complicated, ... ... nor was the landing. But looking for a parking lot here make
  3. Just a short hop today between two airports that serve the same city. From St. Louis Regional... ... towards the city, ... ... and across the Mississippi. Well, that was obvious. Jack would probably do it with a 747, inverted. Welcome to St. Louis Lambert International, enhanced with GSX and SODE to give some more physical training to the passengers.
  4. Meigs is the natural base for an orbxflyer in Chicago. Climbout along Millenium Park, ... ... followed by (virtual) shopping at the Aurora Mall, ... ... and, in case you forgot something, the nearby Fox Mall Naperville. Well equipped we can leave Chicago and follow the I55 south, across Plainfield, ... ... Bloomington, ... ... Litchfield ... ... and Worden ... ... towards St. Louis Regional. A nice little inland tour!
  5. This city tour starts at Meigs, with its fine details. Greetings to Jack, sorry I might have mixed some 3rd party scenery in here (I cannot tell, because it all blends perfectly). And here you can enjoy OpenLC at its finest. Chicago appears just so realistic!
  6. We´ll be leaving from Holland, MI in southerly direction... ... and make a stop in Michigan City, just before the time zones change. Walking through the Indiana Dunes would follow, some huge sandy areas behind the KA200 - unfortunately missing in OpenLC. Soon after the outskirts of a city will be reached... ... where only the Orbx pilot can still land in the city center at Meigs:
  7. This will be a long flight, given that we start at Niagara Falls, US side. At least it covers a number of states... Turning west over Ontario would be a shortcut. Already doubting my navigation skills? At the outlet of Lake Huron we find the bridge of Sarnia, ON. Lansing, Michigan awaits, with its malls and shops. Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford Intl. airport could be a place to stop, but not today, ... ... because we go on to Holland, Michigan, ... ... "Tulip City" the airport is called, for reas
  8. Today we take the Union-Pearson-Express from Toronto International Airport T1, ... ... cruise past Woodbine racetrack... ... into the city center. We´d leave the "train" in Union Station... ... and move over to the Old City Hall, ... ... before checking in at Billiy Bishop (city) airport. To be continued, any sightseeing tips from locals are welcome!
  9. Nearly I was flying to the same airport as Martyn, ... ... to a place called Pearson. Wait and see... . I have set the weather to end of April, as I will be doing the same flight in real at that time. From Frankfurt... ... across Cologne, ... ... to England. Not much to see here, I assume this is due to its separation from OpenLC_Europe. As a consequence, there would be no much sunshine in the country as well. Better visibility awaits us at Sept-Iles, Canada. Landing instru
  10. Buffalo Airways C-46 departed Fort Smith for Manning. I love the far north of openLC NA. Great textures. Early fall weather. Nice flight. Light was already short when I flew it on 27 October. I like the plane, but this thing is a bear to land in anything other than a breath of wind.
  11. I thought I'd share with you a video of my approach and landing on runway 25 at Costa Rica's San José Airport (MROC). A bit high but it worked out. @carlosqr, this is especially for you!
  12. Hello All, I've recently narrowed this down to a confliction between my Orbx Products. Owned Orbx Products Orbx Global base Orbx Vectors Orbx NA OpenLC Orbx NorCAl Orbx Store Order Numbers: 5cd2520b68335 | 5ccfa5ebcf56c ---- *****I do not have any other scenery products installed other than Orbx**** I'm sure this has happened to some of you with high mesh resolution settings. When a user flies over a runway with a "cliff" or sharp terrain changes on final, and at or slightly below the glide slope with
  13. The next leg of our United Airlines rotation is a fictitious one: flight 194 from Honolulu to Pago Pago. Why leave the Samoa service to Hawaiian, after all? We're in Honolulu, Oahu. After doing most of the preparation work in the cockpit, the pilots leave the plane again only to board it a second time for the camera. The camera team didn't arrive on time... One second later the captain's trolley would plummet all the way down the airstair because, as you can see, he had loosened the grip on the handle accidentally... Arrival of the cabin crew. Yes,
  14. Departing aircraft are a good proof that we're actually at an airport. The first passengers take their seats... ...while their baggage and freight for Honolulu is being loaded. Climbout to the northwest, direction Toronto. Westbound traffic below. Wonderful clouds. I love them. Nearing the Rockies. FTX Northern California here. King of the Skies. Lake Davis. Beautiful weather as we cross the snow border...
  15. It's a wintry morning in Stockholm... ...the land seems frozen... ... visibility is reduced... ...snowflakes are dancing in the air. So is the Swedish winter! The United Airlines plane that's being catered at Gate Foxtrot 36 finds itself in this winter story... ...and is being de-iced right at the gate. The passengers inside the plane observe the de-icing crew doing their job without protecting their heads and hands against the cold. Those hardy Swedes! A few
  16. Just some Asian (and North American) highlights, without much ado. PIA789 OPKC-CYYZ Baku The beginning of the Caucasus Range Scandinavia Greenland Labrador PIA790 CYYZ-OPLA Ontario Québec Oh no, the yellow flood! Mother Russia. Let's make an awesome turn. What remains of Lake Aral. It could benefi
  17. Just a short flight from Val-d'Or (CYVO) to Ontonagon County Airport (KOGM) on the southern shore of Lake Superior in the Comanche.
  18. At the International Terminal in Boston. Cockpit preparations are underway. The aircraft is being loaded. Boston skyline as we line up runway 33L. Cleared for takeoff. Manual flight at FL210 to avoid some CBs. Leaving the bad weather behind. Cape Cod. Barnstable County. Nantucket & Tuckernuck. It's evening. Banking to the left.
  19. Hello, I just purchased openlc na and have severe blurry texture issues. Everything was fine under Global. It looks like it initially loads in my immediate vicinity but that's about it. If I circle around the area directly below me will eventually load,but once I'd fly off in any direction severe blurs again. I have searched many forums and tried many solutions with no luck. Everything from forced migration, affinity mask tweaks, deleting cfg and letting it P3D build a new one, all with no luck. P3d v3.4 i6600k @4.6ghz 32gb ram 980ti
  20. Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Boston! At the stand in Brasilia. Holding short before lineup. You can spot lightning in the distance... Descending towards Ezeiza with Aeroparque Jorge Newbery behind the wing. Up in the air again. Enroute. Carribean sunrise. Some fuselage shots (not only) for Martyn. Approaching Boston, we make a wide bow across the Atlantic Ocean. The final was so bad that I decided to
  21. In the last chapter we finally reached Juneau, after a diversion to Whitehorse due to the weather, and produced some disappointed customers. Today these customers should be happy that we came back to pick them up! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard our flight back to Frankfurt, finally. Our route will take us roughly to the east to the Great Slave Lake, before turning north towards the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, over Greenland and crossing the Atlantic north of Iceland. We're then heading south along the coasts of Norway and Denmark. Flight time will be
  22. Just a few..... this is default airport. With a mod for ground/runway textures and the gates are from GSX. Landscape is openLC or one of the ones i mentioned in my other post (PNW, NorCal, SouthCal, Rockies), i just cant tell....
  23. Leaving Miami Preparing while still daylight. But time goes by quick
  24. Hey guys. Just a few pics from a real short flight from KSLC to KDEN.
  25. Our routing of the day. Not very close to the great circle. Frankfurt invested considerably more than Düsseldorf: it has a proper Unit Load Device Truck. Pushing back, starting engine no. 2. Company 767 to the right. Difficult to say which airline is the most prominent in Frankfurt. Germany. The Netherlands. The IJsselmeer in winter Greenland. This is not the ice season. If it were, we wouldn't notice either.
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