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  1. found a missing scenery tile along the OMAN coastline between OOSA and OOMX airports. I have openLC Africa and the freeware Global openLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal installed pics below:
  2. A short domestic Airbus A319 flight from Cape Town (FACT) to George (FAGG) located in the Eastern Cape. I've ensured that the majority of screenshots have sufficient lighting so as to project the fabulous Orbx scenery. Fasten your seatbelts and let's go... Herman Ready for departure at Cape Town International Airport Pushback has just been accomplished and we are ready to role after a few final checks Taxing towards our designated runway 34 We climb and see the City of Cape Town with it's famous Table Mou
  3. A short distance coastal flight today that took a long time with the de Havilland Tiger Moth. Departure airport: George (FAGG) - Destination airport: Plettenberg Bay (FAPG) Join me for a ride along this beautiful coastline... Herman PS. Compliments to the Orbx Team for making such splendid scenery! Ready for departure from George Airport Having taken off from runway 29, we turn in an easterly direction Flying parallel to George Airport we head east Up ahead we pass the beautiful coastal areas of Wild
  4. Having experienced considerable soundcard issues since upgrading Windows10 to v.2004, I think I've finally gained an improvement so here's a short flight from Kimberley to Cape Town, South Africa. Flight time was approximately 1.5 hours. The weather from the moment of departure right up to arrival was very poor with considerable turbulance along the way. So fasten your seatbelts & lets go... Herman Ready for departure Kimberley Airport Having taken off from runway 28, we're up & away doing a 180 degree turn We co
  5. This flight goes out of Ougadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso... ... over the plain lands into Ghana. Since 1992 it appears to be a working democracy, ranked #55 of 167 countries in the Democracy Index of british "The Economist". One of the "upper" arms of Lake Volta, ... ... which we follow on our way south over Digya NP. Completed in 1965 it is still the world´s largest artificial lake by area. Lake Volta is important for transportation, providing a waterway for both ferries and cargo watercraft. Lake Volta is the locatio
  6. The next interruption of my african adventures has to be done: I have to visit some of the other sceneries bought in the meantime... And this flight starts with three dreams: The dream that I come back to (virtual) Africa soon The dream that "South African" will catch up the former airline activities of SAA The new Dreamliner that they leased to replace the old 4-tubers. SAA had a commercial connection out of Accra... ... along Ivory Coast... ... and over Mauretania´s desert, with this remarkable lake near Djonaba. Noukachott
  7. There are seven photoreal areas included in OLC Africa, and this flight from Timbouctou will finish this list for me. First I crossed the Niger river again, ... ... southwards over Mali´s deserts. The country is not as peaceful as it seems in the sim, it suffers from terrorism. French and German soldiers are on duty there for many years now, keep my fingers crossed they all return safe. BTW: This is the only paved road in this part of Mali. Boni village below... .. and the Boni Rocks ahead. A nice addition, indeed.
  8. When I took off for a quick relocation flight southbound from Tamanrasset I did not expect to see much more than sand, stones or even some exciting rocks. But obviously following an official airway presents you even with human encounters. That one was exactly on my flight level (350), I was just fortunate enough to climb early enough (climbing after the ATC warning would have been too late). And then even a river and vegetation came up. The Niger. Just a little change in landclass plus some good vector data, and the sim satisfies. Not so much
  9. Irrespective of the current layoffs at the real book producer (due to Covid-19), I follow the hints of one of our best forums lonely planet guides: @jean marc has suggested to visit the highest mountains in the Sahara desert: So I took a quick plane to fly out of Takhamalt DAAP... ... over the Tassili N´Ajjer mountains. Or is it the moon? No, there are too many tracks down on the rocks. Unless this was an alien civilization? Dschebel Afao mountain behind.
  10. A huge delivery of solar panels and fresh water pumps needed to be transported from Gran Canaria to Takhamalt, Algeria. After careful preparation my FO and me entered the plane in true Mule Service style... Nevertheless we managed to get the 777 into the air. Turning eastwards ... ... and passing Fuerteventura ... ... we quickly reached Western Sahara. An interesting "hill" came up over the Adrar desert. The mountain ridge of Erg Tiffernine - flying too high to see details. I always love it w
  11. Hi there, After looking closer at the files included in OLC and OLC mesh & photoreal for Africa, I realized that the mesh files are duplicated : OLC_AF2 folder exists in both OpenLC products and the Mesh & Photoreal freeware and they both contains the exact same data, is there any reason? Both are adding a scenery layer (one named "Orbx!OPENLC_AFRICA2" and the other named "Orbx!OPENLC_AFRICA2 (1)" ) in the sim while it's totally unneeded. I would like to keep the freeware for the photoreal parts but I don't really want the mesh to be added twice as the only
  12. ... we have some european-managed touristical hotspots: The first one is Madeira, out departure airport for today. An outstanding airfield, with a tricky approach similar to the old Hongkong Kai Tak. A short hop brings us to Tenerife, ... ... with Spain´s highest mountain, the Pico de la Teide. But we go on to well-known terrain for me, Gran Canaria. Puerto de Mogan below, ... ... the artificial beach of Playa Amadores, ... ... and the harbour of Arguineguin. If you ever come there, visit Mar
  13. Unfortunately I looked for the clip only after choosing the plane for this flight out of Casablanca - I should have taken an Electra. But the sound of the DC-3 is great and the city lights look so fine. Escaping over the Atlantic... ... and out of the sunset... ... to portugese territory. OK, in contrast to the movie plot this is Madeira. Quite the panorama, ... ... and that 3rd party product fits flawlessly.
  14. Herman was totally right: Gibraltar is a place where flying to Africa is already prepared. So let´s get off... ... pass the Rock, ... ... and have a look back across the city. Africa already ahead. But not completely: Ceuta is a spanish enclave in Morocco. The street of Gibraltar is really narrow here. And now we dive into North Africa at Tanger... ... follow the coast down to Larache. There is some landclass repetition up here. No much worry.
  15. Now with the correct livery out of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia,... ... and diving into the Rift valley at Nazret. Yes, we do have compressed rock formations at the borders of the rift ... ... and the pilot still needs to manage the altitude. Which is not easy giving the temperature and the high ground level here - the DC-3 always requires management of the engine temperatures. Lake Abbe at the border to Djibouti. It is the center of the Afar triangle and should show extended salt flats, as well as stalactite-like limestone chimneys, for
  16. After updating the Aerosoft Airbus I had some unexpected trouble and decided to give it another test flight. Just a short hop from Beirut. But immediately after takeoff it turned out that the autopilot was still not working, unfurtunately. The result was a mainly manual flight (regarding lateral and vertical paths) to Cyprus... ... but at least I could land successfully at Larnaca, to grab a rental car and visit @mikee! Then I found out the secret: The updated Bus only works with p3dv4.5. So, after forgetting this for a year,
  17. Today we fly from Ben Gurion Intl. ... ... to Tel Aviv. What an impressive city. And even with a little "cityscape" here, some houses wth Hebrew letters. Beach after beach, though in Corona times with no PeopleFlow. Waymarks at Netanya... ... and the harbours at Habonim Beach. At Haifa we turn inland... ... towards Lake Genezareth / Lake Tiberias. It is the lowest freshwater lake on Earth and the second-lowest lake in the world (after the Dead Sea, a saltwater lake). It is approximately 53 km (33 mi) in
  18. Jerusalem. In OLC really looking like a mediterranean city. This should be the old city, with sacred places for three religions. I could only spot the Dome of The Rock, but places like the Via Dolorosa and the Western Wall should also be on this picture. In the right area of this picture is Yad Vashem. Lest we forget. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yad_Vashem The landscape changes a lot on the short hop down the coast to our next station...
  19. This is just a short flight, but, as per today, crossing many countries. We start from Eliat, Israel at the Red Sea. What you can see is not only the airport twin at Aqaba, Jordan. Also the two roads heading north on both sides of the border join our way. On the Israel side, left from us, a new Eliat airport has been built - in reality, not in the sim. Yotvata city. I wonder if it looks this way in reality? By plane we can take a shortcut to the east... ... over less crowded lands... ... to the valley of Petra, Jorda
  20. Returning from the Abu Simbel tempels I took the DA62, ... ... after I found out how to enter a flightplan much easier than described in the manual: Just flip out a keyboard. First sight is Luxor again, ... ... before following the classical bus roads... ... to the initial touristic (and divers) village at the Red Sea: Hurghada. Just a short hop over this water, which will become an Ocean in a few million years... ... brings us to Sharm-el-Sheik, the next diver´s hotspot. These roads look like in any tour
  21. ... when tourism was still possible, one could dream of such a trip in real life. From Cairo, its mosques and bazaars... ... over the CBD... ... towards Gizeh, with the traders of cheap souvenirs and fake clothes. And, well, one of the old wonders of the world. Then down south, passing the Faiyum oasis... ... and along the Nile river that makes the desert partially green. Partially. But where this is possible, humans settled for thousands of years. Recently they have even set up industrial a
  22. Hello again, many thanks for the last update on OLC Africa with the Etosha pan! Unfortunately my tours lead me to another place of potential updates: The south part of the Dead Sea. It looks like water in the sim, but in fact it should look like the salt flats near Avalon, Victoria. Sim: Reality: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Sea_Works#/media/File:STS028-96-65.jpg
  23. Brussels Airlines used to have a great service on board, and they still have a good sense for spectacular belgian liveries. In addition, they have a strong network to Africa. So this seemed to be a proper plane for a jump out of Faya Largeau, Chad. Unfortunately the updated Aerosoft bus did not capture the CPU flight plan at all, so I had to work all the way manually. Over unsafe terrain as well. This is Kufra, Libya. Can you tell me why so many tribes, warlords and even countries are fighting for these deserts? Is is just that black stinking liqui
  24. Hi everyone, I have just made flights at different seasons over Namibia´s Etosha pan: As we can read in wikipedia, Etosha, meaning 'Great White Place' is made of a large mineral pan. The area exhibits a characteristic white and greenish surface, and is seldom seen with even a thin sheet of water covering it. Unfortunately OLC shows it filled with water, not white-green: Coordinates (18°47′07″S 16°15′50″E) and example pictures can be seen here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etosha_pan
  25. After flying down the East African Rift I could not resist to follow @jean marc´s video link and his flight suggestion. So I got a slightly quicker plane and took off from Djibouti. I love the precise depiction of these instruments. Lake Afrera, Ethiopia. The nearest road and civilisation to where we are heading today. And here we reach the Erta Ale lava lake, just in front of the P-38. Unfortunately we do not have LavaFlow (yet?). We got to climb significant
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