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Found 15 results

  1. No good day for flying today, as we were amongst the 50.000 plus people that had to be evacuated for 10 hours from Hanover, because 3 unexploded british bombs had to be excavated and defused. The second biggest evacuation in Germany after the war. An experience that we probably share with the English, while Americans and Australians stay in comfort. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39828327 The experts work was successful, so I could also try to make a successful job, moving from Copenhagen to Norway for explorations of the sales purchases... Ready for boarding.
  2. With the recent Milviz sale I grabbed the right tool to see if the 3rd party Kopenhagen payware fits into FTX Global. But maybe I should have chosen a livery with doors, taking into account the weather... Crossing the Kattegatt towards Sweden. Unfortunately I can´t say where the airport scenery ends and where pure Global begins. Or should I say "fortunately"? What to do next...? Sure. This would be the final frontier if the Öresund bridge is not included in FTXG. However, the fit is satisfying, isn´t it? A look over Malm
  3. ... and as you can expect from me I also took some RL pictures for my motivation. This time we fly from @Fischkopps home airport, the recently renamed EDDH... Not enough traffic in the sim, in contrast to RL. But I prefer to reduce VAS usage until we get 64bits... Some other thing that is always missing in the sim is the lounge view. I fear this will stay even with 64bit . OK, ready to taxi. This was one of the RL birds I used for this route recently. Take off with Hamburg downtown view. Altona and the
  4. 14 days ago the spring weather was all but lovely here in Hannover. Time to travel! Gain speed on the 27R... Takeoff, and keep the photographer confused with all these clouds. But descending into Munich the weather was not much better... At least we finally found a place where simmers can meet and spend some time.
  5. ... though it is not easy to make such documentation on night flights, neither in real (blurry) nor in the sim (too dark). The real one shown here was not our plane, I just could not move my camera in the terminal to the correct position. Last chance to see something during climbout: You will not be surprised by a ) I can not compare this shot with a real counterpart b ) I have flown this approach so often, you may not only ask me the frequencies and course, but also the waypoints. Now off for some autumn touring in GEN...
  6. There is already some "photoreal surface impression" in southern Europe, here you can see it in the Messara plain in Crete. But there are too many "regular leave trees", the real Olive tree fields do look different. May there be an idea to improve this impression?
  7. Took off from Tympaki westwards to Agia Galini, where you can see a monument to remember the flight of Dedalus and Ikarus that is suspected to have been done here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icarus Towards the islands of Paximadi, a tour which is much easier in the sim than in RL. But they look so nice... Enjoying Henrik Nielsens ships (sometimes even doubled), ... ... and climbing over Mires, Messara plain... ... towards the village of Zaros, ... ... which is the entry to the Rouvas Gorge. Looking
  8. ... but only in the pax room. Over Santorini ... ... and approaching Crete. I somehow like this airshow format. On final... Deboarding without... ... and with PeopleFlow. Let the holiday begin!
  9. I suspect this is a vector issue, but feel free to move this inspiration to another place (OLC?). With the full FTXG package the military airfield of Tympaki has a village to the south. Which is wrong, in reality it must be to the north. BTW, the placement of roads and villages in the entire southern Crete is not as precise as I have observed in most other parts of this little planet. Is there any data or RL picturing we could support with?
  10. I did not post that much this month, especially keeping in mind the recent release of my home region, which clearly needs exploration. But here is the first part of my alibi for the past weeks: Our plane was prepared on an early morning in Thessaloniki. The bus is coming. Something is missing in this view... ... let us turn on PeopleFlow. Checklists are being read. Taxiing on taxiway A... ... towards the 16. Indeed. Down the greek mainland... ... toward
  11. On a late summer morning departing from my home airport (which is, as I have to suffer, not state-of-the-art in the sim)... ... following the 27R (do you also miss the cooling tower in GEN here?) ... ... and down south. Vector is really great. A morning landing in Munich can be troublesome. The politicians had put the airport into wetlands, so 3 seasons of the year you can have long queues in the air and on the ground. Climbing out again over Moosburg and its gravel quarries... ... into the Czech Republic...
  12. While the last part of GEN is slowly finding its way onto my HD, I think it is time to return from Spain towards Germany. So let´s get ready in Barcelona... ... taxi to the 25R, and take off. Unfortunately the sim´s ATC did not choose the 25L, so I can´t try the fit to reality... OK, climbout, ... ... turn north, and here we are just before Marseille. The real flight was just a bit off the airway to the south, you can find the round bay from the center of the sim screenie in the very left of the RL shot.
  13. I still have some more real life flights to digest here in the sim, before I can explore my home area... so we take another plane in Stuttgart... ... fly along the alps and Mont Blanc... ... towards the Mediterranean Sea. An approach over the Pyrenees... ... into Barcelona: You can´t control the AI traffic... What a pleasure to have Open_LC Europe, really a good baseline for these comparisons.
  14. I think I don´t have to say where this little flight starts: Runway 27R, ... ... climbing out over Wunstorf AB and the Steinhuder Meer. Open_LC, and still expecting more pleasure with the Germany upgrade . Approaching Stuttgart, towards Rwy 7. To be continued...
  15. Took off early in the morning from EDCG Rügen to the east, ... ... to the beach of Binz and Prora - surprisingly the gigantic hotel is missing: "The buildings extend over a length of 4.5 kilometres ..." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prora And northwards to the Cliffs of Rugen and Cape Arkona: I had to repeat part of this tour later on, as Frank revealed to me the overcoming of DEX-FTX overlaps in EDCG... taking off in Rügen again: The Rügendamm at Stralsund, with deactivated Vector bridges (cat 1-3): Las Velgast: The final to EGBH: What a nice work! Thanks for
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