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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, Since several month I am asking (and waiting) a feedback on side effect when ObjectFlow is activated. Since V5.1, I get a new dxdiag.txt generation at sim closure. I add previously (V5) a critical error in the event viewer. Now I have only the dxdiag.txt. As this is not obviously visible, nobody seam to care. This as an impact on various addons using simconnect (no more seeing the sim closure). Checked with a minimum of add-ons to try to identify the origin. PATH=H:\OrbxGlobal\p3dv5\Global BASE Pack PATH=H:\OrbxGlobal
  2. Hi, I recently had an issue with Orbx products installation, which, although now fixed, has left some open questions for which I would like an answer. I have recently made a complete reformat/reinstall of my system (Win10 Home) and I have installed P3D V5 (with latest hot fix), and then I installed all my long list of Orbx products, choosing to install them inside the P3D main folder. Yesterday I was starting a flight from ESSA and I noticed that there were no ground markings on the apron and taxiways, so I remembered another post explaining that it may be caused by Objectflow not working
  3. As I don't succeed to get ANY feedback on that topic (moved on Orbx Central beginning August - may be not the right forum ? ), I re-open it here. And I confirm that ONLY when I visit an airport with ObjectFlow xlm's, I get this "AppCrash" in the Windows event viewer (and a Dxgiag.txt with the same date/time in the "Roaming" folder). I would be grateful if an Orbx developer would dare to give some feedback. Regards - Gérard
  4. From researching across the forums I believe my issue comes down to ObjectFlow, however, I can't seem to fix it. I'm very confused since at Arlanda (ESSA), Objectflow is working as intended but at ESGG it doesn't. I've followed the instructions in the topic below, but to no success. I've submitted screenshots from ESSA and ESGG where ESGG doesn't work and ESSA works. Happy Holidays
  5. Good day Gentlemen! Everytime I install Orbx sceneries (current with Orbx Central v 4.0.25) with the new option in E:\Orbx Library is see the problem message attached below. The reason is obvious a wrong path to the scenery. P3D v4.5 is installed in E:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 and the Orbx Library in E:\Orbx Library The reported wrong scenery path for example for KSEZ is... E:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\E:\Orbx Library\p3dv4\KSEZ Sedona Aiport\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KSEZ\scenery\*_objectflow.xml The righ
  6. G'day all, I recently bought and installed a number of new-old-stock DVD ORBX airports. All is OK except for two. When FSX starts I get two error screens in succession, saying: "Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program (add-on): Name: Dynamig [sic] Object Placement Version: 10,0,15,3 Company: <Unknown> File: [path]ObjectFlow_[airport code].dll Do you want to run this software? The two airports affected are EGTH and CZST. I've tried running ObjectFlowUpdate.exe but it says all relevent files are up-to-date. Any ideas
  7. I posted within the last hour reference an ORBX/FTX file being the noted source of personal CTD errors. While this was a continuation of a CTD investigation initially started in the Tips forum, I narrowed it down to an ORBX/FTX cause, thus prompting it to be an issue I would like addressed as a support issue from the team. I posted it in this forum so that it would be addressed whereas I do not believe the tips forum is for that cause. I am not sure why my post was removed. Thank you. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/133615-nvidia-inspector-ntdlldll-ctd/
  8. Warning to anyone about to update to the latest P3D version (Feb 1, 2017) that this will break objectflow.dll. Suggest holding off until ORBX can build a new version!
  9. Hey guys, now after updating P3D to the newest version I havn´t received any notification while startup for updating my Objectflow.. This issue was present after the Hotfix 1 aswell, until a dev postet the objectflow.dll to manually insert it. The offline updater says the newest version is installed, which isn´t the case Pls help me ! Greetings
  10. After a fresh installing of prepar3d and then step by step installing of global base, global vector, openLC Europe, ORBXlibs and the freeware airports EDBH and EDCG i have no people and object flow in the scenery... grass levels are not visible too, but its all synchronised and activate with FTX-Central. What can be the problem?
  11. After a fresh prepar3d installation and then a ORBX addon installation of 1.global base 2.global vector 3. ORBX Libraries 160708 4.HDTrees 5.openLC Europe 6. the freeware addon EDBH 7. the payware EDVY i have no people flow and no gras levels in the scenery. By using the config tool for EDBH nothing changes then i enable or disable the gras and people flow. My Diagnose Report Number: otc05c40d089b4d7fc0dede903c9b3e9e7 Can anybody say me what can be the problem?
  12. Sorry, if I've missed any of the posting criteria, it's been a while since I've last posted. I purchased YBCS last night and after installing I have noticed a minor issue. After disabling static airliners there is still this one ground crew member that remains at gate 22. I've narrowed it down to one of the files in "Airside Detail Level 2" (Fixed even with 1 and 3 on). The guy walks backwards and forwards crossing the taxi line. When statics are on there is an Air North E170 at this gate. I'm running on FSX:SE and have latest libs. Sorry if I haven't provided enough info.
  13. Okay. I give up. I'm vexed. I'm terribly vexed. I have lost the buttes in Monument Valley and the tower from Devil's tower. I have searched the other postings in this forum that have experienced similar issues - and tried the suggestions offered - to no avail. They were just there! A few weeks ago! I promise. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling both sceneries (and updating to the latest libraries). As this (seems) to be an Objectflow issue, I've tried using ModuleInstaller to re-add Objectflow to dll.xml (yes, as the administrator). It (correctly) asked me if I should "trust" it (again and ag
  14. Hi, Asking for other users opinions. In regards to runway lighting on fsx steam at certain airports. I have no lighting at all my Australian/New Zealand airports except one. Which has an objectflow file. I have tested each airport at different times of the day and no lighting down the runway only the papi and some limited taxi lights. The rest have no installer and object flow files. Those airports are: Orbx - FTX: AU YBBN Brisbane International Orbx - FTX: AU YCNK Cessnock Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YMML Melbourne I
  15. I cannot see the effects of ObjectFlow in the latest compilation of FSX Steam Edition version 10.0.62615.0. The latest version 160201 of Orbx Libraries for FSX still contains version of ObjectFlow.dll. Is it really compatible with the latest version of FSX Steam Edition ?
  16. Hey guys, KFHR is awesome but I didn't pay attention earlier (I just noticed from other youtube KFHR videos and screenshots on this forum) that there are people moving about in KFHR. In my sim, I am not seeing anything including AI. I see no peopleflow. The airport is completely like a ghost town. I have already check my dll.xml for prepar3d 3.1 <Launch.Addon> <Name>ObjectFlow</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>C:\Simulation\Prepar3D v3\ORBX\FTX_AU
  17. I just installed the latest Orbxlibs 151108 in my FSX-SE, P3Dv2 and P3Dv3 installations. When I attempt to run ObjectFlowUpdate.exe (located in my P3Dv2 ORBX/scripts library) to ensure all my ObjectFlow*.dll files are completely updated, I get "ERROR: Invalid metafile: Invalid or missing <CurrentVersion>".
  18. Having upgraded my desktop PC a couple of months ago, I reinstalled FSX (Gold/Acceleration) and the Orbx Freeware libraries (along with a few other addons such as Aerosoft's Airbus and some stuff from Simviation). Up until now, I have had no quarrels with the software (especially since it is free ) and was very happy with the look it gives the sim. However, about two weeks ago, the simulator started "acting up" i.e. it would become frozen (on the splash screen) for long periods of time and identify as "not responding", before crashing to desktop with no apparent warning. In my system's
  19. Hello, FSX told me during startup that Objectflow.dll can be updated to the new version and asked me if i wanted that. While confirming FSX shut down and objectflow.dll is downloaded and installed. After that FSX can be restarted. I did this three times, every single time it effects the PMDG B738 product. What happens after updating Objectflow.dll is that: 1. FSX is starting up much slower. 2. When selecting a pre-saved PMDG B738 situation, the PMDG product is not initialising and the gauges are blacked out. Restarting the situation of the aircraft is not solvi
  20. Hello, After installing the OrbxFTXNAPAKT110 airport package, I started receiving the following error when starting FSX:SE: Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program (add-on): Name: Dynamic Object Placement Version 1,0,10,1 Company: <Unknown> File D:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\O...\ObjectFlow.dll Do you want to run this software (not recommended)? I have installed the latest libraries - The March 31st release (last, after installing the PAKT airport package) and am still getting the error. I have searched the forum and found simi
  21. As a result of becoming completely spoiled by newly invented PeopleFlow, ObjectFlow, NatureFow stuff...I wonder if it would be possible to put some occasional wildlife into, especially, the NA BLUE area...??!! A couple of bears, moose, dear, etc...! Although the scenery obviously is breathtaking in itself, it really could boost up the experience and keep you awake during hours of flying. In fact, it actually could open up to another dimension in bushflying...finding yourself searching and chasing these creatures - in rare and in limited areas, that is. Could be really fun!
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