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Found 15 results

  1. Took another plane for a quick joyride, Ants T-28A demo aircraft, and that is one well made airplane. The Textures are the best I´ve seen yet, systems are done quite fine, not too happy with the external sound system for now, but internal is sweet as well. Heading for the runway, weather is fair enough. And up we are, wheels coming in. Gaining some altitude to get some momentum out of it. That bird is heavy and not too powerful. A quick buzz of the tower in old Top Gun flavor And up for a Split S. Turning out, he
  2. With the Staggerwing from Redding-Benton to Lake Tahoe for a skiing weekend Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  3. A few from Cloverdale to Benton: It's now pretty much at the point where I can happily fly from Orbx airport to Orbx airport in this part of the world without feeling like I'm covering the same ground day after day (especially when I realise how many I've installed and never actually visited!).
  4. It has been a long time since I last flew. It's time to take out FSX again, and dust of my VOR navigational skills. I love California (and of course the NorCal addon from ORBX), so I decided to take a Cessna 182 to an early morning spin. This morning's flight was from Benton (O85) to Half Moon Bay. KHAF is my favourite airport since Flight Unlimited II, can't wait for Misha to bring this airport to us (hopefully still this year)! The NorCal region already did some updates to it, but it is still light years from proper ORBX treatment... In Northern California, there is so much to see! Starti
  5. The Gabelschwanzteufel (Fork-tailed devil, as it was known in Germany) on a flight from Ganser Field to Benton Field Not landing at Redding this time around... Had engine fouling and cockpit-window-icing during the flight - but still made it Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard PS - this is what it looks like, when the windscreen ices over. Took me a while to realise what was going on (I initially thought I had hit a fog layer...)
  6. A medical airlift from Ganser Field to Benton Field (it's closer to the hospital than KRDD). Some pesky tourist out hiking in the woods tripped over a root and had to be taken to hospital. The doc said there was not much he could do - the tourist would have to be airlifted to Redding and the facilities available there... So an EagleMed Learjet was called in Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard PS - anyone know what that strange effect is from the jet exhausts showing several feet away from the actual engines??
  7. G'day All, Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback on our recent Cairns and Broome Triple Installer releases - I hope that this has given you all a chance to re-explore the tropical parts of Northern Australia in both sims Next on my Triple-Installer list is probably the one I've had the most requests for - and incidentally the last non-P3D2 compatible airport released by ORBX - Redding for Northern California. Originally released twelve months ago, Redding was a slightly unusual project for me - rather than sticking to the airport and surrounds, I decided to model two full airports
  8. Some pics from two flights with the 222B - both times checking out the helicopter landing pads included in the sceneries The first set taken at and around Bathurst The second set taken at and around Redding More or less cropped Cheers Mallard
  9. So I got hold of this fine little chopper at Benton Field... ...but the guy selling it pointed out that it had to go for a service soon. So I decided to take it to the agency over at Redding Municipal right away That looks about right Easy does it Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  10. Got the Bronco out at Redding Now for the show-off bit - a low pass over BentonField Which resulted in the reaction I had hoped for (Okay - from this angle it does look like Shirley's getting ready to clap her hands - but, of course, she's actually on her phone... again...) Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  11. G'day everyone, I'm very excited to unveil the first shots of my latest project, Redding for Northern California. Given this is the first airport for our latest region product, I thought it best to model two airports in full HD, along with an expansive coverage area and plenty of landmarks. This product not only includes Redding Municipal Airport (KRDD), but also Benton Field (O85), Mercy Medical Center helipad and Redding cityscape all rolled into one. Between these areas, there should be something suitable for all types of flyers; KRDD is capable of handling up to 747/C-5 size aircraft, O85
  12. Ok, here we are, reddi for boarding: Please follow the advise of the service crew. "To our left there is the famous Sundial Bridge!" (And fot the simmers amongst you, do not forget to enjoy DX10´s cockpit light effects.) Keep our fingers crossed the bridge is solid. Anybody here who wants to hop off at Mercy Hospital? Next stop: ... at Hillside aviation. As you can see, our (in)famous passenger is already back on the phone...
  13. Annie on a spin over Redding - this Cuban bird certainly is a long way from home Departure from Benton Field Higer altitude fly-by over Benton Field And passing over KRDD Waiting for maintenance All straight v-keys Cheers Mallard
  14. G'day everyone, As we put the final spit and polish on Redding in preparation for release, Graham Eccleston and I would like to show a few screenshots of a little something we've been quietly working on in the background; NA GA Traffic update 1.2. This small update to the highly popular freeware FTX NA GA traffic package will add a bunch of updates, most of which will be populating Redding (KRDD) and Benton Field (O85) with GA, corporate and Fire Attack AI. The Version 1.2 update is currently in testing and shouldn't be too far away from release. Cheers, Jarrad
  15. G'day Everyone, Thank you all for the wonderful feedback to my first batch of Redding preview shots last week. Things are progressing very well behind the scenes, with final beta candidate going into the hands of our beta testers very shortly. In the mean time, I thought I'd showcase some of the areas not yet revealed around Redding; most important of which being the Fire Attack Base at KRDD. Smoke Jumpers, Fire Attack Aircraft and associated infrastructure dominate the northern section of Redding Airport, and in addition to the buildings themselves, I've custom modeled S-2 Turbo Tracker a
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