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Found 11 results

  1. After a big night on the town in Wellington, the Highlanders supporters head home victorious (dagnamit... ) Scene of the triumph just above the cockpit Kaikoura Ranges, complete with snow. S'pect there are a few hangovers in this town too... All stopped In the words of James from The Insiders Guide to Happiness: Be good to your parents, always tell the truth and never put money on the Hurricanes. There's always next year I guess...
  2. All P3D settings pretty well maxed out. A bit of a slide show, but worth it! Terrain shading, vegetation shadows and cloud shadows - none of these features are in FSX, so it looks like I've well and truly "swapped horses"! Adam.
  3. Wanganui to Wellington, a mix of NZNI landscape with REAL NZ photoreal, and plenty of nasty dark REX powered clouds around forcing me to fly this leg on an IFR flight plan! Sounds Air are a real world airline who fly this route, with the C208 model shown below published by Carenado
  4. Finally I brought the J41 into the air without melting the turbines already on the runway - for the first time ever. Must have been the spirit of Wellington. I took the opportunity and flew on to Auckland, without complications ... nearly without complications - I would like to spare you shots from the touchdown Enjoy!
  5. Some more pics from me playing around the freeware Hamilton airport and cityscape. On a run out to Raglan on the west coast Beautiful landscape Thank goodness it turned out to be a milk run - so it's back to Hamilton This time I landed on the helipad at the hospital, where this chopper actually belongs Deserved a weekend brake after that and took the next NAC to Wellington (the airport can handle 737s / A 320s) You might be able to just about make out the airport over the nose of the plane - it blends in to the surroundings perfectly. Aproaching Wellington View from the flight deck Belly-pic Full reverse thrust - don't want to end up in the drink Cheers Mallard
  6. I found out about the service pack for the Dash only by chance earlier on today (never got a notification). So I downloaded and installed it - and to check if the other paints were working I thought I'd try an Air New Zealand version. The flight went from Wellington to Nelson All shots straight from the v-key. Cheers Mallard
  7. Never heard of NAC before - but I like the colours Departure from Wellington En route Actually overshot Auckland a bit (well - this bird doesn't have one of those fancy GPS devices, so it's all down to knobs, dials and misinterpretation). Swinging back in My - grandma - what a big nose you have... Can't be much of an airline - got shunted off to the furthest corner of the apron... No edits. Cheers Mallard
  8. Just testing some of the paints for my new bird to see if they halfway match the scenery... Wellington Cardiff I think they look quite OK Cheers Mallard
  9. Don't know why, but I decided to fly to Milford Sound - departing from Wellington. In the Cat... Out where this plane belongs Over the saline ponds at Lake Grassmere This area could do with a spot of rain Reminded me of my real-life vistit to Inner Mongolia back in the '90s Passing Lake Tennyson Dramatic landscape On towards Greymouth Nice water effects where the rivers coming down from the glaciers meet the sea Nearly there - Martins Bay Double checking! Yes - it is indeed Martins Bay I don't think this strip was made for a bird this size... Lucky that it will crawl in on extremely low speeds. And if all fails I can still use the waters of the Sound Yep! They certainly didn't reckon with anything with these dimensions here... All in all the flight took nearly three hours - and I almost fell asleep half way with the steady droning of the engines in my ears. All shots uncropped and unedited (except for the last one) Cheers Mallard
  10. Sorry if I'm getting on your nerves - but this little plane is so much fun... Taking in the sights at Port Macquarie Workhorse at Newman, WA. The pics are a bit dark, but you might be just about able to make out the mines New Zealand (Wellington) in the morning Cheers Mallard (As always: cropped but otherwise unedited)
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