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Found 258 results

  1. Rainy weather in Queenstown, so I decided to move away from the South. As the distance to Queenstown is a bit longer, a slighty more spacious plane needed to be installed. Escaped from the rain... ... but not clear of the clouds yet. OK, looks clear now... ... but not for long ;-(. At least, Christchurch is big enough and equipped with electric helpers to find the runway!
  2. After installing the Carenado planes into p3dv4 I went on to another of my favourite GAs - unfortunately without a p3d installer. Added all the liveries, and - voila: Good that this is just the taxiway... The beauty of Milford Sound... ... and the west coast. Entering Doubtful Sound in something more exclusive than a cruiseship... ... and climbing over the rocks... ... to Lake Manapouri. This is where someone filmed the Anduin River... ... and Lothlorien. Mavora Lake... ... and Lake Wakatipu. Queenstown ahead. VFR flying at its finest... ... unfortunately I could not turn the CRS needle. This may be the only p3d-deficit that occurs - does anybody have better experience with this bird? At least I could bring her down safely...
  3. Getting ready in Martins Lodge for the test flight in my trusty C185, in a slightly misplaced, but beloved livery. There are some free seats left in my plane, if you like? And the views are going to be fine after this unspectacular takeoff. An overview of Martins Bay... ... and the adjacent Big Bay, ... ... before going down the coast... ... and into Milford Sound. I was surprised not to see lots of statics after parking in NZMF, as it came straight out of the box. I mean straight out of the wire (we have to adapt our language to these modern times). But surely this can be changed in the control panel. And a remote airfield like this can get all details, even on my system. BTW, the Mitchellwing U2 also works fully in p3dv4.
  4. I did not use a totally appropriate livery to start out of Queenstown today... and at the end of the flight I have also learned that it was not even a totally appropriate plane ... Climbing southbound over Lake Wakatipu... ... and enjoying a look back over the city. Mt. Aspiring NP from above... ... and a final view to the Lake, ... ... before I crossed the ridge and went down over Hollyford River... ... towards Martyns Bay. Oh no, it is still Martins Bay! Perhaps it is easier to land on the beach here... ... but I called for "runway" 20... ... where the Caravan seems a bit, say, optimistic. Good that this is not a real flight. Made it. Time to relax at Martins Lodge, with a well-deserved glass of cold white!
  5. Not only Cook Strait will be crossed in this flight, this is also my first IFR flight in p3d with PRO-ATC/X support, and my first flight with the Majestic Dash 8-Q400 in this simulator. Moreless totally experimental today. Boarding in Wellington was with no trouble (and no GSX, yet...). But what is this AI pilot doing? Can´t he see my takeoff release from the ATC above?? OK, we´re just simming. So the steel was unharmed and I could climb towards the South Island. No Orbx scenery here, but the blue was just too impressing for me (finally I got a nice sky color). Christchurch. The HD moon textures from FSX work well. Weather is getting somehow tricky whilst descending into Queenstown, ... ... and I had to circle down. Me no like that visibility! Resulted in an Albatros-like landing... ... but no one was able to complain after the flight!
  6. Its been a while, was doing a flight around NZ, so many pretty places to see, thought I would share a couple
  7. NZ14 on the first leg of the trip to LAX in the new toy. At the gate in Christchurch Aotearoa living up to its name. Aoraki poking above the tops Cumulogranite below I'm hoping the thing will grow on me. I've always thought the -200 was prettier. The long hump on this looks wrong. Still, there is always the freighter.
  8. The latest SP... sadly, the mods are largely cosmetic as far as I can tell. Wake me around v1.5. Still, it looks nice outside: Somewhere near Blenheim A few generations apart:
  9. Another beauty updated for P3Dv4 - the Aerosoft Twin Otter - seen here in the Mount Cook area of NZSI. Adam.
  10. I've always entered the screen competitions at NZFF (http://nzff.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=26925&start=20) - and it's my only option these days, as I can't enter the ORBX one. This month, however, I'm having real difficulty choosing my entry - so wondered if anyone ORBX'ers would care to cast their vote! Unlike ORBX, the NZFF comps have themes: this month, we have "It's a jungle out there!!!". 01: My initial entry: Blenheim in the mist: 02: Another "oldie" - the Typhoon over North Island somewhere: 03: The same Typhoon testing the waters at NZMF: ORBX does jungle so beautifully in NZNI/NZSI. A lot of variety in foliage - and seamlessly placed. All comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!! Adam.
  11. Queenstown to Invercargill Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  12. We took a regular Star Alliance connection to return northwards from Ryans Creek / Stewart Island, ... ... climbing over Oban (no, we did not get to Scotland that fast), ... ... and crossing the Aluminium smelter at the southern tip of South Island, near Invercargill. Hot summer does not need to be a dry summer here in the roaring fourties. Dunedin, the hub of the south. Our baggage was checked through into the mother company, ANZ. Starting engine two. You can see the plane was so full I had to sit in the cockpit. Sheep land. Hills, dramatic rivers, and the coastline of South Island guide us northwards... ... until we descend over the Marlborough Sounds... ... into the busy city of Wellington.
  13. Took a little yellow one from Invercargill; to be equipped for some more adventorous runways... ... and the first on my list was Centre Island. I wonder of what this place is the centre, it is not a hub of global tradeways, for sure. But still with beautiful details here in the sim. So let´s go on... ... to Stewart Island. A much bigger place... ... even with a Freshwater River... ... and a commuter airport: Ryans Creek. Sure we get a cold drink there before hiking.
  14. Today I did not book a helicopter or speedboat tour from Manapouri, this was just a Lancair Legacy, turbocharged. Approaching Pomona Island - an island within an island, how good is that? Climbing across Wilmot Pass... ... to immediately descend into Doubtful Sound. The doubts of James Cook were not necessary, but better safe than sorry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doubtful_Sound The little island ahead has an uncommon name: Bauza Island. Named by Felipe Bauza y Canas, who was cartographer on the first expedition that explored the fjord - Spanish, not Mr. Cook. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felipe_Bauza . Interesting to read he worked with Vincente Tofino, if the name rings a bell. Let´s enjoy the beauty of the Fjordland coast. Resolution Island ahead... And, as some clouds come up, we make a little shortcut from the mountains... ... to sheep land near Orepuki, ... ... just to approach our destination Invercargill. Aided by GPS, as you can see. NZSI, the RealAir Legacy and Steve´s DX10 cloud shadows make a combination that fascinates me.
  15. After some hours of flyer talk with Julio at Queenstown, he left with NZLink... ... and I went off for another low & slow excursion of Middle Earth, climbing over Lake Wakatipu... ... and to North Mavora Lake, where the Uruk Hai attacked the Fellowship to make them split. At the end of South Mavora Lake we come back to Lothlorien... ... and we find the Fangorn forest just a bit further to the west. The control dams of Lake Te Anau... ... with the Anduin River below. Just 1.2 miles to the east we find the dead marshes (why did it take Frodo so long?). The haze gets too much, we better rest in Manapouri (and perhaps hire a boat...?).
  16. ... and for sure I am not talking about motorhomes. After a great day at Martins Bay lodge (do not talk about the night before)... ... we left with a last view of the beach... ... and down to Milford Sound for another attempt. Entering the fjord... ... passing The Elephant (you can already guess where the name comes from )... ... and this time the approach was not too high. Obviously NZMF is a major hub for the region... ... with first class lounge facilities only 5 minutes away. Let´s go with the next bus... ... but the routing I found in the plane - following the Milford Track - does require quite a challenging takeoff for that size of plane! Climbing over Lake Ada... ... turning around the corner... ... and crossing the mountain ridges, ... ... just to descend seconds later over Lake Wakatipu. Into Queenstown on base... ... and final, ... ... to find MY parking lot occupied . We are gonna have an argument, my friend...
  17. So difficult... ... but then I found a piece of paper behind the sun shield (in the livery package): Circling around Queenstown... ... over the hill... ... and Shotover River... ... to Lothlorien. Fangorn Forest just a bit further ahead, but I was too fast to see "trees" moving. Just 4 minutes later my first view of Milford Sound. Downwind across The Lion, ... ... with the entire Sound behind. Harrison Cove. And - being not trustful enough - a little high final. Local knowledge might have helped, but at least I was slow enough to get the Caravan down into NZMF.
  18. ... the Queen-stown I mean. The next segment of my NZL tour took me from Mount Cook airstrip NZMC ... ... down the Tasman River... ... to the Pukaki Dams, ... ... and over the plain where the Pelennor battle was done. Glenbrook county... ... and a view into Ahuriri valley. Approaching Lake Hawea... ... to spot the fantastic location of The Neck airstrip N172, ... ... before descending into today´s destination: Queenstown. Downwind over Lake Wakatipu... ... and into the final towards rwy 05. I think I´ll have to spend some days at the world´s capital of adventures.
  19. ... when I took off from Christchurch and headed south over the Canterbury plains... I crossed Rakaia river... ... and turned into the mountains, towards Lake Emma, ... ... and with Mt. Harper behind. Then I started to search for Mt. Sunday, which was used in LOTR as Edoras - but I did not recognize it. BTW, on the south (left) side of the valley Helms Deep can be found, naturally without the castle. After this disappointment I spontanously decided to climb across the mountains in front of me (and initially forgot to turn on the carburator heat, followed by the engine failure - which I could reverse, luckily). Some 8500 ft altitude meant a little work for the Katana. But the result was some nice views of Whataroa river, ... ... Franz-Josef Glacier, ... ... and - finally - the Waiho valley, ... ... where I descended into Franz-Josef airstrip NZFJ.
  20. Seeing the beautiful scenery around Mt. Cook, I assume that would be a great hiking area. But walking is nothing we would consider on this forum, so I chose a slightly faster way to get out of NZFJ... ... up Waiho river, ... ... to pick up some more bushwalkers in NZGH Glacier Country airfield. We went southwards over Westland NP... ... for the next stop: NZFH Fox Glacier helipad. And now we "walk" up the Copeland Track ... ... towards Horace Walker Glacier, ... ... passing Mt. Sefton ... ... and leaving Mt. Cook behind. Finally a steep descent into NZMC Mount Cook airfield for a change to a fixed-wing airtool for the next tour.
  21. As the scheduled flights sometimes are just a boring cattle-like transport, some wealthy tourists hired a vintage airliner to cross Cook Strait. I was fortunate to be selected as their pilot, climbing out of Wellington... ... towards ... ... and across the Strait. The South Island already showed its beauty over Havelock... ... and Nelson, ... ... before we climbed up to Mt. Owen, where the exit of Moria was placed by Peter Jackson. Descending towards Christchurch across the mountains, I was overwhelmed by the extremely detailed mesh. Holger surely has done a great job here! The landing sequence was too much routine (compared to the nature seen before on this flight), so I can´t give you the documentation. Sorry.
  22. Andy posted a few shots of his DH60 over Exeter this morning which has prompted me to re install this beautiful old plane and give it some air time after a long time. A very quick flight out of NZMO Manapouri NZSI. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Thanks Andy for reminding me of this gem. An absolute dream to fly, shall be using it again when I get back in later.
  23. Wishing everybody here a very happy safe and prosperous New Year. Thanks to all of you on the forums for the great companionship over the last year. 16. Lake Manapouri. A big thanks to JV and the team who bring this wonderful ORBX world to us.
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