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  1. ... continue the flight that was interrupted by a medical emergency the day before. So we boarded again in lovely polynesian weather... TrueGlass does a fascinating job. At least speed helps to get the screen clear! Bye bye Pago Pago. A few hours after we reached New Zealands northern island, in hot summer conditions. NZAA is really looking poor. At least the landing works, as well as the unloading of our expedition luggage.
  2. One of the travellers that suffered the unexpected detour of yesterdays flight NZ9 ... ... was really lucky to have his favourite plastic kit in the hand luggage. OK, he had to negotiate a bit with the check-in desk in Honululu, but at the stopover in Pago Pago this pays off. The trees in my scenery look a bit strange (January, real weather). But surely this did not stop me from following the short hop... ... into the harbour. The Mitchellwing really is a wing. Beware of the powerlines!
  3. When NZ9 is pushed back in Honolulu you can already expect where we are going next. Instead of the regular 777 the equipment was changed today in favour of the Dreamliner. The routing is very simple: Direct to DATBE, then follow G347 to TARIB and then "just" land. Some other stunning views of the civilisation on Oahu. The 787 is a nice design. "Flying is hours of boredom, spiced with moments of horror" some say. After 3 hours a passenger reported sharp pain in the breast, together with panic-like
  4. Pictures from the wonderful Z08 airfield (from ORBX NSTU Pago Pago Scenery). Wonderful vegetation, mountains, sea, birds, houses, boats, all the details are covered Highly recommended!!!
  5. We're in on the island of Tutuila, American Samoa, where even the airport parking lots show up in lush green... Life is relaxed on the Pago Pago apron. The Navy has a P-8 Poseidon reconaissance aircraft refueled here. "So what are we going to do the next hour?" -"Hmmm, relax and watch the planes?" -"Great idea." United just opened a new service from Pago Pago to Honolulu and L.A. with Boeing 777-200LR. Most passengers have already boarded today. At the moment, containers with cargo and baggage are being loaded
  6. I've just finished installing all my P3D software on a new computer. When it came to NSTU I chose the option to download and install as I couldn't find a saved zip for this airport. I now know why! The product has now been installed and I've found where you place it. But my problem is I would like to save the download. I assumed it would be a single zip (like everyone else does) but after pointing the installer to my downloads folder I now have multiple zip files with meaningless names. How can I determine which relate to NSTU and should I need to install this airport a
  7. Gents, I completed a flight yesterday from Honolulu to NSTU in Concorde and landed on Rwy 23. I'm beta testing a moving map utility - under NDA so can't identify it - and used its Taxi feature to show me the path to stand B1. It advised it couldn't find a suitable route using the supplied AFCAD. On looking at the AFCAD using Scruffy Duck's ADE there are lots of orphan and open links. This might explain the problem my moving map software had. There doesn't appear to be any alternative AFCADs for NSTU. Bit disappointing given the quality of the package. I hav
  8. Hello, first off, I'd wish to thank you for the PNG products, it has been a hugely surprising pleasant experience, and I hope that you will release more of that kind (South America, maybe?) then, and please excuse me for asking from you, not because I think about a Orbx issue: flying PMDG737 YBBN-NTSU, all programmed into FMC (airac 1712, STAR included to runway ILS 5), I ended being quite misaligned with the runway on approach, with an offset of 5-10 degrees, so I did the landing manually not the first time it happens, yet, as far as I remember,
  9. After 16 years doing sightseeing rides around the San Diego area you'd think I'd have had enough. But now that I've hung up my spurs I find myself back in the saddle, virtually, doing the very same thing. Fact is, one of the attractions to flying—beyond the challenge—is what you see out the windscreen. And the ORBX FTX Global base pack and Pago Pago add-on offer incredible vistas of the South Seas islands of Samoa and covers over 1000 square miles including 17 islands, five incredibly detailed airports jungle strips, and two international airports. On an extended oil-e
  10. If you are looking for a nice helicopter challenge – try this.. (Images reduced from 5760 x 1080 resolution. For best view, click on image to enlarge it) Orbx – Global: Base, Vector, HD Trees, AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand, NSTU Pago Pago International Airport (May also include a little REX and/or REX4, but absolutely no peanuts)
  11. (Images reduced from original 5760 x 1080 resolution) Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, HD Trees, NSTU Pago Pago International Airport
  12. Definitely going to have come back here and explore a little more! (Images reduced from original 5760 x 1080 resolution) Orbx – FTX: Global; Base,Vector, HD Trees, NSTU Pago Pago International Airport
  13. Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  14. Thanks for the "smoother" water around Samoa Here are some shots from a flight from Fitiuta on Manu'a island, passing Ofu/Olosega then on over Pago Pago to Faleolo on Upolo The coast looks a damn side better after this patch. Pics more or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  15. Looking through my attic I found some faded pics of the unique EC24-A. It appears to have been on a flight from Tahiti to American Samoa... On the ramp at Fa'a'a Moorea in the background Raiatea and Ha'apu on the horizon ...and then a whole lot of nothing... The Rose Atoll Ofu/Olosega and Manu'a Tutuila with little Aunu'u Cropped and
  16. I was possessed the scenery of Pago Pago, winner of the May 2015 screenshot contest. The update 1.10 is impossible. Thank !
  17. Some from a flight with the Albatross to Swains Atoll The (ASN) weather and visibility cleared a bit some 50 miles out from Pago Pago Just skimming over the palm trees with full flaps to make the most of the landing on the lagoon More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  18. Tim and I have a new project almost ready for beta and therefore screenshots, after months of development my "v" key needs some tuning, We both agreed that NSTU water needed some love so theres a NSTU update also ready. o kill 2 birds with one stone I though I'd share some of my testing shots around Pago and include some of the POI's that havn't been screen shared. As usual because I have a wide screen monitor these shots will look better if you click on them and scrol through using the arrow keys, hope you enjoy. cheers Ken
  19. for the full colorspectrum, you're best in the Pacific area :
  20. Pago Pago to Fitiuta Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  21. Carenado S550 Citation II. Short flight between NSTU Pago Pago International Airport and NSFA Faleolo International Airport
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