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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there! I completeley reseted my PC today and did a clean reinstall of P3D v4.5. I now have a problem, that P3D stopps loading at 71% or 66% -> task manager says "inactive" (after starting P3D, not when loading into a flight). When I delete the scenery.cfg everything "works" again but there is no more ORBX entry in my scenery list and it does not seem, that Vector is installed. Is there any solution? (it also happened once, when installing FTX trees) PS.: Yes, I installed ORBX base and it worked. Thanks very much in advance!
  2. So this is a fresh install - no luas nothing as you can see, i have switched south to transparent there are just no motorways roads anything, but when i put default they are there but obviously not as good alough this has worked in the past i have no idea why i just have green non textured roads.... it's all very GREEN! Is this a bug in the latest release yes i am fully updated and (this is a NEW install) No Roads PNG SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - EBBR Brussels/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - LSGG Genf/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aer
  3. I purchased the Australia scenery package a few years ago, and i have recently reinstalled fSX steam edition and i have installed the new FTX central and also installed the Australia scenery but it does not work. the scenery still looks crap. It says it is successfully installed in FTX but it does not reflect that in FSX.
  4. Sim: FSX:SE Product: FTX Global Base Pack Order No: 5a36533362afa Had to manually download these because currently testing on a smaller SSD before my larger capacity one arrives, and so installed on an HDD for now. Ran the manual installer through FTX Central. Said installed successfully. Also on opening FSX it said updating scenery libraries. Opened FS, went to EGKK and textures were as awful as before. Went to Riga as suggested in the manual and textures were just as bad: Obviously they haven't been installed so just wondering what I
  5. Today I tried out my CAC8 freeware and when I spawned there I found that there where not docks and there where floating trucks in the air and ther area that the scenery was meant to be there was just a pool of water and dirt surrounding it. I have FTX Vector but could not find it in there config tool and i do also have pacific northwest addon and ftx Global and ftx north america. I then decided to delete it from FTX Central but when I tried to re install it a message came up and there for i could not install it. Heres a screenshot of the warning but i did not get a shot of the
  6. So i recently brought ORBX North and South Island and have noticed some problems Nelson airport car park is non existent One of the main hangers is not displaying and only concrete slab is down At blenheim airport the runway has no markings on it whatsover Some help would be greatly appreciated, regards Topic edited to display screenshot. Nick
  7. Hey Orbx, great stuff. Being from Southern California I was excited to fly around your new Southern California Region. I believe I installed correctly, but it doesn't seem so. my diagnostic report number is: ot6a07c3e9870ac95224879214aa25f4fb Thanks guys.
  8. Hi, I'm new to ORBX, so I don't know why this is happening, but when I try to hit next after selecting FSX or P3D, it says " Radio Buttons > On Next, Line 10; Argument 2 must be type string. Stack Traceback: 1: [Radio Buttons > On Next] Line: 10 in main chunk " I attached an image, why is this happening? By the way, I'm using CEN4 and CEJ4 thanks for the help
  9. Ftx central is alerting me to an update for skagit regional....... but every time I try to download it informs either 2 or 4 files are missing and to try again. after 3 failed attempts Ftx central closes with an error message. this began after the installation of the latest libraries
  10. Hi I recently downloaded the ORBx Southampton and ORBx England sceneries and after I installed them on FSX, my terrain goes strange, as if the sea extends into the land, and as I fly towards any land, the sea 'catches up' with me, but it is not really where the water is supposed to be, but just a problem with the payware. This is made even more obvious when you can see cars following paths in the water. FS never did this prior to the installations. It's really annoying and even when I put the settings low for detail in FSX, then it still happens? Please could you advise me on what to do. Reg
  11. Hi There, I am running FSX SE with FTX global however i dont think my FTX is working in FSX FTX is added in my Scenery library as well. I have no clue what to do. Can anyone advise me on what to do I have attached some photos for you to see. thank you
  12. Hi everyone, I recently installed ORBX Tipella Freeware and installed it but the everything was on land and the default runway was gone and left a clearing. I am sure installed everything correctly and I have installed other ORBX airports before. Please Help. Thanks, Aaron
  13. I've installed the Lilydale freeware but when I opened it up on the FSX to fly, the default airfield was still on display. I've tried to adjust setting but I don't know what I'm doing wrong and why the airport isn't showing. I want to know the steps to getting the airports to work on my sim before I purchase airports. Please help?
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