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Found 51 results

  1. Some various shots from around the PNW, SAK and Norway. Departing Oslo in some miserable weather. Approaching KESE Eagle County Regional. High above KASE. High altitude visibility flying from PAVD to PAJN. Petersburg Harbor, Tongass Fjords.
  2. The Norwegian leg of my world your continues, this time from Sogndal (ENSG) to Trondheim (ENVA). Great job by the orbx guys on this scenery, some nice looking airports built in considering they aren't stand-alone add-ons. I do have a couple of those (Narvik and Hammerfest) which I'm looking forward to flying into when I get further north Leaving ENSG (Sogndal Haukasen) En-route to Trondheim Hmmm....even the clouds look beautiful in Norway On approach into ENVA (Trondheim Værnes) On the ground at ENVA
  3. Haven't posted for a while. But thought I'd share the latest leg of my world tour which started in Sydney and has now made it to Norway in short hops (54 so far!). Tonight's flight was from Bergen (ENBR Flesland Airport) to Sogndal (ENSG Haukasen Airport). Some very nice ORBX scenery on the way. The aircraft is the Cessna S550 Citation SII from Carenado. Taxiing at ENBR Leaving Bergen En-Route to Sogndal Landed at Sogndal Haukasen Airport.
  4. One of the most beautiful flights I've made... ENVA-ENBR! I'm definitely getting FTX Norway!!
  5. A roundflight in a DHC6-300 Twin Otter at Narvik in Norway with start and arrival at airport-ENNK
  6. Hi I have just got hold of a copy of Norway. The ground textures are amazing, and the mesh is even better. The only thing that bugs me is the brightness of the trees! I am using FTX Trees HD, and I have Dynamic Veg turned off in P3D settings. Any ideas what is going on? They are very distracting! Phill
  7. Hi, I am sure this has been bought up before, but after a quick search I couldn't find any info. Do the European regions such as Norway and England come complete with a mesh? The screenshots look fantastic, but my mesh doesn't come even close to those. What mesh do the product screenshots use?
  8. Just had a nice flight over Norway.. and really like the views out there. I'm still on FSX, but will switch to P3D soon (my graphic card is on RMA). This is a flight from Narvik to Helle.
  9. Only three to watch the sun of Norway in the World of Orbx Cheers, Voyager
  10. Besides the details of town and airport is also the nature around Narvik very well put in scene:
  11. the views as miltary pilot must be magnificent flying over the fantastic Norway-scenery
  12. Haed for a twinprop like the Dash8-100 to airborn from the pretty short runway of the Narvik airport-ENNK. This fresh released Norway-scenery is marvelous to fly around:
  13. These are a few pics from a trip from Bergen, via Sognefjorden, Balestrand and Jostedalsbreen, landing at Sandane airport. This is one of the most beautiful flights I've ever had in fligtsim, and the A2A Cessna 182 behaving beautifully all the way - even though it was fully loaded to gross weight with people, luggage and half tanks of fuel. Just after departure from Flesland airport, Bergen. The town of Balestrand in Sognefjorden. Climbing over Jostedalsbreen (glacier). My god how spectacular. Full power! :-) Final to runway 27 at Sandane. Fantastic airport! Tied down. The Mooney landed just a couple of minutes before me. I'm on my way north to Lofoten and Narvik. I don't "do" spawning, so I have to fly there. :-)
  14. This video show the transition between FTX region and FTX Global + Vector + LC Europe. Also verify the scenery optimization and explore the landscape. It is quite long because is mainly unedited. Kind regards, Jorge.
  15. A small part of the magnificent Norway-scenery made by FTX-Orbx. In follow shots the city of Bergen and it's direct surroundings, a very complex mix of land & water.
  16. I'm not seeing the love for FTX Norway (and it's first payware airport masterpiece ENNO Notodden) I'd expect. Maybe people are too busy flying? Here's just a few moments from my exploration of my own country. The addition of ENNO Notodden is perfect - it's only 30 minutes flying from my home airport, ENCN Kjevik, and it has a Cessna Service Station - perfect for my A2A Cessna! Here I'm doing risky flying deep in the fjords - this is in Odda, near Bergen - the west coast of Norway is spectacular! Flying over Hardangervidda - this is Rauland. A friend of mine went into spasms looking at this place - he has a cabin here, and he found FTX Norway to be spot on. Coming nearer Notodden, I'm being awarded with a nice sunrise. Love that P3D V3 has made the AI traffic more visible! Short final at Notodden. What a lovely airport - so much personality! Time for some oil change and tightening of flaps. People boarding the King Air. Bonus shot from my home airport, ENCN Kjevik. Get out there and fly in Norway! And keep the payware airports coming - I'll get them all! :-D
  17. Seasonal changes being worked on right now.
  18. One of my favourite airports in the northern part of Norway : Tromso with a couple of elegant bridges - C172-model from A2A ::
  19. Share your ENNO - Notodden winter shots here. My first one is a wide-shot from a 300 Extra on a low pass from the North. "I can see my house from here!" ("Hooked" to the left part of the helicopters landing gear. It's not blue, but white irl )
  20. Hi Everyone! Notodden airport is now finally in beta! It has been an entire year of improving my modelling, and learning new tricks and tricks from the pro's at ORBX, and now we are finally here! Main features: - ALL airport and nearby buildings modeled - Most significant buildings in nearby Notodden city modeled - Custom autogen, typical "Norwegian buildings" with density setting - Random placement of airplanes, vehicles and people - Animated car traffic across runway - Switchable runway length depending on time of day, enabling use of the entire runway length and approach lights. - Fully custom winter season with snow on roofs and ground Starting to get some testing reports now, so a few fixes and you can all enjoy this little piece of Norway! Enjoy these few shots from the beta! -- Finn
  21. Airborned from Tromso at the north of Norway in a DeHavilland Dash8-100 for a 550NM flight with supplies to the very remote and isolated island Jan Mayen, landing at the ashes-airstrip ENJA:
  22. I'm loving all my Orbx-regions, but Norway is always a go-to region for me. This is taking off from runway 22 at ENCN Kjevik this afternoon in my A2A Piper Cherokee.
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