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  1. Kristiansand Airport is now available! The culmination of months of work, our latest project, centered in Norway's southern city of Kristiansand has hit stores now. To celebrate, we've got two new release offers to share with you all. Firstly, save 15% with our special launch pricing this weekend only! Normal prices will return at 0800z on Monday, so get in quick! Secondly, if you're buying the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D versions together, you get 25% off! That offer is valid for the next week. Make sure to drop by our brand new website on the w
  2. Some nice lighting and clouds for this co-pilot view of the area around Kristiansand, south Norway. The airport is visible off the left wing tip. Beechcraft Baron and settings all on ultra. Jerry
  3. The Orbx Notodden (Norway) scenery really captures the atmosphere and feel of the area very well. Add to that some typical half light and dull conditions and a bit of atmospheric haze and it looks even better. The default C172 on the downwind leg from the airport. MSFS2020 with the settings on ultra (except for the operator !!). Jerry
  4. We are delighted to unveil the next Norwegian destination from Finn Hansen and companion Jakub Łukaszewski - Sandefjord Torp Airport! (ENTO) Torp Airport is a major Norwegian airport, located on the west side of the Oslofjord. It is linked with Oslo Gardermoen airport, serving mostly low-cost and charter carriers flying to destinations across Europe. Regular visitors include Wizzair, KLM, Ryanair and Widerøe. On site is also the European Helicopter Center: Educating future helicopter pilots, Pilot Flight Academy for fixed wing education, as well as Widerøe and others' maintenance h
  5. Dear Orbx Team, I own many of Orbx airports and scenerys and with most of them I am satisfied. Now I bought Orbx ENHF Hammerfest also and I'm verry disappointed with this airport. The scenery around the airport seems ok and looks good but the airport itself with only one parking position (parking 3) is not acceptable since the standard scenery has 4 parking positions. Does Orbx work for an update on ENHF so tha the airport gets more then one parking position. Thanks for reply Lothar
  6. Introducing Notodden Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Quickly following on from the successful release of his Ålesund Vigra, developer Finn Hansen brings to life this delightful general aviation airfield located in the south of Norway. Brimming with charming details, ENNO encompasses both the airport and surrounding townsite, packing plenty of POI and off-airfield areas to explore. Continuing the theme of other recent Orbx releases, Notodden is a major upgrade of the original ESP release, with updated textures, complete PBR texturing, and many other small changes and improvements.
  7. Norwegian developer Finn Hansen brings us his first airport for MSFS with Ålesund Vigra Airport! A delightful airport located along the beautifully rugged west coast of Norway, Ålesund is a major destination for legacy, low-cost and charter carriers flying from across Europe. Building upon the P3D edition released in June, Finn has brought new features to this new release. Make the most of the amazing new weather engine by testing your skills in the most difficult of flying conditions - be it mid-summer storms or freezing winter squalls. Whether your destinations are ne
  8. The Gateway to the Fjords arrives for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Norwegian developer Finn Hansen brings us his first airport for MSFS with Ålesund Vigra Airport. A delightful airport located along the beautifully rugged west coast of Norway, Ålesund is a major destination for legacy, low-cost and charter carriers flying from across Europe. Building upon the P3D edition released in June, Finn has brought new features to this new release. New PBR textures, sloped runway, custom weather-dependent ground poly and detailed terraforming have been created from scratch. Ultra
  9. Airport and area of Alesund is a great addition to the SthWestern part of the beautiful Norway-scenery. I made a first flight in a DHC6-100 in Norwegian colors:
  10. We are delighted to unveil a surprise new Norwegian destination from Finn Hansen - Ålesund Vigra Airport! A complete package for P3Dv4 & v5 that encompasses both the airport and surrounding islands and terrain, Ålesund is a scenic holiday destination situated near the entrance of several major Fjords. Ålesund Vigra is a major Norwegian airport, with legacy, low-cost and charter carriers flying to destinations across Europe. Whilst most commonly served by single-aisle favourites such as the A320, 737NG, CRJ, ATR and Dash-8, the airport has also hosted both 757 and 767 aircraft o
  11. Hello, recently bought the Norway Scenery and Narvik Airport ENNK and installed both via Orbx central. I am using the latest version of Prepar3d v 5. ENNK does not show in the simulater, the area of the airport scenery is flat, elevation of the terrain seems to be wrong, cars are flying. Also there are no objects shown in the airport area, except the airplanes and vehicles on the runway and a "flying chimney". I have experimented with the positioning of the airport scenery in the scenery library. When I put it below the NO_scenery, the elevation data seem to be correct but
  12. Can't believe I am so late coming to this scenery. It's just beautiful! Well done Orbx!
  13. Some various shots from around the PNW, SAK and Norway. Departing Oslo in some miserable weather. Approaching KESE Eagle County Regional. High above KASE. High altitude visibility flying from PAVD to PAJN. Petersburg Harbor, Tongass Fjords.
  14. The Norwegian leg of my world your continues, this time from Sogndal (ENSG) to Trondheim (ENVA). Great job by the orbx guys on this scenery, some nice looking airports built in considering they aren't stand-alone add-ons. I do have a couple of those (Narvik and Hammerfest) which I'm looking forward to flying into when I get further north Leaving ENSG (Sogndal Haukasen) En-route to Trondheim Hmmm....even the clouds look beautiful in Norway On approach into ENVA (Trondheim Værnes)
  15. Haven't posted for a while. But thought I'd share the latest leg of my world tour which started in Sydney and has now made it to Norway in short hops (54 so far!). Tonight's flight was from Bergen (ENBR Flesland Airport) to Sogndal (ENSG Haukasen Airport). Some very nice ORBX scenery on the way. The aircraft is the Cessna S550 Citation SII from Carenado. Taxiing at ENBR Leaving Bergen En-Route to Sogndal Landed at Sogndal Haukasen Airport.
  16. Hello! Ive been a frequent user of ORBX-products for a while now, and as a Norwegian, I ofc have all the Norway-sceneries. However, Ive now stumbled across an issue that doesnt have a good end. Most lakes and rivers are not present, but covered with trees or usual fields. This is especially at Notodden and Mjøsa. I have done the following: - Force Migration - Reinstalled FTX Norwa - Reinstalled FTX Libraries - Removed the FTX_NOR_06_CVX_SCENERY and the FTX_NOR_VERSION.txt. - FTX NOR is set to top in Scenery Library, and all ORBX-airports are above
  17. Orbx Norway Can anyone help me with these problems? *There are no buildings in the cities. *Where there should be light posts, there are only big black squares. *Technical issue with the grass at some airports. Thank you for any tips
  18. Hi Guys, I have following problem in Oslo. As you can see, I have some issues with the autogen buildings in the urban city area. But only in Oslo. Can you support in this case? Thank you and cheers Tobias
  19. I am an "old" FSX - ORBX customer. Now I' have bought this week new P3D V4. I got Version 4.2 from P3D. Then I downloaded FTX Central, but this was Version 3.2.3 wich told me Support only until P3D V4.1. But I installed FTX norway with that with a new download using FTX Central. Then FTX Central says: NORWAY is installed correct. But in P3D scenery management there was no entry found. Then I included manually the 4 Layers from Norway: from Dir: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_EU the Directorys 05-08 each as single layer in P3D Scenery Library. But
  20. One of the most beautiful flights I've made... ENVA-ENBR! I'm definitely getting FTX Norway!!
  21. I have enabled "Frozen Water" in the Controlcenter for my Norway Scenery and since then Prepar3d V4 won't start again. Even after returning to "normal" water surface, Prepar3d still hangs while starting up. It reconfigured the scenery database as usual when changing entries in FTX Central, but then it hangs... I would be grateful for any help. Kind Regards Echo
  22. Hi. I have a problem with FTX Norway: when switching to "Frozen surface" in FTX Central, all nearby water gets replaced with land textures (see screenshots, those are from Alesund). After opening Norway settings once again, both options ("Open water" and "Frozen surface") are inactive. I have the latest versions of FTX Central, FTX Global, FTX Norway, OpenLC EU, OpenLC NA and ORBX Libraries. I'm using P3Dv4.1 (latest version) and Windows 10 (also, latest version). This is almost clean P3D installation (except from ORBX stuff and a couple of aircrafts): no FS
  23. A roundflight in a DHC6-300 Twin Otter at Narvik in Norway with start and arrival at airport-ENNK
  24. Hello, I have an anoying problem with my Newly installed Scenery. FTX EU Norway. It seems that textures are not at all right, Oslo city is partially gone, All the textures are clipping into each other and always changing while in flight. also most of the rivers around Oslo is glitched or simply missing, or cut in half etc. I have tried re aranging the scenery folder, disable Airports of norway, but it does not get better. Wat do you ting might be my problem?
  25. Dear simmers, in the scenery of EU Norway I have a problem. On the lefthandside of Bergen and in the fjords there are rocks and trees and no water. Who can help me to solve this problem. Best regards, Gerry23
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