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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys which is the best load order in the scenery libary for germany north and south my other scenerys by Orbx are openlc and base and airports. All other scenerys are by other devs. Thank you very much
  2. Hello, Whilst bush flying between CYXQ and CYDB for the first time, I came across these raised frozen lakes, just further on down the valley (East) the lakes are OK. Orbx North America, Southern Alaska P3Dv4.5 / Windows 10 Vector Auto Elevation was run just before flight, no other Add On scenery is on.
  3. Help when i try to load into X-Plane i get this message? I didn't get it yesterday! Also my True Earth South is installed but FTX Central says it isn't?
  4. I'm getting some very bad lag spikes while looking out of the plane (rotating to see the scenery), sometimes it will even freeze for 1-2 seconds especially in big cities like edinburgh. Average frame rate is 25-35 on normal cruising altitude. My Specs i7 - 6700k Ram 16GB GFX: 2080 SSD what can be the issue here? any tip would be greatly appreciated, cheers
  5. While doing some very low altitude flying across GB I realized that TEGBN is missing the grass effect. First screenshot is somewhere around EGHI and second one is around Edinburgh, however I tried it around Inverness as well - same problem. Am I missing something or was this made on purpose? I attached a screenshot of my scenery order as well. Kind regards, SEB
  6. Hi, I haven't yet GE.N but I read on Avsim posts about poor performace (FPS and stutter) of this Region compared to other big regions of FTX. Is it true? What are your impressions ...
  7. Hi, I bought GEN and GES on first of October and installed it into my simulator of choice (P3Dv4), but both regions started to display ground "blurries" on my system. I tweaked all possible settings (except the .cfg) within the simulator and FTX Central. I seem to not be able to get my P3D to display proper ground graphics with even the lowest settings in the "World" section of P3D and everything turned off in the regions' configurators. Before I purchased the regions I used FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC EU and a third party mesh product in that area. With those add-ons I never e
  8. I just bought ORBX North America openLC and am attempting to install it, however I've recieved this error everytime. Does anybody know how to fix this? Screenshot can be found here:
  9. Hi! After all, what in Berlin is recognizable, one can say that the one who was at work here, know how to do it and how to use the right tools to this "over the top" - working to make. This is a league in which only a few can play. Last night I had taken the opportunity and I looked at FTX Berlin shortly (in slew mode); I nearly fell off my chair! The air imaging for flight simulation is not much better. Previously, I always thought that I would quite good about it at the subject air imaging, at least I had always imagined that. Well, how should I say it, I
  10. Hi everyone, two pictures from the state border between North and South Dakota shot at 10,000 ft. See the repetition of textures? And actually there's almost nothing but agriculture in that part of the country, which isn't the case in these two shots, obviously... Well, openLC NA USA is on its way! Hurray! Greetings,
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