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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I just purchased and installed Orbx's Tahoe Airport (KTVL) using recently installed Orbx Central (ver 4.0.33) and now I have no airport buildings. The runways and taxiways are there with their markers but there are no buildings. My P.O. number for this purchase is 5e055bde3e709, and I use Prepar3D v4.5 HF2 on a Win10 Pro system. I also have installed and up-to-date, Orbx Global Base Pack, Vector, openLC North America, Buildings HD, Northern California Region. Orbx Central say my Libraries are up-to-date. I've successfully run 'Verify Files' for KTVL and 'Sync Simulator' with no effect. I've attached a screen shot, my scenery.cfg and central.log files for your review. Thanks Falcon67 scenery.cfg central.log
  2. Hey guys, Products look great and I'm planning on buying more. However, I'm having issues with both of my airports: I've been installing scenery since FS2000, and this is the first time I've had to ask for product support with payware or freeware, the folders seem to be in order and are all installed properly. Can't figure this out. I'm running p3d v3. KTVL-No objects loading. The ramp loads fine, as does the terrain and most ground textures and the areas around the airport. But, no buildings appear. KSQL-Sim crashes whenever the area off the approach end of 30 is loaded. When flying nearby, the sim crashes as soon as SQL objects start to load. Neither gave me any errors on installation, though i did manually have to add them to the scenery library. Now as far as FTX Global BASE, no issues within the game. Great product. I can't wait to expand with the region specific products. However, one issue I'm having with this and all your products so far is they install to a default directory and do not allow a custom address to install in a version of p3d other than the standard install. Though I installed all my Orbx products to my default sim, I run my sims in different time periods(traffic, scenery, aircraft, verbiage, ect), with each period being its own install. and rather than have to hunt thru all the effects and textures files outside of the root "Scenery" and "Texture" folders to ensure all the files required are copied into the other sim, it would be very nice to be able to tell your product to install itself in ".../lockheed martin/p3d 1995" instead of just the default p3d. Most freeware products with self installers give you the option to choose which sim directory you would like to use. I have to say, I find this rather frustrating as if I buy your product and my sim is in a folder named "dolphin go kart", I fully expect either an option for manual installation or better yet a custom directory option. As I paid for it, so I have expectations. A custom directory option, just such a basic thing to neglect to include, and I get it, novice simmers, ease of application, "why would you ever change your sim directory?", sure. But I did. So, all that aside, how do you recommend I proceed with getting these sceneries, once repaired, into the appropriate sims? Despite my frustration, I truly appreciate your efforts to enhance so many sections of Northern California, which have otherwise been neglected by professional developers all these years. Regards, Chasen
  3. I downloaded the SoCal scenery the other day and updated the library. I get some airport scenery like the actual jet ways and a couple of hangars but the jet ways just go into nothing. No terminal buildings and verse sparse airport scenery. I have windows 10 with fsx and acceleration all the display sliders fully maxed for auto gen scenery . not sure what it could be. Not sure how to post a screen shot on here to show yall. Thanks
  4. Hi Folks, Downloaded and installed triple installers for Broome, Cairns and Queenstown as well as latest libraries. Broome and Cairns installed fine, but NZQN (which shows as 'Queenstown GA' when I select the airport in FSX has no buildings at all, quite the opposite of others that have 'floating one' lol ! I have Downloaded it again (and the libraries again) but still no joy. I tried refreshing the Scenery index as well. Would anyone have any suggestions please? cheers Dave
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