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Found 23 results

  1. Lots of gas before releasing the brakes! Climb baby...climb! The landing was not so bad...lots of reverse thrust & brakes applied... Need to head to the bar here now!!! awesome Jarrad...just awesome
  2. Some view taken there is few month when the PMDG 737 NGX came on P3D ! Have a good flight
  3. Just the one as im not great at getting the screenshots Hope you enjoy.
  4. Hello Everyone! ... well then: Almost all the reinstall and new install procedures are done and so: Time to go flying again! I am very much impressed by the way how Central and Northern Europe now appeare with all the new FTXGlobal textures in use. They really add lots of realism regarding diversity, shapes and colourtones. ORBX: You did a great job here! And so far i had encountered no issues with 3rd party scenery add-ons! Reasons enough so to take a flight from my local area Vienna to the city of Berlin and trying to „redo“ a flight in the sim from „real life“ when i
  5. Hello Everyone! I am in the urgent need of more space on my PC, so i have to delete some rather outdated files, including quite lots of screenshots i have been taking over the last couple of months within FSX. But before deleting them all, i arranged a small portfolio of – well – "leftovers" ... mainly airliner shots, but not exclusively. So… Here we go: The first part focuses on the fantastic PMDG NGX, the second part focuses on the also fantastic, but certainly different to fly, Majestic Q400 and the very final part offers two shots from FTX England and without an airliner in use.
  6. Hello Everyone! Fraom SAK back to Australia now! Taking my first flight from YBAS (Alice Springs) to YBRM (Broome). And i am very excited about Jarrad Marshall's latest and super great looking scenery! I was experiencing some 120Kts headwinds and the weather did not look very promising at YBAS, but it got noticeably better the closer i came to Broome – which made my passengers quite happy as the flight did take longer than expected already. The Route: YBAS-LEESA-VIPOX(via T11)-CESCI(via T11)-YBRM Cruisealtitude: FL380 ENB: JV’s Sepia ENB with palette nr.2 (if i recall correctly
  7. Hi guys, not posted here in awhile so here is a shot taken about a week ago leaving Cardiff. Thanks for looking Regards Josh
  8. Hi all, You are about to look at a few shots taken of British Airways 45X who has come out of maintenance after a routine inspection and starting on its very short return leg home to London's Heathrow Airport. Thanks for looking and as ever ALL kinds of feedback are welcome! Regards Josh
  9. Hi all, Mainly enjoying to fly the heavies compared to the smaller GA types of aircraft, thought I'd share a shot taken last night during my taxi out of Newcastle. Kind Regards Josh
  10. Hi guys, Just like so many of you I love to explore the Flight Simulator world to find all the hidden details on offer. I do this not just in planes but using a wide variety of vehicles in the simulator. Here is my latest adventure after driving to Stansted in my car ready for my plane to Ibiza, enjoy. "Could all the passengers of Ryanair flight 462 make there way to gate 24, thankyou." A nice warm apron at Stansted today! "Welcome aboard, can all passengers please take their seats." 'bonus' shot We have lift off! Trying something abit different with the editing so a
  11. Hi guys, Been very busy these past few days so not been able to fly,hopped in the NGX this evening. Here's my arrival into England's very nice London Gatwick. Thanks for looking and Ill look forward to all types of feedback as usual Kind Regards Josh
  12. Hello Everyone! Two quite different planes in this following shots here now. It’s just a rather small set, but time is not very much on my side currently for flightsimming. Anyways … The first two shots show A2A’s P-51: One time it’s flying into some mild evening sky above Australia’s Northern Territory and the other time it’s flying above the winter landscapes of the “craters of the moon†in Idaho – … but both times still on planet earth! The liveries used here are by JanKees and available at OZx. The other plane is PMDG’s … You guess right – N
  13. Hi again guys, Tonight I had a spare few hours so decided to fly the return leg of the flight I did yesterday, once again in the NGX on Vatsim. I took a few screenshots of the journey so decided to share them with you. Hope you enjoy! (All photos are unedited apart frm resized!) Home for the next two hours Enjoying a wing veiw somewhere over Germany A quick glimse of England as we decend, and of course the light snow on the fields after todays weather.... About to decend through the clouds at FL150 Iam not quick enough to capture the shots but as we decended the cl
  14. First image posted onto the screenshot forum, this was taken after a flight from Newcastle to Heathrow over some stunning FTX scenery. Kind Regards Josh
  15. I've been trying to learn to fly the NGX better lately and this set happened by chance flying between Australia and New Zealand. Hope you enjoyed the set and no edits, just ENB, V key, crop, and post (and the list of add-ons in the topic tags)
  16. Visual approach to Petersburg Alaska with the 737-600, REX Essential real world weather on June 25th 2012.
  17. We don't see many screen shots from night time since there is not much scenery to show. Just want too share some beautiful pictures from a night take off from Seattle rwy 16L on the SUMMA7 departure towards Baker City VOR on a flight to Dallas Fort Worth. The weather was RW and the plane a PMDG 737-800WL. Pushing back from gate D5 using GSX Ready for t/o at rwy 16L Passing Mount Rainer Mount St. Helens
  18. Hello, Hope that you guys liked my first screens here on the forum
  19. Orbx scenery all the way from KMSO to KSEA and it looks fantastic while Spring is coming closer and Winter is loosing the grip in the Valleys and Coastal areas. Season change in Orbx scenery rocks - just awesome.
  20. sorry, having some embedding trouble. If anybody knows what I'm doing wrong, please let me know. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more NGX videos coming soon! Best Regards, Sam Cordell
  21. hope you like them (edited with GIMP)
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