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  1. A little bit long but beautiful flight. Starting at Schiphol, flying over Amsterdam, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, province Friesland and Groningen. All TrueEarth. Along the Waddenzee up to Helgoland over Denmark, a little piece of Sweden and finally landing at Copenhagen Airport Kastrup. I liked it. I hope you do too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxpCFaXItGo&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Have a nice flight, Wil BTW, I also bought the Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium de Luxe and at this moment I am absolutely not convinced.
  2. Hello all, I think it is a good idea to put all the feedback for RealEarth Netherlands in 1 topic. In this way it is easy for the developers to see what needs to be adjusted - One post per issue - No replies to keep the topic clean
  3. Another one in Holland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k2Cipe5Wcs&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Have a nice flight, Wil
  4. A nice flight in Holland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4avRiyNRT94&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Great health to all of you, Wil
  5. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: Prepar3D v4 Screenshot: Issue: central.log TrueEarth Netherlands is not displayed on the Discover page. Is there a reason for that? Furthermore I like the new Central. It is a great improvement! Have nice flight, Wil
  6. A ''small'' selection of the vast amount of screenshots taken while in VR in this wonderful simulator over True Earth Netherlands. When you think that I was flying in the HP Reverb and easily achieving 45fps, it's no wonder why so many of us wish Orbx would release more regions. Anyway, without further ado....
  7. Hi ORBX, With January, it seems Hard Winter has arrived in True Earth Netherlands HD. While it looks like a post card, snow cover like that is quite rare in the Netherlands. May be one or two times every year for only a few days. Would it be possible to make the snow coverage a setting in the configuration panel, and use the normal winter textures for the whole winter season unless the snow option is ticked? Thanks in advance,
  8. After updating my Netherlands Scenery yesterday, I received this error message from P3D while flying over the area. The program locked up totally. (see attached screendump) I have deleted the two towers files and did not see that message again, may be no TV towers around ... I also noticed the scenery is very blurred now, synchronizing as stated in the help text sometimes helps. I did no see any blurring before the update. Before the update I did not see any file errors with this scenery I don't know if these two problems are related. I did not try to reinsta
  9. Hi, I just bought last evening True Earth Netherlands for Aerofly FS 2 and downloaded / installed by FTX Central 3. I thought this Orbx version for FS2 will be installed like my same earlier bought version for Prepar3D v4, but it got installed in a separate location outside my FS 2 install. I didn't like that so I did a cut and paste of the orbx_ftxnld folder in ...\addons\scenery\ inside my FS 2 install. So far so good, very nice! But afterwards I noticed that I used FTX Central 3, and I read about Orbx Central as the new product installer. So, I uninstalled FT
  10. Flying in the Netherlands. This time from Budel to Rotterdam: Have a nice flight, Wil
  11. Calling all AFS2 simmers! TrueEarth technology is finally landing on IPACS Aerofly FS2 starting with The Netherlands! For those not yet to experience high-fidelity scenery in Aerofly FS2, expect to find extremely dense building & vegetation cultivation, incredible crisp terrain textures, and effortlessly smooth performance. Flying over the Netherlands is a joy - TrueEarth Netherlands contains the entirety of the country complete with cities, towns, and countryside all where they should be. The Netherlands, often referred to as Holland, is a country loc
  12. G'day All, Whilst John has been mercilessly teasing you all with early alpha shots, the team are very proud to officially present the first of our next generation of region products; TrueEarth Netherlands! This is a game-changing product for the team; for the first time we are combining the full suite of features from our FTX Region sceneries, with a completely photoreal terrain base, a feature previously limited to our airports. It is important to understand that Netherlands TrueEarth is far more than a traditional photoreal product; comprehensive (and complete) building and vege
  13. A stunning piece of scenery in a beautiful and smooth flight sim. Netherlands TrueEarth (AFS2)...
  14. How do I get support? I'm supposed to provide Order no. but I'm only able to see a Transaction ID on my account? (I have made a topic in here about texture problems and floating houses)
  15. Some shots I took during a short hop over the Netherlands in AFS2...
  16. According to the Orbx announcement, the Eu Netherlands True Earth scenery package includes 85,000 km2 of photoreal terrain. I am not at all sure of your definition of "terrain" but most other sources seems to think the Netherlands has a total area about half that size. Wiki, usually somewhat reliable, especially when describing and defining an existing country, thinks the total area is 41, 543 km2. Just as a check and balance, I Googled a few other sources. World Atlas breaks it down for land and water but comes up with a total area of 41,543 km2, exactly the sa
  17. Hello, I purchased and downloaded Netherlands True Earth last night and ran out of space on SSD drive. I have reformatted two SSDs and created RAID 0 which should hopefully solve the problem. However, as I have to re download the Nethetrlands True Earth package, when I go to my account it shows the purchase but I get the following message and cannot re download. Can you advise please? Many thanks indeed. Download No download is currently available for EU Netherlands TrueEarth.
  18. This add-on is a nightmare! I had no idea it was so big. I think it is over 70 GBs! How do I get this installed? It goes up to 60.2 GBs (68%) and stopped! I had to run it while at work because it literally takes several hours to install through FTX Central 3. Twice it has stopped. I have hundreds of GBs left on my HDD, so it isn't for lack of space. Then it would not pick up where it left off. Instead, it started over again from the beginning! OMG. I can't stay up for 14 hours consecutive hours watching this thing supposedly install. Any suggestions? I have a ton of ORBX scene
  19. Download keeps failing saying that it is being interrupted. My receipt number is 5ae1e2a4537e7. Screenshot of error message attached.
  20. Flying over the Philips Plant in Eindhoven, Holland on December 7th, 1942, one day after it was bombed during Operation OYSTER, the British daylight air attack by Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris's RAF Bomber Command. The plant was being used by the Nazis. As you can see in the first image, the RAF leveled the plant during the raid, which ORBX has depicted in perfect detail. -Paul
  21. After downloading and installing EU Netherlands TrueEarth using FTX Central V3.3.0.2, P3D v4.1 crashes at start-up. Reverting back to previous scenery.cfg, P3D starts fine. Manual addition of EU Netherlands TrueEarth causes P3D to crash if the Scenery or CVX folders are added. Addition of Custom and Mesh files fine. Transaction ID: 5ae024c04d32c - Plus everything Orbx (not active installed), except Vector and Gold Coast is installed i7 6700K 4GHz, ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming, ASUS GTX 1080Ti, 3200 MHz, DDR4 48GB RAM
  22. Yesterday evennig succeeded to install this magnificent Orbx-addition. Living in Belgium, I was curious how the nearest part of my home, the northwestern part of The Netherlands is represented knowing very well this region Zeeland, as the Dutch Province is called, and is situated between the Belgian coast(where I live) till Antwerp and the regio of Rotterdam:
  23. Today I started flying the Netherlands again, but now using the brand-new TrueEarth HD. I installed the package yesterday and followed the instructions for the P3D settings. The first look is amazing. The first flight is from Amsterdam (Schiphol) to Den Helder (De Kooy) following VFR. In general I fly with small planes at a height of about 2500 - 4000 feet. For everyone who is interested or want to have an idea click the next link: http://www.wilveenstra.nl/europe/nederland Of course there will be minor things, but in general I am very satisfied.
  24. hi, i got yesterday the new netherlands scenery. i didn't fly much because of work, lets say 1 hour around Amsterdam. in general i was happy with the looks and everything. but i have 2 questions: 1. the frame rates went very down. i tried everything, unlimited, 30 or 24. but in general i get around 10 to 20. i use the exact settings the manual is suggesting, ex large level detail radius, 5m mesh, 7cm texture etc etc. i fly around with pmdg 747 v3. i also use all the orbx related products, vector, lc, global but not any add on airport from other company. the computer i use is i
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