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  1. Hello, The Night Lighting check box to disable night lighting in the NCA area for openLC NA is always unchecked when I start FTX Central From what I've read on the Orbx forums both it and the New Night Lights box should be checked because I have openLC NA installed. Both boxes remain checked for my installed regions CRM, NRM, PNW, SAK. I suppose I can uncheck both boxes for NCA, but I'd rather have it work like the other regions. So far I've reinstalled NCA, but that hasn't helped. What else can I try? Other information: I use FSX Acceleration with
  2. Hello all, I've just taken advantage of the last few days of the 37% off sale to purchase a few more terrain regions and airports. All seems good, especially KJAC, and my SSD is now feeling rather overfed! However, I do have an issue with the navdata for the Northern California region. Specifically, installing the region seems to have added an huge number of spurious inner, middle, outer and back course markers. To illustrate, here's a 'before' image: the FSX map of the San Francisco Bay area with recently updated ILS data (it looks much the same with default FSX navdata)... An
  3. Getting my kicks at gate... I love these details of plane, airport and scenery. Here we go. With p3d being hicced up and showing the AI traffic labels... The streets of San Francisco. Clear Lake ahead, ... ... Trinity Lake, ... ... and Mt. Shasta. "And it burns burns burns - the ring of fire"... Portland. Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Columbia River. Finally into Seattle. Do you remember this from the old 32 bit sim d
  4. ... if you can keep them there close to a wind machine like this. Not the most quiet caravaning place... Heading north... ... along the Montara mountains... ... and the Golden Gate Park... ... to the well-known bridge. Alcatraz, ... ... CBD, ... ... and the 49ers stadium (you can see: my VC issues are solved), on our way to .... KSFO.
  5. If you don't like the yellow & vintage plane neither the lady in red... well don't read this post I was very lucky this evening : I got a famous passenger...yes,...here are her suitcases, hat, beautiful red dresses probably, ... She will be soon at board... the engine is ready to run...I have put a nice music, decoration... Here she is...the Lady in red herself !!! Yes - see - there are also special lights for our take of ! Thanks to my buddy from the control tower !
  6. Having been on sabbatical from flight sim for awhile, I've been checking out some of the things that came out while I was gone, and Cloverdale Municipal (O60) is a real charmer! Enjoy!
  7. I am unable to select the unchecked items in the control panel. I check them and close the control panel, however when I reopen the control panel, they are again unchecked. Only region I am having this issue with. Sim is P3D v4.1. Any thoughts appreciated.
  8. Just a handful enroute from MRY to OAK. I think I get the best frames in the last shot on the ground ;-)
  9. First post here! Snapped these on my flight from KEKA to KMFR in the A2A Comanche 250:
  10. Hey all, I got a chance to visit the relatively recently released Half Moon Bay. This is just STELLAR from the air and loads better fps than San Carlos! Enjoy!
  11. Took another plane for a quick joyride, Ants T-28A demo aircraft, and that is one well made airplane. The Textures are the best I´ve seen yet, systems are done quite fine, not too happy with the external sound system for now, but internal is sweet as well. Heading for the runway, weather is fair enough. And up we are, wheels coming in. Gaining some altitude to get some momentum out of it. That bird is heavy and not too powerful. A quick buzz of the tower in old Top Gun flavor And up for a Split S. Turning out, he
  12. Hi All, This one has been a long time coming, and I know many of you have been waiting for it. Well, I'm proud to finally present my latest project, which I took over from Scott Armstrong a while ago - KHAF Half Moon Bay Airport! I'm very close to completion with this one, expect a release sometime in January, once you've had time to cool down from the sale frenzy Half Moon Bay is a unique airport located on the Pacific Coast in San Mateo County just south of San Francisco, and just over the ranges from KSFO. Being so close to the Bay Area, the airport see
  13. It hasn't been all 747 time lately... Over Greece at dusk: Moorabbin in the 182, heading to Philip Island AT-6 inland from the bay. The Texan is a delight to fly.
  14. LAX to Narita for an Xmas arrival: Leaving the basin Leaving the mainland for the loooong haul across the water. Just south of KMRY. Water, obviously Clouds (and more water) Chasing the sun. Sunset. It was there right up until top of descent. By the time I'd lost 7 miles it was gone, and visibility was down to 3 miles. Did this once in the MD-11. One day I might actually fly back. Next up on this trip is Singapore on SQ11. Sooo
  15. Another recent acquisition that promises to be lots of fun. Playing around in the North Bay Area Duck! Sometimes, I find I really like these "nearest airport" views. Can't see the duck in this one but . . getting my feet wet Another recommended and high quality bit of freeware
  16. Captured in natural habitats thanks to orbx.
  17. Trying out some newly acquired repaints around the Bay Area, when I saw something weird. You can probably guess what I'm about to do in this first shot - But it looks like some truck driver saw me coming and either panicked or lost his concentration So there you go folks, actions have consequences, even in simworld! In a Truck Sim somewhere, there may be a bunch of grieving pixels, and it's all my fault.
  18. I first went to O68 to explore the freeware Yosemite scenery and found an elevation problem. I have all the OrbX NA regions installed along with Vector. Vector does not have an AEC entry for O68. Thanks for any help. A search of my P3D folder for "O68" yields these 6 files: Edit: Further investigation reveals O68 (in real life) was updated to KMPI designation. P3D shows both listed: And looking closer in P3D, there appear to be two sets of runways/taxiways:
  19. Short little IFR run from Sacramento Exec (SAC) to Palo Alto (PAO). Nick
  20. Been a few days since I could do some flying and testing. Today was Eureka to Tahoe. Enjoy! Nick
  21. Ladies and gentlemen, please get ready for boarding. Please notice that due to our airline policy you are not allowed to bother other travellers with permanent mobile phone calls. So please decide if you like to talk to your crew and neighbors, or stay in virtual life. Seems to be somebody has preferred to stay on the phone. And on the ground. OK, climbing out... ... over Lake Shasta, ... ... and Columbia River. Oooo, oooo, oooh, the ring of fire...! Approaching over Tacoma...
  22. Little test run for the new GTN. Real world conditions today provided the necessity. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing. Nick
  23. Little more testing with OF2 today, again with flawless results. Santa Rosa (STS) to Monterey (MRY) with a San Carlos (SQL) overflight. Nick
  24. Getting ready in Murray Field... ... over downtown Eureka... ... and the coastal hills... ... towards Northern Californias inland flats, on base. Here we meet La Red. And it makes "Ding"!
  25. Next day, next plane. This time a tool suitable for a bit longer distances, but still for VFR with shorter runways expected. Ah, and a livery suited for sunny places, too. No need to say where this is. Lake Sonoma... ... and Fortuna city below us. Is this peninsula really called Samoa? At least Murray Field / Eureka is easy to be found. And needs a little extra spin, I think.
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