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Found 24 results

  1. Hello @Tore Stranden I hope you are doing fine I know Narvik is a closed airport but it is really one of my favs. I became fan of Orbx because of it. Fisrt time I saw the video on Youtube felt in love with it. Had to improve/update my computer and then in time ended buying all I could of Orbx. I would love to have this airport in MSFS if possible. Have you considered this? It is an amazing setting and hope/wish it can be created for MSFS Thank you in advance for any comments Regards Carlos
  2. There are bridges in Narvik! Yep! A big one, and a low one... Bridges in Narvik...
  3. In the following Airport Sceneries there are limited Functions of Carenado (Beech King Air, ATR42, Dornier Do228, Cessna C208) and Aerosoft Planes (TwinOtter): Narvik, Haukasen and Sogndal. All Doors can not be opened by Dialogue Window or Keyboard. Fuel Gauges show 100%. Predefinition before Flight not working, always 100%. Flying in the Airport shows the correct amount of fuel, shortly after landing it is at 100% (see images attached). Narvik has in addition a few misplaced items - one directly by approaching RWY19. ORBX Central updated. Libraries updated.
  4. A roundflight in a DHC6-300 Twin Otter at Narvik in Norway with start and arrival at airport-ENNK
  5. Hi everyone After the nice feedback on my last video (thanks!), I'm posting a new video featuring both ORBX Hammerfest and Narvik. As you might know Narvik Airport has been shut down in real life That doesn't mean we can't enjoy it virtually!
  6. A shame the real airport has closed down, but it lives on in our sims thanks to this masterpiece of a scenery. Cheers,
  7. By accident, for FSX SE, I clicked 'Verify integrity of game files...'. There was no way to stop this. Steam "updated" ~9000 files, mostly texture files. So I uninstalled then reinstalled Global base, and that was fine. But in Narvik, strange spikes or stones left of runway 01 now appears! I uninstalled then reinstalled both EU Norway and ENNK Narvik, but to no avail. See the video below, it will show better than 1000 words. I think a .bgl file needs to be set to .off, but which one? NB: I had a similar problem, but far worse in Madeira, but setting to .o
  8. Here is a new, unedited video of Orbx Narvik. Couldn't resist flying under the bridges, and more...
  9. Here is a new, unedited video of Orbx Narvik: "Flying the Bridge!". Head-tracking with trackIR 5 is definitely fun. Motion sickness anybody?
  10. Hi Guys, Im having a problem with my Narvik ENNK airport, I have FSX:SE with REX4, AS16, ORBX Global, Eurpoe, NA, Vector, Normway and ENNK airport installed. The issue is that on the left hand side of the runway there is a windsock that is floating and not placed correctly on the ground, also up ahead on the same side there is another small building with another wind sock and they are also floating. Does anyone has a solution to this? I also was wondering if the lights look ok to you guys? Some of the look really tall and spikey, just wondering if its normal. See screenshots..
  11. A short flight on a beautiful afternoon in Northern Norway with the Lancair Legacy.
  12. Hi, and thnx for great work on Narvik, its simply stunning. However, I am experiencing some problems with textures "covering" my aircraft, it happens regardless of altitude, see screenshots. I have several other ORBX sceneries istalled, all working perfectly. I have tried all the usual suspects, FTX Central V2, Orbx Libs installed, Forced migration and re-install, no success. Current setup: Sim/System: Prepar3D V3.3 Windows 10 Home Intel Core i7 2,5 Ghz Orbx add ons: EU Norway Open LC Europe FTX Global Base ++
  13. Besides the details of town and airport is also the nature around Narvik very well put in scene:
  14. Haed for a twinprop like the Dash8-100 to airborn from the pretty short runway of the Narvik airport-ENNK. This fresh released Norway-scenery is marvelous to fly around:
  15. Seasonal changes being worked on right now.
  16. Here are a couple of videos from Narvik (P3D v2.5 with HDR enabled) >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrlbkWJcYtM&feature=youtu.be >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcGkkH_68wA&feature=youtu.be
  17. Here are some development shots of Narvik airport and surroundings (northern Norway). This airport is for FTX Global and features a sloped runway. It will be patched to work with FTX Norway North when that region is released. These screenshots show it installed with FTX Global.
  18. Here are some screenshots straight from the v-key (Prepar3D and standalone ENNK Narvik project). I am pleased with the seamless transition to FTX Norway
  19. Hi all, It has been quiet from me for a while now, and it's because I've been busy with implementing night lighting at the airport and the surrounding area. It has been a lot of trial and error to achieve the results I wanted. Here are a few screens from P3D 2.5 with HDR enabled. Hope you guys like it.
  20. Hi, here are a few screenshots, which among other things shows the shape of the slightly curved runway. Do keep in mind that what you see on the screenshots are still WIP.
  21. Hello all, Here is a pre-beta preview video of ENNK Narvik (P3Dv2.2 with REX4 clouds). >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5TySZAMxKo&list=UUndebSHq_HCeYWDn55KlNNg
  22. Hello everyone! I have not shown many pictures from the airport earlier. Now things start to take shape, so here are some screenshots... On some screens, if you look closely, you'll see that the ground is not flat towards the runway. If you think the area looks a bit empty and abandoned, no worries, there will be ground vehicles, PeopleFlow, plants etc.
  23. A few screenshots from Prepar3D showing custom terrain at RWY 01. All areas of the airport are given the same treatment in terms of detail.
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