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Found 29 results

  1. Hi All, I am hoping for some guidance on the seemingly overlapping of with mesh, land class or scenery files when in the SCA area. I have tried a number of combinations regarding sequence of installing including using Vector. I get competing scenery layers as say I approach KSTS - there seems to be the ORBX NA SCA and the KSTS scenery when approaching. This also seems to be the case when approaching KSAN. Only solution I have now is to disable NA SCA when at an West airport. Thank you very much in advance. Marc
  2. After moving fromEurope to SoCal I have to encounter texture mismatches around (at least) Los Angeles. In former times I would have tried to re-install the latest libraries, but FTXCv3 is already satisfied. Does anybody have an idea? [The airport you see is KTOA Zamperini. PS: FSDT KLAX is installed & active, too.]
  3. After inspecting the last Norway purchases I now have to test all my recent North America ones. Which includes December sale, seems I haven´t been flying there for a while... So I took a United flight bringing me into LAX as a starting point. Closing in to the big city area I was a bit confused by these bigger yellow areas all around. I think I had also seen texture mismatches around KEDW before. The second shot (near Santa Monica) shows the same phenomenon. I´ll check this later with a less demanding plane... (and also a bit lower & slower). Turning into final over the Pacific... ... and getting the coast as well in sight as KLAX´s 4 runways. We´re going for the 07R. Touchdown. Followed by the OOM warning chime. But at least I could complete the flight... And now we head for some smaller planes for VFR flying...
  4. Day 3. Download 3 ready. Time enough for a little challenge... not in a Challenger, but in a similar appropriate type: That was tight. At 9000 ft, full throttle. Colorado River in pure FTXG, not (yet) with Open_LC. Passing along Maurizios Grand Canyon photoscenery... ... and into SoCal, just south of Las Vegas. Over the sea of buildings... ... and into 7L. With a successful approach - but with the KLAX buildings not showing up properly. After reinstall of the orbxlibs & re-sorting the sequence in scenery.cfg (according to the guideline) it was fine again.
  5. From KLAX, ... ... via Tahoe ... ... and Klamath ... ... to Portland. Going on up the coast to Hoquiam, ... ... using Satsop as a virtual reference on downwind ... ... into the lovely Bowerman. I always enjoy going back to my first Orbx teaser for a virtual burger.
  6. Catalina Island really blends well into Socal...
  7. In fact we are not far in the north. And we do not even leave the southernmost Orbx NA region. But we are heading north from San Diego... The longest part of this flight is the approach into KLAX, from east to west, ... ... back downwind to the east, ... ... and finally a final. Perhaps it is the season to go even more to the north...
  8. When I started in Tijuana, the visibility was limited. But the border patrol needs to be done, even & especially in the night. Night vision lights on... ... and over to San Diego. Nevertheless, the scenery´s beauty is better observed with a bit more daylight.
  9. Customs at San Diego have received lots of additional work, caused by Henrik Nielsen. For the time being there is no wall between the countries, so we can easily extend our patrol to Tijuana / Mexico. Many thanks to Henrik, making our virtual waterways so much more lively. http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Global+AI+Ship+Traffic+V1&CatID=root&Go=Search&Cookie=1
  10. "In the early 1950s, United Airlines served the airport with scheduled passenger service with nonstop flights to Long Beach Airport (LGB) and direct, one stop service to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) operated with Douglas DC-3 aircraft." [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalina_Airport] So it is an easy decision on which plane to take for a short hop out of Santa Ana... Err... where is the runway? A bit too far to the right, but slow enough to correct. This guy did it better. After lunch, the regular service with PanAm was ready to return to the mainland. Meeting the coast at Dana Point, ... ... passing Oceanside, ... ... Del Mar, ... ... and into San Diego.
  11. On patrol from Port Hueneme... ... over Oxnard... ... and the cloudy Malibu Hills (the magnet is back...). Not too difficult to guess where we are here. Quiet an area of houses below, ... ... before we reach Long Beach. Crossed the channel to Catalina Island - where else should we go with this bird? Great to see how the Aerosoft freeware works in SoCal. Pieces that fit.
  12. Are you ready for a little Saturday evening flight? Walking down the coast is no alternative! So take off, ... ... can you see Junipero lookout? Seems to be worth some helicoper trials. Down the coast... ... to Hearst Castle, ... ... and Morro Bay for the night. Sunday morning. Pismo Dunes. The weather magnet works again. Also over Carrizo Soda Lake, ... ... Santa Barbara, ... ... and Channel Island NP. Finally (and fortunately) Santa Cruz Island appears from the grey.
  13. Conditions looked so fine when I took off in Monterey and crossed Cannery Row. But just around the corner, in Pebble Beach, the visibility got worse. GPS made me find Fish Head Hill airstrip (what a name?). Technically this is like a Papua NG bushstrip. Can you even see the runway in the second shot? Laguna Seca Raceway, hard to spot. And even for landing in KMRY I needed 2 attempts with this weather. A nice challenge to fly, but if you want to explore scenery...
  14. ... but no trees around in this area. Taking off from Edwards North Base... ... across Hyundai test area... ... and the rivals from Honda are also there. Crossing the border to Maurizio´s photoreal area, ... ... with Coso´s Geothermal plant... ... and Owen´s Lake. Climbing over Lone Pine... ... to overlook the Sierra Nevada - but no chance to see King´s Canyon with this weather. Back under the cloud layer... ... to Bishop KBIH ... ... and into Mammoth Lake KMMH. Here, finally, we have some visible vegetation. Otherwise it is quite dry behind these mountains.
  15. From Trona... ... over Edwards Boron Mine... ... and Harper Lake ... ... to Barstow railyard, ... ... and Victorville planeyard. I tried to land in Edwards AFB afterwards, guided by the ATC. After 3 trials to find the assigned runway, i just chose any & went down (under protest...).
  16. ... that means out of Las Vegas... ... across Las Vegas Speedway ... ... and Mormon Well ... ...to High Desert State Prison. For a full fat region detail I would have expected more precision. Did I make a mistakte in my setup? Charleston Peak Ski area. Looks so tiny, I don´t know who would ride there? The border into Maurizio´s Death Valley scenery, followed by Amargosa range and Zabriskie Point. This area should be Devil´s Golf Course, ... ... and here we go into Trona. It might be wise to have enough drinks already on board, supply can be limited here.
  17. Headed out from KHAF Half Moon Bay planning to look for Bixby Bridge. I did the drive down HW1 from SF to LA a couple of times back in the day but my memory of the places is obviously a bit out. I remembered Half Moon Bay as being halfway down to LA, somewhere past Big Sur, so when I found KHAF on Google I was a bit surprised but I guess the real world must be right (unless they moved it). So now I wasn't sure where Bixby Bridge would be either (I remembered it as just outside Carmel, but we've just seen how well that works!). Anyway, think I found it in the end. So just a couple of shots - first, heading down towards Santa Cruz (maybe <grin>) bit cloudy over Monterey bay cleared down to hazy once I got out past Carmel think that might be Bixby Bridge ahead - I think that must have been it. Checked it out on Google Earth and it seemed about right. Didn't take any closer screenies as it doesn't seem to be a feature that has been specifically modelled in SCA, which seems a shame. I remember it as quite spectacular, in a subtle sort of way. Also have memories of a village further down called Christmas, or similar, which was basically a christmas sales pitch. Bit weird in the heat of a Californian July but hey ho. I;ll see if I can find that sometime as well. Ahhh - too much fun!
  18. My plan to earn money in Vegas did not really work out. So I had to make some money as a contract pilot for wealthy Asian tourists, who had more money than time. Leaving KLAS... ... over Nevada Solar One Field... ... and Hoover Dam... ... until we reach the border of Maurizios, Antonios and Holgers famous photoreal canyon. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/12-ozx-grand-canyon-and-kgcn-holgermesh/ You like some action at 210 kts? Or better enjoy the overview? Please take a little rest, there is a free bus shuttle from here. And I promise to get you back more quiet and relaxed.
  19. Well, it is not that hard that we would have to go by train or even as a hitchhiker. But the fuel needs to be earned! So we leave Palm Springs... ... in style, ... ... cross Amboy Salt Mine, ... ... and descend ... ... into Las Vegas. The place to make money. Or rather not... ?
  20. A quick circuit round Sedona, just to get a feel for the area coming round to come back down (wide, as usual!) Made it down, and managed not to slide off the end (just) Interesting place, beautifully done by Orbx (of course)
  21. Yuma airport ain´t beautiful, but it has runways like pick-up sticks. The sights are close by, like the Imperial Dunes... ... or Mesquite Mine. Crossing Salton Sea... ... I went into the OOM zone. I needed Jarrads help deactivating some files before I could proceed to Palm Springs. The appropriate parking lot, I assume.
  22. Not because fighting between the inhabitants would be expected here, ... ... just because of the many sights around. An empty breakfast table in Yuma, ... ...clean windows & safe paths in Somerton, ... ... lots of birds in San Luis. Somehow an oversized BBQ in AZ99 (hope I did not mix the places). Green fields amongst harsh mountains. Watering is the key! And crop protection (at Wellton). Over Castle Dome Peak... ... to the secret GM Yuma proving ground. No clean diesel to be tested today. The imperial reservoir, reason for any green growings around. And back to Yuma, in a rather plain environment...
  23. A quick tour round the harbour in the PBY5 to check on the fleet. Ready to go, as the sun goes down - There's the city and harbour ahead of us - Heading in The light in Southern California is beautiful this time of day - Heading out over the sea to turn back to base Turning in to the sun Heading back home now back on the ground (but I'm not showing you the mess I made of that!) ASN live weather, REX, the Aerosoft Catalina and most of all - SCA. One of my favourite planes in one of my favourite places. And a wonderful evening as well. I feel a beer coming on.
  24. Before checking in, make sure the friends of the italian opera have left the Coronado... Morning sports, an easy task with a bridge like this. Nice WoAI liveries at KSAN. Taking off eastwards with a close miss. Thanks, ATC! Over Mt. Laguna radar station... ... and the imperial dunes ... ... towards Yuma, where a lot of small airfields wait for a close inspection. But not now, it is getting too dark.
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