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Found 29 results

  1. Had an enjoyable flight across the pacific, into Vancouver. The 787 is a joy to fly! Loving FTX Global and PNW. Arriving over the Straight of Georgia was breathtaking! I seriously can't wait for TrueEarthPNW!
  2. AC Express on departure from YVR to DEN. PNW is still my favorite ORBX region to date. Caters to all sorts of flying. Still lots of places to explore!
  3. ... so I have to leave up to Alaska. Out of Victoria ... ... and into Ketchikan. A fantastic base for further exploration, be it RTMM or Tongass... e. g. the city of Wrangell:
  4. ... and into well-known virtual lands. From the rain at Lana´s Cafe... ... over Hood Canal and Bangor Submarine Base... ... to Discovery Bay... ... and into the sunshine at Diamond Point. An all-time favourite place.
  5. From KLAX, ... ... via Tahoe ... ... and Klamath ... ... to Portland. Going on up the coast to Hoquiam, ... ... using Satsop as a virtual reference on downwind ... ... into the lovely Bowerman. I always enjoy going back to my first Orbx teaser for a virtual burger.
  6. ... sky. I did not think of bad conditions when I left Redding with a little turn over Benton ... ... climbed out over Sundial Bridge ... ... and Shasta Dam ... ... towards Mt. Shasta himself. Maybe a place for skiing down there... Glass Mtn. lava bed: Klamath ... ... and Crater Lake. What a fantastic weather... ... until we reached Oregon. This is the final into Creswell, at least the M5 is still there... 2nd approach. 2nd miss. But then I knew where the runway was to be found, and I made it in attempt 3. "When you get close to the airport, landing is only one of your options" was the sentence I had to remember...
  7. ... in order to take a long-distance flight into the FTX Global world. The coast guard was getting ready in Victoria, BC... ... viewing Roche Harbour, ... ... Spieden Island, ... ... Crane Island ... ... and Anacortes. A great area to fly, but this plane is not really the one I would chose for island hopping. The Tesoro refinery, ... ... Cornet Bay, ... ... and Paine Field. Seattle, with typical weather... ... and a little view of the city, just before getting down in KSEA. And now out of NA into Global!
  8. I mean, Bella Coola and Port Hardy, with a little lake excursion in between: Then heading up south, until the fjord gets smaller... ... and bigger again, towards Owikeno Lake: Machmell River joins... ... and the western end of the lake provides a nice airfield, Rivers Inlet: Heading directly towards Port Hardy, I do not even know how these mountains are called. Unfortunately the landing was quite foggy, that means challenging and unattractive. So no Screenies...
  9. I chose the default 172 for some Garmin G1000 practice on a short flight from Bowerman... ... along the non-activated Satsop nuclear site ... ... into the "traffic! traffic!" at Bremerton. What is the ATC doing here? A little Cessna change later I was on my way towards the Olympic mountain´s east side, ... ... having Diamond Point under my nose ... ... and across Dungeness Spit, ... ... towards Victoria International (freeware by Don Grovestine - thanks for creating!).
  10. The logical continuation of http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/80754-along-the-oregon-coast/ : The FedEx service delivering northwards from Portland. Yale dam, near Mt. St. Helens (she is quiet in FSX, thankfully): The mouth of Columbia River: That is Astoria, not Manhattan! Long Beach Peninsula - an obvious name. Westport, nicely detailed in FTXland! Crossing the VOR Hoquiam, ... ... downwind, ... ... and on final to beautiful Bowerman: Parked, obviously correct: Thanks for following!
  11. To be honest, I do not remember where this shot was taken: Creswell or Walker? Probably the first one. This is Creswell, for sure. Spencer Butte at Eugene: Lincoln City: Cape Lookout: ... and coming into Portland. This free cityscape is not enjoyed often enough!
  12. It was just a cloudy afternoon, when FedEx services from CYYJ to PAKT was starting out across Mt. Tuam, ... ... out of Victoria Intl.. We could already spot Ketchikan Airport, still being on the downwind approach to Rwy. 11. But turning into final, conditions became slightly worse... 5 miles out. Gear down, flaps full. Any runway? Keeping our fingers crossed the ILS works correct (which is not always the case in FSX... ) Trust pays off. There it is! Turning down this brilliant 3D-masterpiece of a taxiway! That looks promising, except the bumps in front of us (keeps the passengers awake - oh, err, there are none...)! Tied down. Now for a good salmon steak and a cold drink!
  13. Just the three... as the visibility was really limited on this flight: Out of KSEA... ... ice detected! Mr. Rainier: The rest of the flight was completely IFR conditions, including the CAT III landing in Eugene. Nice flying, but no chance for nice screenies, sorry!
  14. Hi there! Not a big issue, it just caught my eye while flying over the PNW. I noticed there was a "spinning car" in the parking lot at CYYJ Victoria Intl. Thought you might be interested. Here's a little GIF I made: Safe skies! Just Fly
  15. Started from Diamond Point, southwards, to Discovery Bay...: ... and WA45: Vashon Island below...: ... and KSEA ahead: No fires noted here (perhaps it is just raining often enough... )
  16. Crossing the Canada-USA border, coming from Tofino...: Lake Crescent, embedded in the north coast mountains of the Olympic peninsula: Sequim peninsula: Bonus quiz: count the airstrips hidden in this picture. ... and heading for a coffee: Have a nice weekend!
  17. After supplying the villages in the Discovery Islands, some service was needed in the central part of Vancouver Island. Took some freight from Tofino over the mountains.... ... to Port Alberni SPB. Grabbed mail and broken machine parts and went off ... ... but the clouds did not make me feel comfortable crossing the mountains with all that cargo, ... ... so I went past Port Alberni city, and followed the channel. A nice route! But it took more time than planned. Just made it to Bamfield with the last bit of daylight !
  18. Two weeks ago there was an article in our newspaper, featuring Corilair´s "Historic Mail Flights" between the Discovery Islands. Beautiful pictures surprising me at Sundays breakfast, with a Cessna 185 and the obvious Beaver. I just HAD to go there and follow the described route. The original...: http://www.eagleeyeadventures.com/campbell-river-insiders-guide/ Starting at Campbell River Seaplane base: The weather could be better... Surge Narrows below. Old fashioned mail exchange. Approaching Stuart Island: CAF6, Big Bay: Approaching Refugee Cove... ... and departing shortly after. Back on final to Campbell River SPB: Don´t forget to check the schedules, also at http://www.corilair.com/ !
  19. Like so many Vanouverians (does this word exist?) I decided to go to the Island over weekend. From the International Airport... ... across Nanaimo ... ... Hornby and Denman Island in Georgia Strait ... ... and Comox, to Campbell River. Sorry I was too busy landing, and took no shots there. But I´ll show you the airfield, I promise.
  20. ... so it is time to go north from California. Leaving in a Jetplane... ... across Lake Shasta ... ... and the volcano of the same name. A slight view to the Pacific coast ... ... Mt. Baker ... ... and the final to Vancouver. Hope the weather stays acceptable here now!
  21. The hungry pilot was on his way in southern Oregon. Three Sisters blocked his direct way to the coast...: So he had to go south, to the flat Klamath marshlands... ... moved up slightly to Crater Lake, ... ... turned back north to Oakridge, ... ... and went down Lookout Point Lake, ... ... before he touched ground again. Ah, what a smell... here in ...!
  22. Hi there! Not a big issue, it just caught my eye while flying over the glorious PNW region. I noticed there were road traffic cars coming in and out of the airport grounds at KCLM Fairchild Intl. Thought you might be interested. Here's a little GIF I made: Safe skies! Just Fly
  23. ... from Astoria. Of course REX created typical west coast weather: Arch Cape with Castle Rock: Manzanita (3S7, not the best visibity for landing): Bay City (yes, there is a city behind the clouds): Siletz Bay (default, so I did not get closer...): Slightly better visibility over Newport: Time to head for the beach, at Wakonda Beach: Or playing golf in Florence? But at Umpqua River the clouds returned.... Somehow I must have made a mistake when fueling, so I had to go down in North Bend - for the night.
  24. From Creswell ... ... following the I-5, ... ... via Portland ... ... to Puget Island / Astoria. I was disappointed to see my ground textures quite blurried on this flight (comparable to FTX England ). It always needed pausing the sim for 1-5 seconds to achieve the "usual" standard. I assume this is the dawn effect, and the next day flight was brilliantly orbified again (with no setup change). Has anyone els made the same observation?
  25. Just a short tour around the BBQ place...: Eugene: Up the McKenzie valley... ... to McKenzie Bridge airstrip. Hmmm, depressing: I tried and tried and tried, but Carpenter Mountain Lookout will not get my visit... So I went back, ... ... discovering Lost Creek - an airstrip which could be overseen here:
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