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  1. From KLAX, ... ... via Tahoe ... ... and Klamath ... ... to Portland. Going on up the coast to Hoquiam, ... ... using Satsop as a virtual reference on downwind ... ... into the lovely Bowerman. I always enjoy going back to my first Orbx teaser for a virtual burger.
  2. Are you ready for a little Saturday evening flight? Walking down the coast is no alternative! So take off, ... ... can you see Junipero lookout? Seems to be worth some helicoper trials. Down the coast... ... to Hearst Castle, ... ... and Morro Bay for the night. Sunday morning. Pismo Dunes. The weather magnet works again. Also over Carrizo Soda Lake, ... ... Santa Barbara, ... ... and Channel Island NP. Finally (and fortunately)
  3. Conditions looked so fine when I took off in Monterey and crossed Cannery Row. But just around the corner, in Pebble Beach, the visibility got worse. GPS made me find Fish Head Hill airstrip (what a name?). Technically this is like a Papua NG bushstrip. Can you even see the runway in the second shot? Laguna Seca Raceway, hard to spot. And even for landing in KMRY I needed 2 attempts with this weather. A nice challenge to fly, but if you want to explore scenery...
  4. The NP fire inspection took off from Mammoth Lake KMMH, ... ... and crossed the (still disappointing) Mono Lake. I strongly hope this iconic area will receive an upgrade with OpenLC. An area which already received a serious upgrade is the valley to the west... Frank Dainese has done his magic here. Half Dome... ... y El Capitan. The only thing missing here is the JamesTKirkFlow. Bridalveil Falls... ... and the valley exit. Or entrance for ground-based tourists. Luckily enough no fires to be reported in t
  5. So, I went back and did a spring evening flight from KBLU towards Folsom, in the Businessliner this time. Coming down past Auburn towards the lake - Across the lake now, approaching the Folsom Lake Dam on the southern side. On the left bank of the American River just past the bridge in the shot below should be Folsom Prison (as in Johny Cash and "I shot a man in Reno, just to see him die") but I don't think it's specifically modelled. I couldn't pick it out after looking at Google Earth and this fly over.
  6. Out of Sonoma, heading up north along the coast a ways Not sure what that last airstrip was, but this is (I think) O48, for Little River Did land, but nothing much there so headed off again Heading up past Little River, towards Mendocino. Never been up here for real, but the place is a big emotional thing for me 'cos of the Kate and Anna McGarrigle (sp?) song from the '70s (anyone else remember it?). Never knew where it actually was, but that's another
  7. Got another new toy. Can't seem to make its mind up what it wants to look like though. A little run from Sonoma down to SF Bay (where I ran out of memory, as usual) then it morphed into the company plane - then it went all Brit on me This is one fun aircraft just as I was getting used to it - and again - and then it went back to corporate mode before getting all oom on
  8. Was about to head off in the Cessna again when spotted something behind me, so switched to the R66 to investigate - Ah! it's a fountain - couldn't tell from the runway - it looked like smoke Oh well, now I'm up here I might as well have a hover round the airport The usual splendid Orbx detail for the town/airport, and the setting is just stunning Never been to northern CA (north of SF) in real life apart from the obligatory trip
  9. Again, I blame Voyager! I'd drooled over this plane in the PC Pilot review late last year, but resisted until I saw it in Voyager's set of shots yesterday. It really is a fine looking thing, but a bit of a challenge to fly properly for a self-confessed Ctrl-E guy like myself. But hey, I'm retired, I've got time to figure it out! (actually Voyager, thanks for the inspiration)
  10. Out from KSTS, off to the coast, and down to the Bay Area. ASN real weather, REX4 and the Fury Ready to go - heading off to the coast Hitting some lovely atmospheric weather Golden Gate and SF appearing out of the cloud - Getting a bit wet now as we come into the Bay - Coming up over Oakland Swinging south to head down the Bay to KSQL for a stopover on the way to Monterey
  11. I blame Voyager, his set reminded me I had Lake Tahoe, so I thought I'd better go and see if I could find it. Out of KSTS, and eventually coming in south (too) low across Lake Tahoe - got to be around here somewhere soon! Ah - there it is Of course, way off line and going way too fast, so I guess I'll have to go around and try again This is what happens when I actually try to fly instead of just zooming around gawping at the scenery. Still, I've pre-ordered my copy of DT Flight School so maybe I mig
  12. From Eugene,... ... across Creswell and Walker (there was a walkaround to avoid these bridges, wasn´t it?) ... ... to Mt. Shasta and the lake: Someone´s already waiting for me. And our driver is also there . Hope I get my sim back running again soon. Otherwise I´ll run out of screenies...
  13. ... so it is time to go north from California. Leaving in a Jetplane... ... across Lake Shasta ... ... and the volcano of the same name. A slight view to the Pacific coast ... ... Mt. Baker ... ... and the final to Vancouver. Hope the weather stays acceptable here now!
  14. [For correct spelling please read href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eureka_(word)%C2'> What a nice area around Eureka: N Humboldt Bay ... ... Eureka airport ... ... and the city itself. But who cares for a busy airport ... ... if he has an alternative to land? After the lunch break ... ... S Humboldt Bay: ... and up into the mountains. The weather does not look too promising, but - what is this below? Kneeland "International" airport, placed right on top of a crest! A bit of a challenge... ... but the view is worth it. Hope the weather gets better du
  15. From Sacramento ... ... across Clear Lake ... ... and Ukiah ... ... down to the coast, to the city of Mendocino. When flying there I can´t get this song out of my head... >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ2wvkW_WEU
  16. just one, for the sake of the impression. Big Basin Redwood Park, on the way to KHAF.
  17. An early morning take-off from Half Moon Bay... ... and northwards over Pacifica, with KSFO at the left, and KHAF at the right end of the picture. Just choose the airport according to the aircraft (or the other way round). The Sausalito side of the bridge, over Corte Madera... ... and a beautiful Bay View, above San Rafael: The Napa River mouth into North Bay: No doubt: This is Napa County, ... ... with a slight turn over Napa Valley: Crossing the mountains at Lake Barryessa... ... towards the fields surrounding Sacramento. I would not be too surprised if the
  18. So, after http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/78483-and-this-could-also-have-come-next/ , http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/78554-where-am-i-extra-edition/ and http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/78529-john-wayne/ let me summarize the creativity session...: Checking if this might fit between the cables...: Well, the bridge is solid enough to land (thanks, Orbx-staff!). But the trucks ain´t... So a little spin around: ... with an uncommon cockpit view... And finally, a releaxed and usual approach to Alameda: Lots of fun here, just because the bridge was exis
  19. Tom asked me to try a bit more around Golden Gate... but the Legacy was just not overpowered enough. So I had to take a plane from my region, from Walter Extras works, Hünxe, Nordrhein-Westfalen: http://www.extraaircraft.com/ Been there. Done that.
  20. You had so many creative ideas http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/78446-well-this-came-next/ , I had to return to this place and try something else... Somewhere, over the sea... Looks tighter than expected. Maybe it is the speed... Crazy German! Safe. At 46 ft... And now... for Tom´s suggestion. Down under, with reduced throttle... Full power. Oh boy, how these wings are cracking... Then... I was too slow for the looping. Lost speed. To zero. And did an unplanned hammerhead / Fieseler turn. Reduced throttle, saw the bridge... ... and went under it again. I wat
  21. Though you had some very creative ideas, the truth is the most obvious answer to http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/78396-what-comes-next/#entry717979 Sorry, I should do some more creative flying...
  22. Inspired by Emmsies "Oh no" flight into a dark cloud, let me start a "what comes next" quest. OK, not too difficult... Eden wetlands (south of Oakland)... A city view: Proceeding... Guess what comes next?
  23. A group of wealthy tourists chartered a plane from Monterey up the coast. Luckily it was my turn to do this job at PacificWings. A view onto Cannery Road and the aquarium (some imagination needed, until the airport gets orbyfied...): Heading north, where the powerplants are deleted (if it was so easy in reality...). And the first view on Bay area: Pacifica, with KHAF in the background: No clue where we are... ... but the starbord passengers are the lucky ones: Mmmmmh, these DX10 lights .... And a little downtown view, before landing in KSFO. Great area to fly!
  24. .. done with a little bay our from KSFO, southwards over the Westpoint wetlands ... ... to Facebook headquarters (it should be the green field in the middle bottom of the screenshot - so carefully hidden....), Hewlett Packard (just under my right tire), Google (with amphiteatre and golf course - kept perfectly camouflaged...), Microsoft Mountain view in the background, just in front of the the Moffet Hangar at KNUQ. AMD between the two bigger roads leading down to San Jose airport. The Guadalupe wetlands with KSJC in the background. An Apple a day ... (should be the str
  25. From the Sierra mountains (Mt Gardiner) ... ... through Canyons (Kings Canyon NP) ... ... to nicely detailed cities (Fresno). Over green (sometimes golden) fields (near Chowchilla) ... ... to man-made attractions (San Luis Dam), ... ... and power sources (ITR windfarm). Across the fields near Hollister (hey, don´t they claim to be a surfer´s brand? Without any sea nearby?) ... ... to the pacific coast at Monterey. With the unfortunate default land in the backgound (south). And, what a pity, the aquarium is not modeled (yet). At least it was possible to cros
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