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  1. Welcome to Sankt Johann Airport Tirol! An all Austrian-affair is on the cards with our next scenery, Sankt Johann Airport, which is located just a stone's throw away from the German border and a similarly short distance from another of our products: Zell am See is only a 35 km jaunt as the crow [simmer] flies. Featuring just a single asphalt strip along with two grass ones, Sankt Johann's airport is the epitome of a general aviation field and perfect for gaining experience in the mountains. Gaya has your local flying sorted as well, because as mentioned the beautiful sk
  2. They say good things comes to those that wait and we are finally pleased to announce that EGNT Newcastle International Airport is close to release. Not only for the X-Plane but also for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Newcastle International Airport is located north of the university city of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England. Once an industrial superpower of the shipbuilding era Newcastle has now transformed into a buzzing cultural hub. Over 5 million visitors a year pass through the doors from leisure routes operated by narrow-body jets to Las Palmas & Santorini and
  3. I haven't posted in a while mostly because I have been exploring the beautiful world of MSFS and I don't have much Orbx there yet. I LOVE MSFS! In fact, I now do all my GA flying there. The only time I fly P3dv4 anymore is to fly into or out of favorite addon airports (ex. Orbx) or to fly addon airliners. Perfect? No. Lots of room to grow? Yes! Plus it has given new life to my system. Enjoy the virtual skies!
  4. I was curious about how the Bleriot would deal with Bryce's 7,000' plus altitude. Took an Anzani W-3 equipped version out & it could barely raise a crawl across the grass. Which, I suspect, would be an accurate result. I also found that true to the original, the ground turning is almost non existent. Back in the day hefty assistants would guide the wing tips & line it up. In MSFS you need to slew the aircraft. I haven't found that control yet. TTM (MSFS/Med) Stuck.
  5. KBUR Hollywood Burbank for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been updated and is available now on Orbx Central. This patch resolves the performance issue experienced by some users and also includes improved night lighting.
  6. My first trip to Dundee in MSFS. Man, I love this sim! Thought I'd play with the wind a bit and see how the water looked very impressive water but I was getting blown around too much so I went back to what it was before. I have enough trouble landing in a straight line as it is, thank you Oops. That was embarassing, too busy thinking about the wind! Thought it
  7. Hi I am having an issue with ATC at Tegel (this is the only airport this happens on). I get to runway and request clearance to t/o - nothing comes back from ATC and suddenly the frames drop to 4/5 fps. First time it happened I ended the session. Second time I ignored is and the only way to get out of it, was to take off (with 5 fps) and about halfway down the runway frames pick back up again (30/40fps). I then have to re contact ATC and resubmit my IFR flight plan!
  8. Really enjoying MSFS, for me it's by far the best thing out there now. Not been posting much here as a lot of my flying is in non-Orbx areas but here's a bunch around KSJC. Never been to the airport in RL, my trips out there were always via KSFO, but drove around the area a lot. Got fond but vague memories of a park/reserve area on the edge of the town somewhere, and one of these days I'll try and identify it and go see it with the drone cam, but in the meantime - I do like a nice balcony or a verandah (or porch, as I guess it might be out there)
  9. Hello, i have installed Update No.5 for MSFS. I started in LOWI and i saw that the Runway have extrem hills. A Take Off is impossible. You can see it on the Picture.
  10. Took the freeware Robert Young Bonanza G36 Turbo, clad in a Jankees livery for the non-turbo G36, (which appears to work ok, other than the dashboard was not quite right, but that could because I have been fiddling with dashboard finishes), out for a run at LIEO. Also played around with the SoFly settings & found that if you pick Jetstream North you get the turbulent water that you can see in shot #2 & #7. All in all a very nice airport & surrounding areas. TTM (MSFS/Med)
  11. Our hugely successful and popular Californian airport, San Jose International Airport, is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator! Located in the heart of the city of San Jose, Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport is the perfect airport for regional and long-haul hops to and from the centre of Silicon Valley. San Jose International Airport is the second largest airport in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing unique opportunities to fly to long-haul destinations such as Tokyo, Beijing and London. Alternatively, take flight in a large number of domestic routes across the cou
  12. We are pleased to confirm that Weather Preset Pro has been updated to version 1.10. The new version adds 10 brand new presets, fixes a range of bugs and improves the installation process for customers. This is a free update for all customers. The new presets include additional jetstream presets, additional visibility conditions, new storm formations and also wild fire conditions. Whilst we’re excited by the new presets, we’re also pleased to have found better ways to implement some of our ideas in the previous build and used new techniques to make them more visually appealing
  13. Views like selden or not yet seen of the magnificent London scenery enhanced via the Orbx-addon: Just milliseconds before I crashed into an invisible wall:
  14. several repaints for the msfs G36 Bonanza : almost finished ... of course full of beautiful stickers ... Orbx places are Bryce of course, Darrington, Orcas,... (they will be next uploaded on avsim or flightsim.to) hum ... bad landing for sure ... (a small white square is still present and need to be fill ... needs to find where is this little square on the texture sheet...) some planes will be
  15. I was chancing fate & had settings on High ilo the usual Medium, & lost the approach via CTD. Never mind. A couple from a dawn flight. SoFly light snow. TTM (MSFS/High)
  16. An interesting line in the latest MS blog under the heading top Wishes item 7 - 523 votes - description - "Direct X 12" - status - "started' - release - "TBA( with X Box Launch)" Not being a a total IT bloke - this leads to my asking some "leading" questions - especially my well known interest in X Box matters -- and the approaching new X box series X in 3 weeks - i.e. "X Box Launch" - and I have often wondered how the direct X 12 - X Box Sim -will differ from the the Direct X 11 used at the moment ??. - will the current Sim be patched in someway. It lo
  17. I think those two are a perfect fit: Cityscape Sydney by Orbx and the good old Goose Redux by the former Oz team, which I was able to port over to MSFS. The only drawback: as the gauges were not modeled in 3D, they don’t show up and I’m not smart enough to redo them. But otherwise the Goose flies quite well. “Parked” here at The Rocks parallel to Circular Quay West and George Street The location offers a great view of both, Harbour Bridge and Opera House Ok, let’s go flying Oh well, you know the drill: if it’s yell
  18. Hello Orbx Question: when i take the MSFS in PremiumDeluxe version in the Store, do i get the Orbx LOWI as default? Or its then an "ASOBO-LOWI" which is hand made? thanks, Thomas
  19. Coming from direction Heathrow airport, cruising over London City to land at London-City airport just before total darkness:
  20. Been waiting for this! Lovely bit of work. Some exploring to be done here, for sure!
  21. Hello, Is there any way to get AI Traffic to spawn in a gates on LOWW Airport (MSFS 2020)? Nice to have static aircrafts but the airport feels empty without any other planes in gates. Also would be nice to connect the gateways to the static aircrafts
  22. https://i.imgur.com/3ngqsUQ.png I have only noticed it after the latest patch but there are floating light orbs all around the sky, I dont get the problem with handcrafted LOWI
  23. A quick initial look at Bryce Canyon, damp dawn. I was surprised to find habitation beyond the airport. A ton of detail to explore here. I found a concrete mixer in a hangar but the lawn mower eludes me. KBCE reeks of atmosphere. A microcosm of activity on a flat but interesting expanse of earth. Nice work again, Ken. TTM (MSFS/Med) . (MSFS/Med)
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