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  1. Such a beautiful place
  2. I have purchased 4 airports thus far. All 4 are listed in Central, but only 2 are listed in the sim. All are up to date. Is this normal?
  3. A wide explorations of the Frankfurt City area on a sunny and clear day:
  4. Hey everyone, Today I am delighted to show some more screenshots of my upcoming Stockholm-Bromma. In the previous thread we focused on the city and approach, this time we spend a little bit of time on the airport. More previews will be coming in the nearby future, so keep checking in. Even though aviation has nearly halted during the pandemic there has been one desti
  5. The city of Sydney is not only by daylight fine modelled by Orbx but shines also colorful at night:
  6. It appears that with the Orbx KTIW scenery installed on my MSFS setup, I experience a crash to desktop when I'm in the vicinity of Innsbruck (it may happen in other areas, but since the original CTD happened when I was approaching LOWI, that's where I've done my troubleshooting). Has anyone else been having this issue, and if so is there a fix beyond removing the Tacoma scenery?
  7. Some snap shots from my upcoming video
  8. Close to Courchevel is the new by Orbx modelled Altiport Méribel(LFKX) a fine addition for Leisure VFR flights in the French Alps: Oeps! Braked to early once on the runway and flipped over to the nose, luckely not injuried but my wallet will suffer
  9. Welcome to EGTK London Oxford for Microsoft Flight Simulator! The Pilot Plus team have worked closely with airport management to ensure realism and authenticity. The virtual environment captures the vibrant atmosphere at London Oxford, you will find something new to explore around every corner. Available Here $22.99 AUD ~ £12.49 GBP Features include An ultra-realistic rendition of London Oxford Full PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground Dynamic rain on the control tower and ter
  10. Trying out LOWW and the IRIS Jabiru in MSFS.
  11. Interesting viewpoints to discover in Sydney via the MSFS City addon:
  12. Airborned to the Nrth West from YSSY in B787-10 Qantas and fly over the City of Sydney:
  13. Hello, i have installed Update No.5 for MSFS. I started in LOWI and i saw that the Runway have extrem hills. A Take Off is impossible. You can see it on the Picture.
  14. The British Channel Islands Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney close to the French Coast are thanks to the free Orbx-addon surrounded with different ships and boats:
  15. Until MSFS gets the World update 4 (France+BeNeLux) the Paris Cityscene by Orbx is a valuable addon, I suppose will be adapted like it was the case with London Cityscene to be compatible with World update 3 (UK+Ireland). As Paris is also called the City of Light, I made this time some shots after sunset but before the dark nighttime:
  16. SAS CRJ 700 arriving early at Torp after approaching from the South Coast. A rather untidy arrival. (Apart from the NAV function not hooking on to MSFS created flight plans, the only other grizzle I have about the 700 is I think the exhaust fumes are overdone. You can see how the SAS wording in the 2nd shot is blurry due to the exhaust. And the 4th shot also has very blurry engine back ends. Anyone know if this is what they are like in real life?) Apart from that, it is a pleasure to fly. TTM
  17. Still playing with the different recorders. Did a circuit from Stapleford, but on the playback the wheels didn't come down so can't grab any shots of that or use it to make a video. Nevermind, got some pix. So, out from Stapleford in the new Spitfire Headed west over Enfield (another old home patch for me) turn towards the smoke gonna head back down the river first Southend Pier Coming back in to Stapleford
  18. Heading to Bryce from San Jose in a BLL XCub Amphibian. This is the San Jose end. Used SoFly 'Typical UK Spring Day' for the weather. They must have gloomy Spring's there! TTM
  19. now available on flightsim.to - first time out for me so no real info but seems to go up and down and back and forward!
  20. first ever video attempt, just wanted to show that this is available now. Ends abruptly - just wanted a bit of footage to show. Used the freeware recorder to record the flight initially then x-box capture for the vid. 4k and ultra settings in the sim. not tried putting a video up here before, hope this is done the right way.
  21. Didn't just want to lose this in the screenshots folder, but this is just to say "nice work" on the London landmarks update. Just one shot to show it's all back the way it should be (IMO). This is with the MS UK update in place but with photogrammetry turned off globally and the tickbox for "with MSFS UK world update" set in the London City Pack control panel. Some photogrammetry in MSFS works really well, but all the stuff in the UK that I've seen sucks big time, so I shall leave it turned off when I fly in the UK until they fix it properly. But it's no loss now that I've got my L
  22. This is the O. Fischer FS9 Ju 52, which I ported to MSFS. Thanks for viewing
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