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  1. Tried to get in at dusk in a DHL A320 Neo, but the low cloud & mist on approach put me too high & I had to go around. TTM (MSFS/Med)
  2. We are delighted to announce our first all-new airport product for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Bryce Canyon Airport! Acclaimed developer Ken Hall brings his developing flair to this historic airfield, located in the dramatic canyon hinterlands of Southern Utah. Serving the famous national park of the same name, Bryce Canyon is a high-altitude airport that hosts GA and corporate flights from across the United States. The airport is perfectly situated for exploring many of the Parks of the southwest; beyond Bryce Canyon National Park itself, Zion, Grand Staircase, Arches, Monument
  3. Norwegian developer Finn Hansen brings us his first airport for MSFS with Ålesund Vigra Airport! A delightful airport located along the beautifully rugged west coast of Norway, Ålesund is a major destination for legacy, low-cost and charter carriers flying from across Europe. Building upon the P3D edition released in June, Finn has brought new features to this new release. Make the most of the amazing new weather engine by testing your skills in the most difficult of flying conditions - be it mid-summer storms or freezing winter squalls. Whether your destinations are ne
  4. The Gateway to the Fjords arrives for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Norwegian developer Finn Hansen brings us his first airport for MSFS with Ålesund Vigra Airport. A delightful airport located along the beautifully rugged west coast of Norway, Ålesund is a major destination for legacy, low-cost and charter carriers flying from across Europe. Building upon the P3D edition released in June, Finn has brought new features to this new release. New PBR textures, sloped runway, custom weather-dependent ground poly and detailed terraforming have been created from scratch. Ultra
  5. Lovely bit of scenery this. And the grass in the sim looks so good I want to roll around in it Hmm, that looks like a handy place to live if you're a wing-nut Well, the second part of the title says "on approach", so here we go . . . I'm beginning to find that although the photogrammetry areas in MSFS are very impressive from a thousand or so feet up, they are also a bit frust
  6. Hi there, I purchased EGLC and LOWI for MSFS (premium deluxe) through the Orbx website. I downloaded and installed through Orbx Central (version 4.1.22). However, I'm not able to get both sceneries to work in MSFS, as the don't show up in the simulator. Things I tried; - Installing on a different location through Orbx Central - Installing in a new library through Orbx Central - Uninstalled EGLC/LOWI, re-installed MSFS, installed EGLC/LOWI - Tried the above on different drives - Cleared temporary Orbx files in Orbx Central - Cleare
  7. I couldn't resist to get MSFS as my 4th flightsim next to P3D, XP and AFS2 and try it out at once on one of the most detailled sceneries sofar via the Orbx enhancements:
  8. The local IGA: Shell gas station: And finally:
  9. I really do hope all the Orbx stuff gets ported over to MSFS, the combination is magic. This is just a few shots from a typical day in the life at Darrington. You wouldn't think they'd need to, given the surroundings, but the local hardware store has a huge contract to import massive stocks of Siberian Larch. Once a week, the Mriya (with the special anti-gravity landing and kryptonite disk pads option kit) comes in with a full load (including a couple of tons of vodka - lumberjacking is thirsty work) for the Do it Best store, conveniently sited next to the airstrip for this very reason.
  10. Hot on the heels of his highly popular Orcas Island, developer Andreas Hegi brings us the the next charming airfield in his Pacific Northwest series for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Darrington Municipal Airport! Located in the heart of the North Cascade Mountains in Washington State, Darrington is located a short hop from other well-known small-field destinations such as Orcas, Anacortes and Concrete. Serving Snohomish County and dwarfed by the shadow of the mighty Whitehorse Mountain, this airfield is set in the heart of picturesque Darrington village on the confluence of two riv
  11. I'm just amazed! The new FS with a good quality airport is fascinating
  12. Thanks for viewing. Btw, the plane is the freeware Roland D6, which I ported over to MSFS
  13. I did this flight three days ago, but only have time to upload pics of it now. So, my apologies for just another LOWI thread. After I had bought LOWI first for P3D, then for XP11, it’s now my third time to buy it and it’s again a fantastic product. One of the planes that I have successfully ported to MSFS, is the JustFlight Vickers Viscount. It’s great to hear this high-pitch whining sound of the RR Dart 505 engines again that was so typical for the Viscount Not all, but most of the gauges wor
  14. A couple of other portovers at KORS This went over ok'ish, even got some working gauges, but the floats version wouldn't stay in the air. Noticed this place off the end of the strip - looks nice And I was delighted to find this sort of worked, but no "cockpit" view Not particularly obsessing about porting lots of stuff over. For my purposes, i.e. exploring the scenery, the default aircraft are fine. But you know how it is, a boy's got to fiddle . . .
  15. Courtesy of @bernd1151 via AVsim, I found out how to port aircraft across to MSFS. Not a precise or accurate science, and to use IBM's rather wonderful phrase "results are unpredictable", but it will (sometimes) allow you to get an old loved one temporarily enabled for some sort of flight. Had some failures and some successes, but even then you'll often find you have to start a flight in the air or slew off the ground, and I haven't seen anything with working gauges yet. If you want to have a go, look at this youtube vid - no sound and a bit of a challenge but hey, I got it to work
  16. Here is a review of KSBA for MSFS. It's rare even now to find true reviews for MSFS scenery. It seems that with some more-realistic textures, including on the Spanish-style roofs, this would be a great little airport!
  17. After a comment I made in another post, I did some measuring. The central span on Tower Bridge is 60.96 metres. The wingspan of the 787 is 60 metres. (@olderndirt, this is for you) Gotta be worth a try. Setting off and turning round from Heathrow (Orchestral music rising in pitch. Discordant violins screeching with increasing intensity) Did he make it? Will he survive to next week? See the next thrilling installment at a big screen near you!
  18. Scene opens in blaze of light and sound. Orchestra sound like they're going to explode. We can hear a heartbeat pounding at 80Db. The screen comes in to focus and . . . All the alarms are sounding. The passengers (a small select band of kamikaze war gamers) are singing a cheery song, and then, on the main screen - (Fade to black, silence) Six months later. Captain - "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are approaching the scene of the mysterious events of August 2020. At approximately 15.35 that day, a scheduled Boeing 78
  19. We are pleased to announce that Wycombe Air Park will soon be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator! The Pilot Plus team are eager to create stunning locations for the new simulator, and explore everything the new simulator has to offer. Every new product will be compatible with MSFS, P3D and X-Plane. With the new MSFS offering a fantastic new way to enjoy general aviation flying, we are delighted to provide you with the perfect UK gateway. Wycombe Air Park leverages the fantastic new rendering engine in MSFS and was built native for the simulator.
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