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Found 25 results

  1. One of the things that I most enjoy about all the Orbx MS2020 offerings is the attention to detail and the visual immersion that this brings to the flight experience. EGCK Caernarfon is no exception and the Orbx wizards have done it again I started thinking, how does it compare with XPlane 11 and so decided to put together a little "montage" of the two. All screenshots are direct from their respective "V" key with no post editing. I have to say though that I guess my passion around flight simming is really concentrated on the science of computer graphics , and
  2. Just the 3 Cheers Pete Gordon Lightfoot - Early Morning Rain - YouTube
  3. Sometimes just spending time on a nice evening is extra special. So special in fact that I lost track of time and had to stay the night because of noise abatement restrictions I had a bit of a wander , and the next morning was bright and clear and all was good. Cheers Pete PS- even in my brief visit , it is an extra special place. Another wonderful piece from the Orbx Magicians Way to go Jordan !! @Jordan Gough Found a wonderful Bed and Breakfast to stay at and a su
  4. I have been having a devil of a time trying to get the Airbus Neo A320 in MS2020 to keep flying after T/O Basically as it levelled off , I would always hear 3 chimes and it would go into an unrecoverable dive, with "retard playing in my ears as I came close to the ground" It all become a lot clearer to me a while ago, when I checked on the Flybywire website and discovered a hot fix for the unrecoverable dive when the flaps are left in the takeoff flap 1 position. Well who knew ?? Not moi, I'm an armchair pilot , but I sure as heck never checked that So
  5. On my way into EGLC, London City Airport Just when I thought that some clouds would be nice, live weather in London was clear Cheers Pete
  6. Time to get started for the big night ... The "Big fella " has a lot of help Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season Best wishes Pete Unfortunately we don't get Reindeer power .... And we carry a spare supply of Milk & Cookies , just in case ....
  7. Just a few Cheers Pete MS2020, KSBA , Santa Barbara, REX Weather Force All settings on "Ultra" I know its just a sim, but I do kinda feel sorry for the fellow left out there ..... But that's dedication .... The folks stay with you to make sure you're safe I have to say that with a bunch of addons and a lot of tweaking I was able to get some rain effects in XPlane, but this is just "Wow" for me And off we go .... Ho
  8. Just the two .... Cheers Renault Outbound a gorgeous evening Inbound, not so much
  9. Just the two ... Cheers Pete A sunny day, -15C and no wind and its a beautiful day But as anyone who lives in a colder climate can attest, it can turn in an instant.
  10. Just a few ... but couldn't find Scully & Mulder anywhere Cheers Pete
  11. Cheers Pete "We're Gate 2, and American is Gate 2A . Do you tell him or do I ?" Heads it's you !! Your turn "
  12. Speaking purely for myself I am quite willing to accept that at the present time MS2020 is still very much a "work in progress" and there are many additional items and processes which I hope will eventually make their appearance. Yes, the be fair it is incredibly frustrating at times, which I have been experiencing over the last few days with CTD's appearing out of random However, I was able to solve it (aircraft livery structure was not the only change in the last update), but also a general livery addons that I had also seemed to be problematic. So here are two
  13. What can I say .... Orbx = Fantastic A light dusting of snow and a bit of a nip in the air and I was all set Cheers Pete
  14. Just the one. After my tropical vacation yesterday visiting Sydney , I decided to have a quick visit to what is now my old and dear friend - Bryce Canyon. Brrh !!!! I think back to Oz tomorrow Straight from the "v" key, but I couldn't resist a bit of tweaking of my new toy (WPP) as well ... Cheers Renault
  15. Another outstanding Orbx masterpiece. I spent several hours today, just puttering around investigating. It brings a level of immersion that simply has to be experienced. Mere words cannot describe it. Cheers Pete One of the most outstanding features of MS2020 is the water A screenshot doesn't capture the feeling. It is dynamic and the motion is unbelievable We've spent a fair time cruising all over the world and it made me feel like I had a brief holiday - it's that good It is simply beautiful .....
  16. I am really enjoying both my sims. They are different in their own unique ways, but I am happy with both now. I count myself very fortunate indeed. And the "glue" that keeps it all together .... Why Orbx of course Cheers Pete TE Florida Just coming in from the south of the state into the Everglades MS2020 KSBA - Santa Barbara Muni
  17. Finally, I will reach my destination! A different experience from P3D v4.5. Jose
  18. First it snows ... Then the sun comes out and melts it all away Cheers R
  19. I have to say that even using my new XBox controller I was having my struggles with the camera system in MS2020 Also the odd "distortion" in the camera system that created tilting of things like buildings , poles, towers etc was getting to be annoying. So I decided to contact a professional gamer and get his advice. He was kind enough to give me a virtual "Zoom" lesson. What a difference His name was Chad and he is the 10 yr old son, of my niece. He has an XBox game with a balloon and started out just showing me what he does. Lightbulb time - the actio
  20. I really lost myself exploring and truly felt like I was on a special holiday With a special thank you to Misha Cajic @Misha Cajic . You are a true artist in every sense of the word Cheers Renault I had a dream last night about a wonderful time I had in Southern California But like all good times it came to an end and I had to head on back home As is usual, the coach drops you off at the airport long before you need to be there .... It's pretty early, but no ones about so lets check this place out... It's my dream , so an
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