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Found 12 results

  1. Orbx - FTX: Global USMU - Monument Valley
  2. Here you go, Monument Valley, enroute Kayenta to Eagle County: I don't know what it looked like pre-OLC. This was one of those things I bought and vowed not to visit until OLC was out. There are other I took from lower down while touring in the Waco. Some of them might get uploaded as well... We'll see.
  3. Leavin KCGN across the North Rim, ... ... Horseshoe Bend, ... ... Lake Powell, ... ... Navajo Mountain... ... and the San Juan River Goosenecks... ... to the famous valley. Great sceneries by the Italian rock masters, Maurizio and Frank!
  4. no extra comment needed here...already posted in so many variants....
  5. I stopped here in Monument Valley for fuel approx June of 1972. I am trying to pinpoint where that location might be in today's world. Anyone recognize the rock in the background?
  6. Just I visited Monument Valley and bought a postcard as souvenir. Thanks for watching. Cheers Mike
  7. I tried ORBX's Monument Valley even though I can't yet afford the Global Pack. I suspect my graphics that are displayed don't always line up or the cars stay on the road .... and I think (but don't know) if the Global Pack will correct this??? But advice please, before I spend the $100. I captured with ShadowPlay at 1080p, but I still think I have blurries when I should not. Someone who knows please advise me. Flight was from Kayenta to Olijato at 7 am, Feb 21st. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=GTATZvvDVto
  8. During my West-US roundflight and coming from Flagstaff, I arrive over this magnificent scenery and land on UT25 to stay in the Gouldings Lodge nearby(as I effectively did on my holiday-trip by car in June 2010). It is so nice to revive this wonder of the nature. Next morning I continue my flight departing from UT25 and overfly again the scenery befor heading further NE direction Moab for my next stop. Enjoy the views as I certainly did:
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