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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Has anyone experienced a problem in monument valley 1.10 where everything is installed fine except the towers? and mostly all of the 3d objects representing a rock. I installed it via the Orbx central 4.1.1 to the main p3d folder\Orbx. I tried multiple install/uninstall and all P3D settings are set as per the guide indications. Global, LC and vector are correctly installed. I attached an image for visual reference. let me know if I can do something else. Thanks! Alfredo
  2. Is there an option for manually downloading and installing the amazing Monument Valley scenery package? I’m on a Mac and I’m very excited for this scenery, but I want to make sure I can use it before purchasing.
  3. I just installed your Monument Valley UT/AZ scenery in P3D v4.2. I really do like this scenery. However, is there any way to eliminate the three-story racing pylons that are scattered throughout this scenery? In my opinion they take away from the beauty of the scenery. I did not see an options or control panel in my FTX Central 3 to eliminate these pylons. Thanks, Randy Link
  4. (O/N: 5a4a101b7962d) I've seen similar posts on this subject but I cannot marry any published solutions to my problem. I purchased Monument Valley recently for P3D V4.1 and all was good. Last week I upgraded P3D to V4.2 by updating both client and content but not scenery. Since then, Monument Valley refuses to to render the buttes and the summertime obstacle course is also missing as far as I can tell. I have tried: uninstalling and reinstalling Monument Valley from FTX Central; running ObjectFlowUpdate.exe (which merely confirmed that my version is up to date); deselecting and reselecting FTA_AA_MONUMENTVALLEY from P3D's Scenery Library; promoting FTA_AA_MONUMENTVALLEY. None of the above has resolved the issue. As the attached image shows, seasonal variations are being accounted for so at least something is working. Comments elsewhere hint at an ObjectFlow issue but I'm not sure how to check this. I've also noticed the absence of a dll.xml file in my roaming profile (...AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4) although ProgramData (C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4) contains one (albeit without any reference to ObjectFlow). My other ORBX products seem to be working properly. Any help gratefully received, thanks. Chris.
  5. Orbx - FTX: Global USMU - Monument Valley
  6. Hi, The area around USMV Monument Valley is snowy, but the rest is not. How I can change the season here? Please find picture attached showing how it looks. Thanks,
  7. Here you go, Monument Valley, enroute Kayenta to Eagle County: I don't know what it looked like pre-OLC. This was one of those things I bought and vowed not to visit until OLC was out. There are other I took from lower down while touring in the Waco. Some of them might get uploaded as well... We'll see.
  8. Hello, Just to know how to remove race's pylons at monument valley ?
  9. Leavin KCGN across the North Rim, ... ... Horseshoe Bend, ... ... Lake Powell, ... ... Navajo Mountain... ... and the San Juan River Goosenecks... ... to the famous valley. Great sceneries by the Italian rock masters, Maurizio and Frank!
  10. Okay. I give up. I'm vexed. I'm terribly vexed. I have lost the buttes in Monument Valley and the tower from Devil's tower. I have searched the other postings in this forum that have experienced similar issues - and tried the suggestions offered - to no avail. They were just there! A few weeks ago! I promise. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling both sceneries (and updating to the latest libraries). As this (seems) to be an Objectflow issue, I've tried using ModuleInstaller to re-add Objectflow to dll.xml (yes, as the administrator). It (correctly) asked me if I should "trust" it (again and again, as I've tried to get this working for about 4 hours now). I've verified dll.xml has the correct syntax and Objectflow.dll is not disabled, nor set to manual loading. I've deleted dll.xml and fsx.cfg and let the computer build new ones. I've tried applying and reapplying the region in FTXCentral v2, switching regions, applying THEM, and switching back and applying. I added FTXCentral (v2) to the list of allowed applications in Windows Firewall. I use Kaspersky, but disabled it from the start in the off (and unlikely) chance it was interfering with something. I don't have any other payware or even freeware that is installed anywhere near either of these airports that could be interfering with them - and, as I said... They were JUST working! I flew through Monument Valley less than 2 weeks ago! The only airport that I've installed since is the Heron's Nest, which does add viva.dll to dll.xml - but regardless of what I do (yes, I tried not loading viva.dll to see if that would make a difference - it did not) all I see is... well... everything BUT the entire point of buying the scenery in the first place - I didn't pay money to be able to stare at a parking lot full of cars next to... well... a Monument-less Valley. It is true that Devil's Tower is freeware, but the sentiment still applies. Anyway... I'm out of things to try, I'm bummed, and I'm open to suggestions. Please help me. I want my mountains (buttes/tower/whatever) back. Purchased through The FlightSim Store Order Number: FSS0344984 Order Date: 2015-01-03
  11. no extra comment needed here...already posted in so many variants....
  12. I just purchased Orbx Momument Valley. The scenery will not show up (none) even though it all seemed to install properly. I have the latest version of the software and of FTC Central. I also installed the latest utrilogy libraries. I am running FSX with Acceleration Pack and latest service packs. I'm also running Windows 10. In the installation folder there is a readme.txt. In it it says the following: This is an Orbx FTX airport, and as such a copy of Orbx FTX: Global Base must be installed prior to use. I did not know that one had to buy this rather expensive product before once could use the Monument Valley Scenery. There is nothing in any of the website pages to suggest this. Now I am stuck with a purchased product I cannot use. Am I understanding this correctly?
  13. I bought NA Scenic Monument Valley- UT, with no notice that it needs FTX Global Base. Wanted the terrain, having no interest in airport depictions. Can ORBX authorize a partial refund?
  14. I stopped here in Monument Valley for fuel approx June of 1972. I am trying to pinpoint where that location might be in today's world. Anyone recognize the rock in the background?
  15. I seem to be missing the texture for some tires on the vehicles in the parking lots at Devil's Tower and Monument Valley. Is any one else having this problem?
  16. Hi guys, Monument Valley does not look right. One of the formations looks like it is floating over the ground. How can I fix this? Thanks for your help
  17. Just I visited Monument Valley and bought a postcard as souvenir. Thanks for watching. Cheers Mike
  18. I tried ORBX's Monument Valley even though I can't yet afford the Global Pack. I suspect my graphics that are displayed don't always line up or the cars stay on the road .... and I think (but don't know) if the Global Pack will correct this??? But advice please, before I spend the $100. I captured with ShadowPlay at 1080p, but I still think I have blurries when I should not. Someone who knows please advise me. Flight was from Kayenta to Olijato at 7 am, Feb 21st. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=GTATZvvDVto
  19. Hello together, , I need your help. Today, 17 January 2015, i bought the new Monument Valley scenery and have downloaded it from flightsimstore. After installing it, I can see the Airport UT25 (had to correct the Elevation in ORBX Vector Configurator), streets, buildings and the textures. Thats OK. But I am very disappointed cause i can't see the 3D montains (monuments), wich are the Highlights of the scenery. I've checked in scenery config, but Monument Valley is relativ on top, after FTX AU, in the FTX AA region, next to all other FTX_AA Airport scenerys. Only FTX Librarys are top to Monument Valley, but I tryed to Change the order (momument valley on top of librarys), but it doesn't pay. My FSX is configured with most highest Detail in scenery view. I have installed ORBX Global, ORBX Vector and ORBX OpenLC Europe (the last one shouldn't interest for Monument valley) and a lot of other ORBX scenerys. What could be wrong? Can you please answer me additional to this forum to Martin@geilhofer.de, cause I don't look every day in this forum. Thank you very much Martin Geilhofer P.S. I like scenerys from Frank Dainese! They look great! I've installed also the dolomity scenery; great!
  20. During my West-US roundflight and coming from Flagstaff, I arrive over this magnificent scenery and land on UT25 to stay in the Gouldings Lodge nearby(as I effectively did on my holiday-trip by car in June 2010). It is so nice to revive this wonder of the nature. Next morning I continue my flight departing from UT25 and overfly again the scenery befor heading further NE direction Moab for my next stop. Enjoy the views as I certainly did:
  21. Hi All I just installed Monument Valley Scenery-all terrific stuff but I have a "hole" in the rear of the Airport apron -affects about a third of the surface. The surface of the apron seems to have sunk-a mesh issue? I avoid it on take off but it is a little frustrating Would appreciate any help It may not be relevant but I have the same issue with Grand Canyon Ãirport which comes with the Grand Canyon Scenery. Something to do with this area on my flightsim-Utah/Arizona ? xxd09
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