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Found 13 results

  1. Good day, just a fan requesting that a little investigation and attention be paid to KMRY Monterey scenery if/when another service pack is worked on. 1) Overpasses: I don't think Aerofly performance would be affected much if some touch up could be paid to the inclusion of a few more 3D objects for bridges/overpasses. There are some noticeable areas along CA-1 highway where they are missing; the vicinity of the airport is fine, but I note them missing as you travel further along the roadway north/south. These are within the coverage area. 2) Floating Grass/Buildings:
  2. During a regular flight in California, I landed at Monterey airport KMRY in a Beech Bonanza A36(model from Carenado). I go to park my plane, on the way via the taxiway I observe a simular plane as mine, even with same registration, parked opposite to parkplace 'Parking 52' with running engine. I was curious and I parked left from him to compare. I was surprised that it was in same Carenado-quality. I was not flying in multiplayer, well the AI in P3Dv4.1 was engaged for 30%. How is possible to have a 'mirror'-plane next to mine? Thanks for any exp
  3. G'day everyone, I'm delighted announce our latest airport for IPACS Aerofly FS2: Montery Regional Airport! Whilst everyone has been enjoying both Meigs Field and Innsbruck for Aerofly FS2, ORBX and IPACS have been continuing our close relationship with ongoing development behind the scenes. A classic ORBX destination that was originally released for FSX and P3Dv4, Monterey Regional Airport has been brought to life for the new simulator. Depicted as it was in 2014-2015, the airport surely ranks as one of the most scenic in California, and for good measure is located smac
  4. I love LOVE all of the Orbx airports but for the money, I expect the models should be current to at least the last year or two. I am noticing the lack of detail given to enhanced taxiway center line markings at airports that are required to have them. KPSP and now KMRY suffer from this. KMRY is also lacking the required red runway designation painted o the pavement at hold short points. This isn't a small detail and this FAA requirement has been in affect for several years now. It's like your modelers took a snapshot of the airports from 5+ years ago to use as their basis. A quick look at Goog
  5. I purchased KMRY today because of the sale. The manual states that without NorCal installed I would lose some functionality such as photoreal blending, moving traffic, lights, and houses. None of those really bothered me so I went and got it anyway thinking I would still be able to use the airport. I do not have Orbx NorCal because of fps and vas problems around SFO. After loading into the scenery for the first time I noticed a huge cliff between 28L and 28R and some floating grass. I do not have vector installed anymore so I don't have the AEC tool. I do have all the recommended settings set
  6. So after a nice little flight around Monterey last night I noticed that some lights were floating mid air during taxi. I was using the latest KMRY quad installer with FSX+Accel.pck. Cheers!/Andreas
  7. See differences between 16:9 and 21:9 (Ultrawide) display on Prepar3D. Featured 29Palms Twentynine, Orbx Sedona and Orbx Monterey. Make your own point of view ;-) Hardware configuration : http://20-100-video.blogspot.fr/2016/01/prepar3d-and-pc-hardware-update-dec15.html
  8. Since the Runway Safety Area Improvements Project (Runway changes, Upgrades, and extention) at the Monterey Regional Airport (KMRY) are just about done (http://www.mryrsa.com/), I was wondering if there is a chance of the an update to the scenery? I did a search for any information in regards to an update to the scenery, but didnt see anything.
  9. Hi, I've just recently been seeing default taxiways appearing underneath Redding airport (KRDD) as well as a default runway extension at the approach end of runway 10R at Monterey (KMRY). I have recently installed Hobby (77S), Cle Elum (S93), Central Rockies SP4 and Orbx Libraries 50215 since before seeing these issues. To resolve this issue I have tried reinstalled Northern California plus SP1, KRDD, KMRY plus ILS fix, Orbx Libraries 50215 all with FTX Central set to North America and run Vector AEC tool. I've had other scenery issues with Monterey in the past
  10. I never land at Monterey, nor Half Moon Bay. For the first one, when I'm moving from San Diego to the north, I usually prefer any stop in central valley to assure VFR weather. Shafter Minter is my favorite. Once weather wasn't good enough and I rent a car instead of a Cessna and drive all along US1 to Monterey. I love my trip here and the view from the (old) Best Western Beach Front. The great Hirez around Monterey field For the second (Half Moon Bay), it's a running gag/private joke with a friend who is IFR (I'm only VFR). Half Moon Bay had never be a good choice for me when I want to go
  11. Hello everyone, This time a less detailed flight than my previous flight report (Palm Springs to Montgomery, From Palm Springs to Big Bear or Monterey to Half Moon Bay). I'm still enjoying SOCAL. Do you imagine when the region will be released by Orbx ? ;-) Let's go for a straight VFR flight between Monterey (again !) and San Luis Obispo (KSBP, from a global freeware airport packs). This time, it's a departure from Monterey Jet Center (let's imagine I have enough money for that) As usual, since several days, I connect my Prepar3D to my iPad + Foreflight A lot of movement
  12. G'day everyone, I'm delighted to lift the veil off my latest project, KMRY Monterey Regional Airport for Northern California. Following on from the first airport for NCA, Redding, I decided to head a little further south to one of my favourite locations in California. This product includes not only an extremely detailed rendition of KMRY, but also a hugely expansive coverage area including the entire city of Monterey, extending south to Carmel (and almost the southern border of NCA), east to Laguna Seca Raceway and north to Seaside. Suitable for all types of flyers (small GA up to Boeing 757
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