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Found 2 results

  1. Current flights from Shanghai to Europe are day flights in total darkness, as they are to close to the polar regions. So I switched the calendar back to April for this report, also the RL evidences are from that month. After the usual delays and longish taxiing, takeoff in Pudong on 35R gets us already in the right direction. Just north of the airport land is still under development, no wonder the sim can not change as fast as reality. The landclass & textures of the agricultural areas near Yangtze river could be improved, I am sure this is not too much work for our favoured scenery provider. In contrast, the desert not needs to be improved. The Gobi desert, disappointing in the sim (and not too exciting in RL either). Thanks for some information from the cockpit: In China & Mongolia FLs are assigned in metric system, not in imperial. Here we receive the official translation chart. My ATC did not know this, so I had to use FL350... Leaving the Gobi desert and crossing the russian border, the landscape changes. It will be a huge work to have Russia precisely depicted in the sim. E. g. the famous city of Tayga ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tayga ) is missing: Be assured, I did not get wrong: The official flight route used is: ZSPD DCT SASAN R343 HFE B208 MU A575 DARNO P982 TR A308 ABK R104 BA R348 XV G117 ADMUR G713 PUNIT B210 SU R30 GONBI G707 RANVA P863 KOTAM L990 MARIP N850 MIC UZ712 KEGAB UZ706 NOR UM170 RAPOR UZ157 LORNI DCT LFPG To avoid confusing effects, I always have "frozen water" ticked off in the Vector tool. A disadvantage for this flight, as reality shows: Reaching the baltic sea, many hours of headwind later. The city & airport of Kalmar, just west of the island Öland. Shadows in Denmark, thanks to Steve Parsons. An effect which comes up even from FL390. Hamburg, even a pleasure to see from high altitude. Preparing to leave GEN, just ahead of Köln. And into Charles de Gaulle. My ATC assigned the northmost runway 27R - what a pity, as the AF bird needs to be parked in the south. In reality, they managed to do a sidestep into 26R, saving lots of time and fuel. à bientôt! Sorry for the amount of pictures. This only reflects the longish flight time, with an extra hour of headwind - time enough to take pictures...
  2. I wasn´t able to post or comment here last week, as I have been out ouf my offices. Took a night flight out of Paris together with a colleague, so a ) it was dark outside and b ) we chose the middle seats, so I can not share my usual documentation. But at least I can show you the descent over Jiangsu province... Final towards the 35R, in usual visibility conditions. No worries, we are safe. Transfer to downtown - not as fast as the Maglev train, but better suited for this forum. OK, here we get to the limits of the generic FSX landclass. Houses like in the US, but Shanghai would look totally different. At least some POIs have been included, e. g. Jin Mao tower and the World Financial Center (the bottle opener, though wrong depicted). Pearl tower is way to small here. The Westin Hotel, correct look, but totally misplaced (and there would be no baseball field in downtown Shanghai!). As you can see in the 2nd picture the hotel is not far from the Bund (coast), and there are entirely buildings of at least 5 storeys around. So let´s proceed west to Hongqiao airport, and change to a copter for a short city commute. Most travellers will walk to the bund on their first evening. Quite some work, but also potential for OLC Asia. The additional challenge is the fast-changing POI landscape in these emerging countries. We´ll see...
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