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Found 38 results

  1. Hi there, I have an issue with PAJN. Please refer to the screenshot below. Orbx Libs are up to date. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PAJN again. I don't have a global or region product from you installed except of NorCal which should no interfere with PAJN. Looking Forward to receiving your instructions! Rgds Moritz
  2. I deeply apologize if this has been answered somewhere else. I did a look up in search and was unable to find this specific issue. I purchased a lot of products today to get v5 up and running, (im coming from Xplane). I originally installed everything into the library, but then also tried installing directly into p3dv5 folder. List of purchases.... base pack Building hd trees HD openLC North America NA Region pack These packs do not seem to be working unless im missing something? For example my trees do no look like the screenshots presented in the product Is it possible these just don't actually work with V5 yet?
  3. I'm having dueling terrain issues. I have PFJ and PAKT and I'm getting objects from both. I load a saved flight and start on the runway. But there is another runway above me 50' or so. The view from the bottom runway is distorted but the top runway is OK. I can probably work around this by just "going" to the airport in the case of PAKT. But at PANT I have same issue but the top runway is not landable, I fly right through the top runway. The view from top and bottom are distorted. ------------------- In another case I tried to turn off all layers and FTXAA_ORBXLIBS to try and use FSX default. The mesh at runway level is bad with some hillsides on the runway. PAKT Default image showing problem. (Can't find an Imgur url that works.) The "hillside" is likely the proper elevation for the Orbx PAKT. I know PAKT is bi-level, and Orbx PAKT models that, but I have all my scenery checked to Off. Where is that mesh (if that is the proper term) coming from? Is there a way to discover the source? I own Ultimate Alaska X but I don't think I ran it on this FSX:SE fresh install. Opps, I do have files: "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\scenery\UtAkMesh\Scenery\mesh_LOD4-10_Alaska_N54-58_W129-137_SES.bgl" "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\scenery\UtAkCities\Scenery\PAKT_AP.BGL" very small file. I have "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\scenery\World\scenery\ADE_FTX_PFJ_PAKT_elevation_adjustment.BGL" That may be getting loaded. I don't have any Steam scenery DLC, only a couple of a/c. ------------------ I turned on Orbx PFJ and PAKT, and reloaded scenery lib. If I "go to" PAKT I'm placed on the PJF runway at 132 ft with distorted views.. If I slew up I'm on a hard surface runway at 194 ft. which looks like the Orbx PAKT runway and views are OK. I think the FSX default was around 50' Why are both layer getting loaded? -------------------- Is there a tool that will report all objects that were loaded and active for any given point? For example I could position over the misplaced terrain and do a query that tells me what objects were used at that location. ------------------- Thanks!
  4. Hello, I bougth LFLJ today from OrbX and i have two big problem. First of all, i have a tunnel on my rwy. Second one is, that the elevation-data is completely wrong. I already have sevaral scenerys from Orbx and never had a problem like this before. This Pictures are made while "follow runway contour" is off These pictures are made, while "follow runway contour" is on: I already disabled my HD-Mesh and the Orthos which i am using, but nothing chagned. Please help me. Thank you.
  5. Hi, not sure if this is a problem but I would appreciate some advice on how to check it. When I checked installed scenery on xOrganizer it indicates that three mesh tiles are missing (+50-003, +51-005 and +52-001), see attached screenshot. The mesh tiles are all present in the custom scenery folder and all photoscenery is showing in xOrganiser. I would like to test if the mesh is being loaded, any advice on best way to check this. I have included scenery.ini and log.txt files. Any help would be appreciated. scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  6. Maybe it's my over eagerness or maybe I just overspend on the SALE but I'm running into all sorts of mesh problems in New Zealand. I've uninstalled and reinstalled North and South Island and still the airports are either in potholes or surrounded by heaps of elevated ground and grass floating in the air. I've tried from 1m - 19m mesh and although the heaps get lower they are still there and when you land you sink through one runway into the next. In VECTOR neither NZMF or NZQN are listed to exclude. I don't have any problem with other areas (Norway, UK, PNW, etc etc) only in New Zealand. Very strange. Maybe I'm doing something wrong somewhere but the installation and migration all went without any hiccups and I assume FTX Central has all the files in the correct order because, as I said, all other areas seem to be correct and no elevation problems so far.
  7. Hi, I have a problem with LDDU Dubrovnik scenery. When I set mesh to 5m some of the houses seem to float in the air but general aviation static planes are ok. When I change resolution to 10m buildings are ok but static planes (only GA) start float in the air. Please find a screenshot attached. Fresh install of P3D v4.1 with installed: FTX Global, FTX Vector, FTX OpenLC, Trees HD, FS Global 2018 FTX, and ORBX airports. Regards, My settings
  8. Hello guys, I just purchased few of the Orbx products including global, but now im having issues on my other addons airports, no clue why but for example in TNCA, TNCM, and others, the planes showing inside the ground, airports with zones where the buildings are covered by the ground etc, I read on few places that vector will solve the issue but i dont have it only global, what can I do to solve this please? see pictures attached. thanks in advance.
  9. So Matteo fixed the sunken / floating airplanes in my new KSNC. Set mesh to five to fix he said. I did, it did (fix). So here is the question. Most of my scenery mesh is 10 meters. Some is 5 and some even 2. I normally keep mesh in my P3dV4.1 set at 10 meters, but 10 caused an anomaly at KSNC. So, if I keep mesh now set at 5, what happens? What do I lose performance wise? Nothing? If so, then why not keep mesh set at 1? I've often wondered this, just never asked I guess TIA, -Braun
  10. I just got FS Global Ultimate NG for Prepar3d v4 and some stock airports have field elevation issues. According to Pilot’s (developers of FSGUNG), this is due fact that these airports do not have accurate airport field elevations.But does Orbx payware airports not have these issues? Do all Orbx airports correctly depict field elevations? I’ve tested Orbx’s LOWI and haven’t noticed any issues. Best,
  11. I purchased orbx LEBB (Bilbao). I have been unable correct the elevation of the airport with the Global vector control panel. The airport elevations are not fixed after several attempts. I have all the stuff, FS Global mesh FTX global, vector, LC Europe, etc. (FSX steam edition) What can I do to correct this?
  12. I am new to P3D and Orbx. I have P3D version 4 and have never used P3D v 1 to 3. I have FTX Global Base, Open LC Europe and North America, FTX Global Vector, Libraries, All the North America Regions, England and Wales and many Airports (which I cannot use at the moment because as we all know the P3D v4 final updates haven't arrived yet). My question is do I need a 'Mesh' program for NA and Europe and if so can anyone recommend one. Thanks, Rob H.
  13. As there is another topic referencing some elevation or canyon type issues around Toronto please see the attached screenshots with reference coordinates.
  14. After purchasing openLC South America, I received an email notifying me know that openLC SA mesh is available for free. I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you to Orbx! I immediately added it to my account and will be using it if I experience problems with my current 3rd party mesh. Thanks again!
  15. Hi, I am sure this has been bought up before, but after a quick search I couldn't find any info. Do the European regions such as Norway and England come complete with a mesh? The screenshots look fantastic, but my mesh doesn't come even close to those. What mesh do the product screenshots use?
  16. A few days ago I downloaded FreeMeshX (for use with Orbx Global), which I thought would be a good free alternative for FS Global 2010 (FTX Compatible). However, I've since read that it's worth getting both because FS Global is higher resolution in some areas (while FreeMeshX is higher in others). Assuming I do this, will they work okay together? I know that FSX uses whichever mesh has the highest LOD, but what if both meshes have the same LOD for an area? Does it use whichever is placed higher in the scenery index? If so, which mesh is best to put on top? Is FS Global more compatible with Orbx Global? Conversely, is FreeMeshX better since it's newer? Also, what about FS Global Ultimate? Any views on that?
  17. Hi guys, I was wondering what mesh do you guys use? (if any) I have come across meshX, ( http://ninetwopro.com/freemeshx/ )which is actually all free, and was wondering two things 1) is it any good or is it even worth it?? do any of you guys use it ? and 2) is it compatible with my ORBX products ? Any advise from you guys before i go mad downloading the entire world of mesh
  18. Howdy FTX support. Braun here. Order # PAJN 515526 Here's what happens. Select "Start on Active" and when the loading box and my aircraft appears, if falls 20 to 30 or more feet from the sky. If crash detect off, no worries can fly but the immersion factor gets kind of crushed right away. Have crash detect on, that is just a dead end. If you look at the scenery, fly on and around the scenery everything "looks" normal. No obvious anomalies. No water running up hill or standing vertical outside of the river banks. My scenery is pretty much all ORBX, including NA LC (504728), Blue Southern Alaska (503934), and quite a few of your Alaska airports. I also have Misty Mountain and Tongas Fjords installed if that helps. I've read about these things before on these forums, and how the fix was found in a third party bgl, mesh, or flatten file, etc. I just don't know where to start or how to look. TIA, Braun
  19. Hi Guys, I hope this is the right area. Just would like to ask a hopefully easy quick question. What is the terrain mesh quality used in the FTX Regional packs? Is it the same or similar to what is in FS Global 2010 X, or is the what is found in FS Global Ultimate. I find the quality of the FTX Regional packs superb BTW. Also, if one is using FS Global Ultimate, I think I read somewhere that the scenery will pick the best quality mesh, meaning, if something is done in 2010 mesh, it will use the Ultimate mesh if it's available, am I correct. I don't have Ultimate yet, I am just curious, does it up the ante on the FTX regional packs? As always, thanks for any help and enlightenment you can provide, I appreciate everyone's time and expertise.
  20. Dear ORBX community and Support! I have these ORBX Products: Orbx - FTX: Global BASE Orbx - FTX: Global VECTOR Orbx - FTX: Global openLC Europe Orbx - FTX: Global openLC North America - Alaska/Canada Orbx - FTX: NA Blue Southern Alaska Orbx - FTX: PI TAP Tapini Airport I read that there are some mesh around and i would like to ask a few questions about them. Which one is the best with orbx products? PILOT'S - FS Global 2010 FTX Compatible: http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=2648 FSX: Steam Edition - FS Global 2010: http://store.steampowered.com/app/379551/ FS Global Ultimate - Europe, Africa (FSX/P3D): http://www.fly2pilots.com/cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=9788913f-483d-48c5-bdfd-67c6fa3ee1db Is "FS Global 2010 FTX Compatible" the same as "FSX: Steam Edition - FS Global 2010"? If they are not the same would there be problems using ORBX Products with the FSX: Steam Edition - FS Global 2010? Would it be better for quality to buy the FS Global Ultimate - Europe, Africa (FSX/P3D) (and others ultimate products to cover the whole world)? So which one would be the best to get? Are there any others which would be better? Sorry for the lot of questions. Thanks for reading and responding.
  21. bonjour, je rencontre un maille problème immense crater EGHA UE Compton Abbas. curseur texture de 5 m. . Cordially
  22. Hi Guys, i bought this Madeira X Scenery from Aeorosoft and get same Problems as many customers wrote here. Now my Situation is: After Running the ORBX Vector Tool and activating the Hybrid Mode in the ORBX Products my planes finally on Ground :-). although the AI Planes from WOAI. GSX is not working, but i beliefe i saw a Workaround here with a bgl. file in a new Scenery higher than Madeira. But in LPPS again is the runway 36 behind a hill, on LPMA street around the Airport have different heights. Cars and busses fall down !!! Poor People there!! I changed the bgl files as described here in the Forum, but there must be another hint ?? In the Textfile first Line you will find the Diagnose Number i produced with FTX Central and the things i changed. My Order Number for Global Vector is FSS0456451 Hope you can help me Thanks Diagnose File.txt
  23. Many thanks for the recent updates of freewares. I tried my first flight from 7WA3 West Wind in a Northern direction (runway 34). Only 1 or 2 min away in my C182 I notice a spiked landscape that only disappears as I fly up really close. My mesh resolution is set to 5 m so I don't know if Vector or Global Mesh somehow can be interferring in the PNW region? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brian
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