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Found 5 results

  1. Another crack at getting these to show up. Dusk approach. Dario gifyu.com technique. TTM (P3D v4.5)
  2. This is a perfect day for the crew of the Air New Zealand MD-11. That is until… … a fire starts in engine number 2. A suitable alternate airport is now required. But first, the crew has to extinguish the fire… And also cut the fuel in the number 2 engine. The closest suitable airport is Port Moresby International (AYPY). A quick right turn and the MD-11 heads to its new destination. Gear down and 50 degree flaps. This landing will be a no brainer. A bit more thrust than usual for the remaining engines is all that is required. The weather is lovely today. It is impossible to use the thrust reverser on engine number 2 (in the tail). Normal breaking and the use of the two remaining thrust reversers are plenty for the MD-11. Welcome to Port Moresby international airport! The crew will have to wait for another Air New Zealand aircraft to take on the passengers before they are authorized ( or not) by the company to take-off empty with the two remaining engines and head to New Zealand. Cheers!
  3. Hi, I decided to test San Diego International with the PMDG MD-11, which is quite demanding when it comes to FPS. I did not expect fantastic results, I just hoped it would work and it did. So here are a few shots of the arrival of a Lufthansa MD-11 in the evening... I am very happy with the scenery of that airport. Great buildings, lots of things to see but, with the MD-11 on final, it was not exactly time for an extended sightseeing... With 50 degree of flaps, it lands like a Cessna 150. Well, almost...! There was nice AI activity that night, with another aircraft on final and few aircrafts taxiing. I even had to wait in order to avoid contact with a big carrier. Finally one last view of the airport before I explore the area with something smaller. But since I heard that somebody would create San Diego International, I had promised myself that I would fly the MD-11 in there to test if it was still flyable with todays sceneries. And it sure is! Cheers!
  4. Hi, The screen captures represent a short flight from Eagle County airport (KEGE) to Telluride (KTEX). All shots are unedited and in FSX. The flight was made during the winter season, on January 8. There are lots of beautiful mountains between KEGE and Telluride, and also some unpredictable weather… The expected ceiling at Telluride was 8500 ft. On the way to the airport, the clouds and visibility were sometimes obscuring the mountains. Telluride is a very inviting airport for a MD-11. The 7000 feet runway itself does not represent a big challenge, although its 100 feet are a bit narrow: this aircraft would normally require a 150 feet wide landing surface. The virtual VFR approach made with the MD-11 was the most expensive way to do the trip, since it required a fly-by and a 270 degree turn to the right to align with runway 09. The 270 degree turn at a 10-20 degree bank allowed to transit from 14,000 to 10,000 ft without doing anything radical. Just a turn while descending and gradually loosing speed to arrive at around 160 kts on final. The aircraft was now installed on long final, with flaps set at 50 degrees. The runway’s 9078 feet msl elevation meant the pilots dealt with lower air density when approaching and, as such, the airspeed had to be adjusted accordingly to prevent stalling on final. Here is a view from the Telluride tower… Now with a view like that, you would not consider coming in IFR…! To prevent an overshoot and some additional expenses in fuel (which are already skyrocketing), an optimal approach was required. Most accidents with the MD-11 happen when the pilot pushes on the stick when there is a rebound with the nose wheel, thus creating an even stronger rebound. When there is a rebound, there is no need to push on the stick, just wait and the aircraft sets itself quickly. Now with max breaking and thrust reversers… The MD-11 can easily turn at the first taxiway at Telluride. But in order to capture a wider view of the airport, I exited at the last taxiway (again adding to the already enormous expense in fuel…) The employee on the ramp was worried that the MD-11 lower winglet would scratch N900SS while taxiing. But there was plenty of space (11 inches)... The MD-11 was parked temporarily in a spot needed by every aircraft. It was necessary to unload quickly the precious cargo and get out of the way. Some expert handling would be needed to help move back that MD-11 close to the runway. But that was the Telluride’s airport manager problem and he had promised he would have something ready! Cheers! François
  5. I finally got this special rare bird. This plane is going to be handful but it looks awesome. NGX still has the best VC, I just love its HUD but this particular MD-11 is a completely different animal. I feel bad for purchasing the CS birds that I bought on yearly sale - I will hardly ever use them...sigh But this is truly last of its kind and it sure is very different plane. You can see in my second to last photo landing to KDEN (4K res) that I am quite high and I am still figuring out basics of this bird's FMC. Configuring the FMC is super confusing and I can't find where half the controls are. This is technically my very first flight. KEGE to KDEN routes are awesome. This one just looks real to me. This plane has the Best wingviews that i have ever seen. Gee, look how sharp the VC is !!! Way to high on landing, had to hand fly it, the ILS glidescope was not lowering the plane fast enough. Very confusing with the controls. But the VC is Sharp!!! This VC pic is in 4K The rare bird at last
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