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Found 9 results

  1. "Much better to be up top looking down , rather than down below looking up …. " Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  2. Some new shots from today's flight with DA-62
  3. Here are my screenshots from ORBX EGCB Barton by Tony Wroblewski. - Orthos ZL18 - GB Pro v2 - SCA (Soft Cloud Art)
  4. I have just purchased orbx England and find it the bees knees. The only fault is that my main airport - EGCC Manchester Int Airport is not up-to-date is there any plans to bring it up-to-date or is there a work-a-round i.e. make the runways 05R, 23L and 05L, 23R.
  5. Hello. I have FTX England installed. When landing at Manchester airport, from 2-3 miles out runway image is fine, once I am nearing the runway it fills with green blocks of scenery, with just small sections of runway between. I am however able to land through these, and taxi to gate. Thanks
  6. Flight with the Majestic dash 8 on Orbx UK regards.
  7. Ok, so after a pretty quite, and very wet bank holiday monday it was time for some VFR flying to waste the evening away. So I booted up active sky and put myself down at my home airport in Manchester... They are no ground shots from Manchester due to the airport I am using so we will start from climb as we head north over the lake district towards Carlisle south of the scottish boarder:- There is no photo editing on this images, they were taken using the ingame screen shot feature and uploaded the way they game out so what you see is how my FSX looks live. Turning towards the north west as we take of from Manchester Internation:- The Sun coming down on the aircraft's wing:- Cloud cover over Rochdale area as we head north:- Welcome to the Pennines:- Looks like we are in for a bumppy ride:- The otherside of them strom clouds:- My favorite picture from the flight:- I have to put one shot outside the aircraft in here:- Never heard of Walney Island but apparently its near Barrow-in-Furness, may have to visit at some point:- Starting my decent into the Carlisle area:- 18 miles out as we fly towards the airport ready to make an approch to the east from runway 25:- another fun set of photos, was a nice flight that lasted about 40 minutes. Loving doing VFR flying in England at the moment, I did record this flight with the intention of putting it onto youtube, however my frap setting didn't record it in high enough quality, something i am going to have to look at. This got some enjoyable screen shots and this was a nice way to finish of my bank holiday before returning to work tomorrow morning.
  8. Hi all, Its pretty cold here in England but was just thinking of around this time last year I went up to Manchester for some good old plane spotting. Manchester isn't my local airport but anyone within a certain distance should certainly check it out there is so many different angles to stand and watch I even managed look around a multiple aircraft including Concorde! Anyway here's a real shot I took at Manchester: So lets try and recreate that day using FSX...... I found a Skyscraper in the City so I was guessing this is the Hilton Hotel, where I met my dad to come along! (The airports on the horizon) We are getting close, passing on the A538. On top is a British Airways airbus taxing for departure on runway 05L. We some how found somewhere to park Looking at an UPS 757 with lots to load up!! A shot of the upper half of the apron, not the best of shots but thought Id share regardless Thanks for looking hope you enjoyed, I did have loades more shots but I cant seem to find them! Regards Josh
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