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Found 46 results

  1. Short flight clip taken with my gopro in my home cockpit housed in a real Piper shell. The 270 degrees of warped vision really brings exploring this outstanding scenery to an unbelievable extend... Hope you like it!
  2. I dont know.... how can it be that every flight tops the last one? I have the serious feeling it is like that...since v4 release. Now another LOWI one....but i still hope you didnt get too bored yet of it. I think it looks amazing. So good scenery....Please zoom them to make them like intended. Now i finished this flight 40 min already and my heart is still pumping.... Still images cannot show the glory sadly....i mean like moving ones can.
  3. Lightning at Dawn! - St Gallen Altenrhein (LSZR) To Innsbruck (LOWI) Very efficient coding all around here guys! This much detail (FSX maxed out except water) at a smooth frame rate with a complex aircraft (A2A Mustang) in BUSY weather (AS2016) running at 4k res AND capturing 4k at the same time! Fantastic! 40min flight edited to 20 mins. Low altitude visual approach with GPS guidance thru valleys, following those nice night lights.
  4. Some shoots to enjoy. I hope you like it Thank you
  5. Another LOWI flyaround

    Dear member, I hope you will like this video and enjoy. Great Orbx product, ignore some stutters.
  6. G'day everyone, I am proud to offer you all a sneak preview of my current major airport project, Innsbruck Airport (LOWI), located in the very heart of the European Alps. A destination that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the iconic airports of the world, with a jaw-dropping backdrop, heart-stopping approaches, and a location smack dab in the heart of Europe, only a short flight away to major German, Swiss, Italian and Austrian mega-hubs. A European destination has long been on my radar, so starting in September last year, I got to work putting the pieces together for this scenery project. Given it is my first foray into the EU (and first non-US airport in quite some time!), I thought it best to pull out all the stops and include something a little extra - hopefully these first screenshots will give you a taste of what's to come. In addition to the airport, an exhaustive coverage area is included (the largest PR area of any ORBX airport to date), many helicopter landing areas, and over 160 detailed landmarks and points of interest. Far beyond the city, explore the peaks of Karwendel, Stubai and Tux Alps, the picturesque Inn, Wipp and Stubai Valleys, a portion of the historic Brenner Pass and even Germany's tallest mountain, Zugspitze. Over a dozen towns and villages dot the Tyrolian landscape, each carefully reproduced with colour-blended scenery and highly-detailed autogen. Keep an eye out for visual cues useful to pilots of all stripes; animated trains, prominent structures (including notable church spires along the flightpath), custom-modelled bridges, hazardous power lines and notable buildings are all lovingly recreated. Innsbruck is the largest city in Western Austria; located in the heart of the intersection of the Inn and Wipp valleys, the city is unofficially known as the Capital of the Alps. A major winter sports destination, the city has hosted several Winter Olympics; evidence of which can be found dotted around the city in the form of stadiums, ski facilities and institutions. Aside from this, Innsbruck is a major university city; campuses are located across the metro area, including noteable locations adjacent to the airport and University Hospital Heliport (LOIU). Be sure to also keep an eye out for the distinctive Tyrolean architecture to both churches and major landmarks alike. Innsbruck Airport itself is Austria's third largest, with major carriers from across Europe serving the popular tourist destination. A true multi-use airport in every sense, Innsbruck caters for aircraft from gliders and helicopters through to Boeing 767's (we won't count the one-off appearance of an A330!). In addition to the busy international terminal, a vibrant business jet / GA terminal (currently undergoing redevelopment) and heavy maintenance facilities, Innsbruck is home several gliding clubs and flying schools. The adjacent heliport - Innsbruck Air Rescue (LOJO) - is a major base for both Rescue and Federal Police services, both utilising EC135 aircraft. Almost all virtual pilots will be aware of the unusual departure and approach procedures for the airport - one of the very best APX designers in the business has come on board to ensure this is replicated as close to the real world as possible. Lighting, navaids, hazard lighting - it's all included and closely matched to real-world specifications. I have endeavoured to capture the atmosphere and palette of the beautiful Tyrol region, whilst still spending a huge amount of time on the "small details". As always, I stress greatly about performance; as such huge efforts have gone into optimising this scenery in anticipation of you flying your favourite resource-heavy airliner - we are currently deep in performance benchmark testing with the team. Whether you are a by-the-book airline captain, bizjet guru, helicopter rescue pilot, casual general aviation flyer or even slow-and-silent glider pilot, ORBX FTX Innsbruck will be the scenery for your simming adventures. Work is ongoing with this airport; we are deep in development and beta testing mode, and as always, no release date is given. I would ask you to please not ask for release dates (thank-you in advance, sincerely!). COMPATIBILITY: - FTX GLOBAL BASE or OPENLC EUROPE is required - the scenery is colour matched to blend with either. - Fully compatible with FTX Vector and Pilots Mesh - Will be compatible with the upcoming FTX Germany South region TOPOGRPAHY & COVERAGE AREA - Massive 2500 sq km of PR at 1m/60cm/30cm - Huge extended coverage area with full LC, 10m Holgermesh, vector roads/rail/powerlines and waterbodies. - 200,000+ building and 800,000+ vegetation autogen placements - Custom seasons files with transitional altitude-based snowlines (mimicking what you would see in a full-blown region). AIRPORT & HELIPORTS: - Innsbruck Airport (LOWI) - The centrepiece of the scenery, in full HD - Innsbruck Air Rescue Heliport (LOJO) - major helicopter base attached to Innsbruck Airport. - Innsbruck University Hospital (LOIU) - the famous rooftop helipad in the city centre. - Hat Tux Heliport / Alpin 5 (LOJT) - forward base for alpine rescue operations, located high up in the Tux Alps. - Fire Service College Heliport (LOIN) - a fun location, and a little hard to find. Training school for local fire/rescue operators. - Emergency Helipad - A nondescript landing area situated adjacent to the railway line near Buch-in-Tirol. SCENERY FEATURES: - Ultra-detailed rendition of LOWI Innsbruck Airport - Enormous coverage area at 30cm and 1m coverage - our largest coverage area yet! - Colour blended and corrected orthoimagery coupled with highly detailed custom autogen - All new static aircraft & ground GSE unique to LOWI - all controllable via the CP and sorted by type (Airliner/Airline Charter/Corporate/GA) - Super high-quality ground poly with environmental effects (oil/rain/sitting water) - Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and unique night-lighting methods used for maximum realism - Highly detailed and AI-ready APX designed by resident APX guru, Graham Eccleston - Over 160+ landmarks and POI in coverage area, including highly detailed cityscape - Full suite of ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2, TextureFlow and more included - Complete seasonal variations for immersive experience - Airport modelled on massive on-site photography by Fabian Stuefer, Fabian Klamm & Maximilian Gruber - Optimised for use with high-end airliner products, control panel with full option suite via FTX-Central NOTABLE FEATURES, POI & LANDMARKS - Most major buildings in Innsbruck City Centre including University campus, hospitals, churches and hotels. - 5x animated trains over 30km of routes, including local, ICE and freight (OBB) types. - Both major train stations modelled - Innsbruck Central and Innsbruck Westbahnhof, including brand-new Adlers Hotel - Olympic Park, Tirol Football Stadium and Ramada Olympic Park hotel - Bergisel Olympic Ski Jump - Innsbruck University Technical campus (massive complex next door to airport) - Europa Bridge (one of the tallest in Europe) - Many major churches including Basilika Wilten, Stift Wilten and others - Most noteable apartment towers - 20+ custom modelled bridges, elevated freeways and overpasses - Outlet shopping centre - Standschützen Military Base - Large sections of detailed powerlines with visible cables - Zugspitze - the tallest mountain in Germany - Many other apartments, schools, shopping centres and industrial complexes - over 160+ custom POI in total. Cheers! Jarrad
  7. I want to say thank you to the ORBX team for bringing flightsim to another level. And especially i say thanks for the current offer, that make shots like this possible for lesser filled moneybags too. I will add the approach in ESSA later :-) I hope you like it. Starting in LOWI See you in ESSA
  8. In lovi with LOWI...

    I'm a LOWI junkie. There, I said it...
  9. G'day guys, Whilst work on the new ObjectFlow module is going on at a frantic pace behind the scenes, I thought I might put up a few screenshots of the new dynamic lighting being introduced at Innsbruck Airport. This will be one of the very first ORBX airports to include this new feature in P3Dv4, and will be rolled out as soon as all our airports are released for v4 (ie, once Objectflow is ready). A considerable amount of effort has been spent testing this new lighting, and the result is a balance between performance and detail, with the airport relying on a combination of both dynamic (for aprons and primary areas) and traditional rendered (secondary areas) lighting. For those of you who would prefer, the dynamic lighting can also be entirely disabled via the LOWI control panel; the disabled option will show lighting exactly the same as in P3Dv3. Lastly, I've also added a couple of daytime shots from v4 with all sliders maxed. This is solely to show the excellent new autogen rendering distances - a huge step up from previous versions of the sim. You will notice that generic trees and buildings now render almost the entire distance to the horizon, something that makes a big difference from an immersion perspective. Anyway, enjoy the shots. As always, no release dates will be given, but it is worth noting that I've been holding back on these previews until I was confident that some more news on the Objectflow update wasn't too far away Cheers, Jarrad
  10. Beaver time again! This time around LOWI. The "island wings" livery might not have been the most appropriate choice, if I think about it
  11. Hey Guys, it's the 15th already and my wallet is open and ready
  12. LOWI First Look

    good work, jarrad
  13. Fresh install in my already frequently used FS 'Aerofly FS2' of the impressive first two Orbx sceneries for this flightsim. A first incoming flight from Switzerland was my first landing on Innsbruck airport LOWI in the Robin DR400. What an exciting positive first experience !!! Certainly many more shots out of Aerofly FS2 will follow....
  14. ORBX Innsbruck Airport Lowi

    A mini review of this awesome scenery Pete
  15. Only 2 week left! It’s no longer a secret: OrbX cooperates with IPACS. So OrbX is the first company announcing the support of aerofly FS 2. It was an impressive moment for me to meet Jarrad Marshall, who came from down under Australia to Tubingen in southwestern Germany. Unfortunately we had dirty late winter weather with rain all day. Not ideal for some nice sightseeing. So there’s nothing else for it but to work hard in the office at IPACS together with the other team members. I took some shots and want to show you the guys behind the scenes. See Jarrad Marshall with Marc Borchers (left) and Torsten Hans (right), the heads of IPACS and both doctors in physics. Innsbruck, Austria (LOWI) and Meigs Field Chicago will be the start, to be published on June 15, as a birthday present for John Venema, head of OrbX. Find all the stunning snapshots in the preview thread: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/134014-welcome-to-a-new-era-presenting-ftx-innsbruck-for-aerofly-fs2-flight-simulator/ The LOWI area along the Inn valley nearly connects to the Switzerland DLC of IPACS, only a small strip is left with default texture and may be closed in the future. This image has been published in the OrbX forum thread mentioned above. The cooperation led already to advanced or even new features, now implemented in the aerofly FS 2 core product. I want to mention the new photo-realistic trees. Watching the trunk, the leaves and the shape you may even distinguish the different botanical species of trees. With the new Utah DLC the first people animation has been introduced into aerofly FS 2. You may discover it, if you find the place… Moving objects will be seen first with OrbX sceneries. This will massively change the immersion of aerofly FS2, and we will hopefully leave the lifeless ‘twilight zone’ behind us. Likewise new is the ability to add generic buildings. IPACS stated, it’s different from established autogen due to a dissimilar kind of workflow. We’re all excited to see this new level of aerofly FS 2 in conjunction with OrbX sceneries. My last question was: What’s next OrbX??? But in the meantime John Venema stated this in the OrbX forum: “Some of the large area regional projects we are working on for AeroflyFS2 are going to blow your minds and elevate the sim to a new level. We have new tech incoming which will massively streamline production of vast photoreal areas so there's going to be a whole new 200fps world to discover. 2017 is going to be epic! “ This is nothing else than awesome! Rodeo
  16. Found some time for flying and made a trip from Innsbruck to Saanen Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  17. Just to add to the list of excellent freeware aircraft, here's the Robin DR400 (from Rikoo) ... over LOWI: Those trains move - (obviously not owned by Richard Branson then )! Anoraks on! Adam.
  18. Lovely LOWI

    On sunny summer afternoon, I took Aglae to his first flight over the Inn valley and the University gardens. In the side mirror, I saw his gaze reflected a complex emotion in which fear and bliss were mingled. Magnum
  19. Hello Orbx Team, I just wanted to make you aware of the fact, that by 27th of April the AB (Absam) locator (frequency 313kHz) will be removed. There will be a new locator installed called RUM (Rum), its frequency will be 320kHz and the coordinates will be N47°13' 66", E011° 27' 54". For further information refer to https://eaip.austrocontrol.at/ LOWI AD 2.24-6-3. Kind regards.
  20. Jarrad, just a short note to thank you for adding the cars and trucks on the roads around Innsbruck, it greatly adds to the immersion as you approach the runway or fly around in a helicopter. Regards Ken
  21. My short flight between ORBX airports with PRO-ATC/X.
  22. The immersion of the Orbx LC and regions keeps blowing my mind. With the release of LOWI I went in on Europe LC and can't get enough of the Alps now. Here are a few pics of ferrying a clients PA46 from Innsbruck LOWI to Chambery LFLB. Still dialing in the GTX1080 to make the VC text more readable. Enjoy
  23. Hovering over the roof, otherwise this one would go through in no time...