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Found 84 results

  1. Took off from Innsbruck on a sunny morning, returned on a cloudy and rainy afternoon.
  2. A nomenklatura day trip, just popped down here to pick up some goodies hey! who dat? he's right, you don't see many of them here This is the beast that has finally convinced me to try and take at least some of this actual flying stuff seriously. I shall now go away and practise until I can actually land one of these things in the same county I was aiming for.
  3. Use your mouse to explore this 360-degree view of Innsbruck for X-Plane 11! G'day everyone, Thank you all for the wonderful response to last week's formal announcement of Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11. Work is progressing at a feverish pace behind the scenes to put the final spit and polish on this project. We know that many of you are waiting patiently for the release; rest assured we want to get everything just right in preparation of your upcoming Alpine adventures In the mean time, I thought I would share a few more details of the project. As mentioned in our first previews last week, Innsbruck for X-Plane 11 includes an enormous 8200km2 coverage area, extending well beyond the original FSX/P3D coverage area. Explore large sections of the Austrian Alps, the state of Tirol as well as portions of southern Bavaria, extended north to the outskirts of Munich. Covered in our signature Orbx blend of hand-colourised photoreal, high-definition mesh, custom autogen and hand-placed vegetation, this project is far more than what you'd normally expect from an airport product. Please enjoy these shots, and be sure to keep an eye on our forums and social media for more updates and info over the coming days! Cheers, Jarrad COVERAGE MAP Ultra-detailed modelling extends all the way to the terminal doors The CityScene component contains over 160 hand-crafted custom models, perfectly blended alongside ortho, autogen and vegetation Unique apron clutter created specifically for Innsbruck Hand-colourised photoreal imagery combined with immaculate building and vegetation placement The general aviation apron includes heritage-listed hangars Grass and vegetation types created specifically for Innsbruck, colour-matched to ground imagery Ultra-detailed modelling also extends to prominent non-airside components around the terminal The coverage area extends far beyond the original FSX/P3D zone, into southern Bavaria as far north as the outskirts of Munich Over 160 custom POI populate the scenery All airside vehicles have been custom modeled specifically for Innsbruck Ultra-detailed elevation mesh derived from 10m source - the best available for this area in X-Plane 11
  4. The first departure of an airliner from Innsbruck-LOWI at sunrise in the quiter than other airliners, the A321neo, scheduled for IFR to Milano-Linate:
  5. A pass in the new Airbus A321neo at 12000ft above Innsbruck in the first morninglight on my way to Munich:
  6. Just a little comparison between ORBX Innsbruck (right side) and Ortho4XP (left side, Bing with ZL16). The improvement in quality really is amazing! You guys did an awesome job with this scenery. I enjoy it so much and it already became my new favorite airport! 10/10.
  7. Airport | CityScene | Mini-Region A destination that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the iconic airports of the world, with a jaw-dropping backdrop, heart-stopping approaches and location smack dab in the heart of the European Alps. Our award-winning depiction of this famous location has now been brought to life for X-Plane 11! Far more than just an airfield, this scenery is essentially three-in-one; a highly-detailed rendition of LOWI, a complete CityScene for the metro area, and a TrueEarth style mini-region for the complete tile. Developed by Vittorio Greco, Tony Wroblewski and myself, this scenery brings together an immense level of detail, coupled with careful optimization, for the best balance between performance and immersion. AT A GLANCE THE AIRPORT - Ultra-detailed rendition of Innsbruck Airport - Animated GSE - Beautiful hand-coloured ground textures - Unique static aircraft and GSE made exclusively for the airport - Carefully optimized for best balance between high performance and detail THE CITYSCENE - One of the most detailed cities yet brought to X-Plane 11 - 160 custom points of interest - Beautiful edited 60cm ground imagery - Major freeways and bridges custom modeled - Hand-placed custom vegetation - Stunning night lighting - Three bonus heliports: Hat Tux/Alpin 5 / Uni Klinik / OAMTC Flight Rescue THE MINI-REGION - An enormous 8200km2 of TrueEarth-style detail, encompassing chunks of Tirol (Austria) and Bavaria (Germany) - Expertly colourised and cleaned ortho at 1m resolution - Best-available high-definition elevation mesh sampled from 10m source, optimized for best balance between high fidelity and performance. - Expertly collated, hand-edited and compiled using proprietary Orbx technology LOWI Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11 is now available to purchase from OrbxDirect for $39.95 AUD (approx. US$27.70 / €24.30 / £21.75) Customers who own Innsbruck for FSX/P3D or AFS2 on OrbxDirect will receive a 40% discount. Hurry - this offer is only valid until 01:00Z on 21st August 2019! Grab your copy now!
  8. The fine Orbx-addon LOWI for AFS2 is a marvelous decor for some rare visiting planes:
  9. Hey Guys, it's the 15th already and my wallet is open and ready
  10. A special view on Innsbruck and its airport LOWI when the sun has passed the horizon and the citylights are ignited. FS=AFS2 and aircraft=Aeromacci-S211.
  11. Just amazing this ground life, the details and the light in Innsbruck. I can´t take my eyes off ... Taxiing past the terminal... ... and taking off to the west (hey, wrong direction!). The paxes view to the Zirler pass... ... and here we replace the road map: You can see the road from Zirl (in the backgound right) north (right) of the airport through the city, passing the railway station and down to the Brennerautobahn in the left of this picture. Escaping the mountains in direction to Linz... ... and here the turboprop passengers already see the Danube river. This is how jet passengers enjoy the same area. Vienna, from the flight deck. And finally taxiing the Austrian way (sorry I don´t have the real life comparison shot, I was quite surprised to see that) ... ... towards the gates. Well, the wrong ones, this is the international terminal. But at least we can step back and have a beautiful waiting hall over here.
  12. Taking off from Munich across the Arena... ... and over Oberschleißheim. The Olympic parc of 1972 to the left, Moosach to the right. Some views in western direction... ... and to the city center in the south. You can see the Theresienwiese in the simmed shot in the right background. It is currently being prepared for the upcoming Oktoberfest. The different views are mainly because of the altitude, the Olympic tower pictures were taken from just 600 ft AGL. Turning south over Schwabing with the Siegestor, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, the Englischer Garten (where I miss the iconic Monopteros temple), and the city center in the background. Looking back to Munich. Following the motorway to the Starnberger See... ... and winding up the roads between Kochel- and Walchensee. Entering the pass at Mittenwald... ... across Schartnitz, which is already on the Austrian side. The old times when the fuel was cheaper in felix Austria are gone now. Minutes later we enter the Inn valley... ... while steeply descending the road at the Zirler Berg. Look what´s around the corner... ... from street level you can´t see that much. Getting down to park at the gliders area... Uups. The 337 has disappeared! Now I hope to meet the pilot of that yellow plane who has been seen here recently.
  13. In an earlier post(catching ICE train....), I announced further screenshot with a more aerobatic flight in my Pitts S2-B. The last shot is a collage and displays 4 different lightconditions that I regulary use for flights in AFS2 and my preferred setting(late afternoon). Enjoy the showcase : After flying around for an hour more, a look on my fuel-gauge tells me to quickly return to the airport, just before the darkness I made a safe landing on airport LOWI : Bonus - different lightconditions over Innsbruck via AFS2 as flightsimulator :
  14. The ICE-train from Munich in Germany to Milan in Italy passes with a stop at Innsbruck-railroadstation. I was heading same direction 'west'. After I was airborned I was flying for a while at about same speed as the highspeed ICE-train but my goal was doing some aerobics in my Pitts-S2B in the sky around the airport of Innsbruck, so I returned to stay in the airport-area of LOWI......these shots are for a future posting.
  15. Just grabbed this fantastic scenery, along with a bunch of others of course, and I just wanted to say WOW, nice job guys! It's absolutely glorious. I have one question, how in the heck did you get such complex scenery to run so smoothly? I have everything in P3D v4 maxed out and I can still maintain a locked 33fps during taxi and takeoff, it's absolutely amazing. However, other older airports like CYSE Squamish run kind of choppy... This isn't a support request as I am just wondering if there's some new kind of API that's either been created by you guys at OrbX or the people at Lockheed Martin? Awesome job, simply jaw dropping!!!
  16. My new toy,the M20R Ovation.
  17. Hi There Simmers! I just tested my new airplane A2A P-51H Mustang above the LOWI! Enjoy in screenshots: Cheers, Almedin
  18. A vintage DC2 in Austria colors coming from Vienna approaches and land at the airport of Innsbrück(LOWI) in rainy conditions and surprised the spectators:
  19. Hello dear ORBX community, LOWI did catch my eye and I just wanted to go for it. Unfortunately I discovered that on the bottom of the product page, LOWI scenery requieres at least 1 of 2 prerequisits: either FTX Global BASE or openLC Europe. Well this is something odd I've newer encountered in other airport purchases. I don't own any of the prerequisit products because I have other mesh and vector addons of different vendors (see signature). Now the Q is: can I still use the LOWI scenery? Thank you. BR, Gerald
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