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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I recently had an issue with Orbx products installation, which, although now fixed, has left some open questions for which I would like an answer. I have recently made a complete reformat/reinstall of my system (Win10 Home) and I have installed P3D V5 (with latest hot fix), and then I installed all my long list of Orbx products, choosing to install them inside the P3D main folder. Yesterday I was starting a flight from ESSA and I noticed that there were no ground markings on the apron and taxiways, so I remembered another post explaining that it may be caused by Objectflow not working
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble with "EU Germany North" in combination with "Aerosoft German Airports - Hamburg Professional". Since a couple of weeks I'm seeing both library textures overlap. I don't know why this is suddenly screwed up. I've reinstalled both sim and add-ons without any success.
  3. Hi all, I purchased Global TerraFlora and when installing, Orbx central advised that it cannot be installed directly into the sim only into the main library but that it would be automatically linked to the simulator, I don't see it in the scenery library as an entry, do I need to link the simulator to the path of the library where the files are installed? Thanks in advance Kindest Regards Mick Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: Orbx.docx
  4. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  5. All, I recently redid my computer and have come across a strange problem. If I don't have anything Orbx installed, load up the default KIAH. It looks normal, really boring but I have a tan-ish dirt, as expected. Then I start Central and just install Orbx Libraries and Orbx Object Flow 2. The airport ground texture (the area between runways) is black with a lot of neon green splats here and there. ALL default airports have this weird ground dirt. I have remove them both in Central, the regular ground texture returns without issue. The second picture is with every
  6. Initially the Orbx libraries were installed in my X-Plane Custom Scenery directory, but I wanted to migrate to a special library directory outside the X-plane folder. I used the Migrate to Library function in Orbx Central v4.0.6. Restarting X-plane initiates a number of errors which points to a missing library (log.txt). I checked the links fr the Orbx_OrbxlibsXP directory in the Custom Scenery directory and this points to the newly created directory in my Orbx library folder. Al this seems to be correct, but it doesn't work like it should. The only way to correct the problem is t
  7. Hi Guys, Recently, I've encountered a very annoying problem: whenever I load a scenario in my sim, the loading slows down unbearably between 70 an 80% (loading auto-generated scenery). It does not freeze, but it just loads really, really slowly: from 70% to 80% takes about 30 minutes. This used to take 10 seconds. I use SimStarterNG and have used this to find out where the problem lies: ORBX Libraries. Whenever I unload the libraries from the sim, the problem is gone. When they are again activated, the problem returns. This issue is really driving me crazy, sinc
  8. Please help I am a relative newbie but have successfully installed all three True Earth UK Scenery packs on my mac. I have bought Southampton and Sumburgh and tried to install last night. After reading forums I wonder if missing Orbx libraries is the problem. Downloaded today and its a folder with seven zip files in. Not sure what to do with them and where to put them - all help appreciated. I realise I am probably missing something obvious. Thanks in advance for help. Log.txt
  9. Hello everyone, So everything seems to have gone well with my full reinstall to P3Dv4.5 apart from the following. Whenever I select any of these to activate them in the scenery cfg the autogen loading section of P3D's load from the scenario screen (69-81% region) takes in excess of 15mins if I leave it to complete. I thought it may have been a first load up issue but seems not to be the case. I have tried reinstalling the libraries and then just selecting them to load and nothing. Tried the same with one of the regions and the same, check the box with all the rest still unchecked a
  10. Hi, i have tried to avoid asking this question and find an existing solution on here but can't seem to resolve the problem... Installed both the ORBX England pack and the ORBX Libraries, seemingly successfully as are showing up within FSX, but they are not loading at all, just the default textures still. I have played around with the location/order of the FSX entries shown in the scenery section of FSX itself, at the moment I have the libraries on top and England next then all the defaults follow. Did try moving the Add Ons folder up above England but sti
  11. I've installed the Global BASE pack. FTC Central is saying there's an update for the Libraries. Do I need to do this? Why wouldn't the latest files be downloaded when I install FTX Global? Are they just for other sceneries? Very confusing due to a lack of explanation in Central. Thanks for any clarification Gavin
  12. Everything is working fine in v4 except for the fact that when I attempted to install the libs, I ran out of space on my drive. I have since then made room by uninstalling v3. I know that not all of the libs files made it in because it gave me all the error boxes saying "unable to move file". Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall the libs? I don't see how to do this in Central (the uninstall box is grayed out). It's giving me some black textures on the buildings.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm using P3d 3.35 as the 3.4 kills my vas. For months, I've been running vector, with moderate tick-box settings, along with global and NA without any problems and good performane. But, I never installed the libraries until the other day. I have had excellent performance even in high-vas areas with the usual addon payware airports and most of my sliders set to the right. I also use MT6, evntex as16 and asca. So, my system's pretty loaded. I've been averaging available vas from 1-1.3gb depending on where I'm flying. Even if it would drop, it would a
  14. Sorry again to double post, but this question also belongs here methinks... I'm using P3d 3.35 as the 3.4 kills my vas. For months, I've been running vector, with moderate tick-box settings, along with global and NA without any problems and good performane. But, I never installed the libraries until the other day. I have had excellent performance even in high-vas areas with the usual addon payware airports and most of my sliders set to the right. I also use MT6, evntex as16 and asca. So, my system's pretty loaded. I've been averaging available vas from
  15. Hello, i hope I will get some Support here.. My Problem ist, that I have a big Stutter when I fly - in for example Paris, near the "Eifelturm". After setting orbx Libraries off in scenery config editor, there are no stutters anymoere in this area.. but then I havent got the Libraries, so I can not use your beautiful Airports .. Next Problem is, in the Night, some Autogen Buildings have no Roof Texture.. What can i do now? Iam very disappointed.. Sorry for my bad englisch.. Greetings from Stuttgart!
  16. Orbx report code: otbdf3a206e16feb36169c206824bb6324 I ran FTX Central the other day and it had two updates, one for my KBVS airport and Orbx Libraries. I have FSX & P3D both installed, (I only use P3D) and FTXCentral never registered that I had FSX before, now it asks which sim to select when I start it up. After this I started getting strange issues with my sim, my A2A Commanche throttle wouldn't work, then the sim would crash when selecting that plane, but would load just fine with a stock aircraft. Now the sim will not load at all, it will just CTD, i've
  17. High folks, One of the greatest upgrades in FTX, (and there were many), was that FTX Central auto-updater search. However, on several occasions, I found that shortly after updating my Library version via the FTXC, I had another update to run on a FTX add-on, (in this most recent example it was NA Airports freeware). I updated it per instructions and then realized I would need to run the Library update again because, as we all know, it should always be the last thing to run. The only way I can re-run the Library now is to download the update from the FTX support pa
  18. On a new computer I installed Pepar3d V3. From The FlightSimStore website I downloaded TODAY (so they must be recent): OrbxFTXGlobalBASE140.zip OrbxFTXGlobalVECTOR130.zip OrbxFTXopenLC_EU120_Part1.zip OrbxFTXopenLC_EU120_Part2.zip OrbxFTXopenLC_EU120_Part3.zip OrbxFTXopenLC_EU120_Part4.zip OrbxFTXopenLC_NA_Alaska_Canada100.zip ...and installed them in that order. After Global the install of Libraries (151108) followed automaticly. Everything looked OK and, yes, I did hit APPLY GROUP everytime when asked. After having installed the last one I checked
  19. I have just down loaded the FTXORBXLIBS_140703 update for libraries but the file will not open or allow unzipping. Can anyone advise similar issues and solution? Many thanks
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