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Found 12 results

  1. A successful SODE trial allows us to have a speedy boarding procedure at Bilbao... ... so that we could go quite quick. What a location. We headed northeast, to cross the Garonne (and the Dordogne) in Bordeaux. Stewart @European Mountain Man will probably know this place well. Here we are already descending into downwind, with a nice view across Paris and the Seine river. And the rainy final into Charles-de-GaullesĀ“ 27R. Some traffic around, which will result in a lenghty taxi tour on the way to the gate...
  2. After some weeks of flying in Africa (where I needed to use non-Orbx-sceneries, so I could not report here) I have reached the European mainland again. Here you see me onboarding at Gibraltar. Climbing out over Algeciras. Here we already reach the north of Spain, with its usual cloud coverage. Maybe we should better stay at the mediterrenean? At least we can see the runway. SODE works, as well as the rest of the updated Bilbao. Always good to see a successful test.
  3. These QUICK LOOK videos are very short videos made using P3D4 flight simulator. This one looks at the older version (1.0) of Bilbao Airport LEBB by ORBX Simulation Systems.
  4. These QUICK LOOK videos are very short videos made using P3D4 flight simulator. This one looks at the newer version (1.10) of Bilbao Airport LEBB by ORBX Simulation Systems.
  5. Getting ready for a short hop out of the Basque region... ... and leaving Bilbao in a weather "with character". We reach Leon much faster than the pilgrims on their way to Santiago. And soon we go on, leaving the freeware senery from Simzaleak... ... to the heart of the country: Madrid. With its confusing runway layout. ILS helps...
  6. A creatively designed terminal this is. This hanging bridge is also creative. And made just for Jack! Pull up... ... to the white cliffs of Dov.. - no, Getxo. From the harbourfront... ... to the city. A nice place to rest... ... and to view the Guggenheim, ... ... before continuing to work as a lawnmower.
  7. 1. The LAPE DC-2 taking off on rwy 10. 2. Passing the rather stylish terminal and apron. 3. I think the correct designation for the plane is the C-42. 4. At Durrango. 5. Skirting some thunder storms at Parroquia de Bidania mountain. 6. Passing the E7 at Canfranc. 7. Over the Monte Perdido National Park close to the Greenwich Meridian. 8. Staring the descent towards Seo de Urgel Airport. 9. The weather cleared when I turned off ASN as the clouds were hiding the scenery. ORBX weather #2 was used for the clearer part of the flight. 10. On finals for LESU. 11. Making use of the turning loop. 12. Waiting for the passengers for the return flight at LESU which is 14km from Andorra. An agreement was reached between the Catalan Government and the Principality of Andorra to rename the airport Andorra-La Seu d'Urgell Airport in 2014.
  8. My first flight for 3 months. The usual trouble upgrading Central in P3Dv2 but a look on the forums and the problem is quickly solved. Plenty of updating to do but made so easy with Central. So here we are at Bilbao and a first flight from there. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Wonderful scenery with plenty to discover at LEBB and the surrounding area. Many thanks to Marcus and Philip for this wonderful scenery.
  9. a quick trip around Bilbao. Couple of weird wobbly bits with some of the roads and vertical bits but I assume that's just Vector doing its time honoured thing. A nice addition to the familiy. "Oi'll give it five" as I seem to remember the expression goes (Janice something???, Juke Box Jury or something similar. Back in the '60s)
  10. Happy new years everyone, Philip & I are pleased to announce our latest project, LEBB Bilbao Airport. Bilbao is located in northern Spain in the Basque county and is beautifully located in the Biscay bay quite close to the french border. The airport features in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and interesting terminal buildings that can be found in the world. The basque country is famous for being incredible beautiful with the hills and mountains going through the whole region and with the Pyrenees close by. Bilbao Airport is a medium sized airport with lot's of connections throughout Europe and will fit perfectly for the NGX-simmer. The weather of the region is often very interesting and offers exciting approaches through the mountain areas, as well as the very picturesque north approach over the city and harbor. We've included the whole city with hand placed hundreds of thousands houses and trees. The harbor is also updated among some other interesting spots in the city area. The project is in early beta and we will keep you posted with previews of the airport itself in not too long. Cheers, Marcus & Philip
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