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Found 4 results

  1. Did a flight "for" TUI, realworld shedule from LDPL to EGKK in the beautiful 787-9. 1. Nice airport. Just arrived at the cold plane after it went through a short maintenance and we do a full startUp from cold&dark. Not even the fuel trucks are here yet... 2. Ppl at the airport taking a chance to see a real sweet plane ^^ 3. All done, ready to go. We take a last look at the (small) airport. A wonder that a biggie like the 787-9 flies here. 4. TOGA 5. Wroooom... Gear up. UK we come. Amazing bird Not much to see on FL 400 Over Germany the clouds disappear...beautiful landscape how the river circles around the terrain there. It could be another neighbor to Germany too tbh, i forgot to take a look where we are. But it looks like ORBX Germany South, so it should be around there somewhere. Good we have our sunglasses with us. On the descent into London. I like this one.... if one watches a lot into the sky the chance is high this look is familiar, with the thick layer there creating the border between earth and sky. Here is what i mean in real, not sure how to call that in English. ts not only clouds/overcast, i forgot the name hehe. Glideslope captured. See you next flight, i hope you enjoyed your flight with TUI airlines (Tomson)
  2. Short haul trip, on a yellow plane, for sure @Jack Sawyer will enjoy On taxi, traffic provided by VATSIM, moving towards rwy 19 at EDDF Europe below descend into Pula taxi 2 the gate and be quick with the turnaround leaving Pula to Dubrovnik at the gate, we are done... leave your comments below
  3. Hi all, Very very close to release with this one now here are a few shots of the dynamic lighting that P3Dv4 users will be able to enjoy with this scenery. Cheers, Misha
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