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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I bought Nantucket not too long ago. Scenery is amazing, but I noticed when I land there there is no lighting. I did the following flights -KOXB to KACK - started in afternoon, landed at night, no lights -KACK to KBHB - started at night, lights were showing. Did a return flight (continued the same scenario) and no DL again when landing. Once landed I also tried to move the time forward, (forcing the sim to load textures) but nope, no lighting. I contacted iBlueYonder first on Facebook but they replied saying to come here. Thanks in advance and best regards. A.D
  2. I made a mistake. This content should have been put in another section. I tried to delete this topic but was not able to. So, with excuse, this is not a video. Yesterday I bought the ORBX EGML Damyn's Hall for X-Plane 11 scenery. After a successful installation using FTX Central 3, I made a first flight. During the approach towards runway 03 I experienced that the runway edge cone markers became visual very late. It gave the impression as if I was landing in a foggy weather condition which it wasn't the case. The weather was clear. See the attached images. I also created a
  3. Hi This problem appears to have been raised before but I am unsure as to how to resolve it! On a few occasions I have attempted the approach and landing in Valdez (PAVD) with the the Flight1's King Air B200 and can confirm that up to the point of touchdown the approach has been flown in accordance with Navigraph's PAVD LDA DME H approach. Immediately prior to touchdown, almost in line with the second VASI/PAPI row of lights, the rate of descent is 110 ft per minute at 105kts, gear down, flaps to approach. For some reason a crash is detected. It seems that
  4. Hi After not finding an answer with the search mode. While landing on runway of airport Broome I crash against an invisible wall shortly before touch-down. The vertical-speed cant be the problem Anyone an idea how to solve this problem without turning off crash detection? (Yes, newest version of airport installed with FTX Central 3.) Regards Pete
  5. I have purchased Tapini airport for Papua New Guinea and think it is amazing. That scenery is a must buy. Love it. One thing though, is that no matter what plane I fly into that airport, once I touch the ground the plane pulls like crazy to the right or left a full 90 degrees even though I have used the rudder to keep the plane straight. I normally land any plane, even heavys with no problem, with the realism settings on easy or the settings that on realistic. So even with easy settings and a light wind, my plane still veers off abruptly to the right or left. And I do not have the auto pilot o
  6. Some catches of a landing in the early evening P3Dv3.3.5, Misha & Rasha FTX LDDU Dubrovnik Very soon in your hands! Thank you! Voyager
  7. Hi all, TL;DR; The new Tapini airport scenery is awesome. Since it was announced on the Orbx portal, I've been checking for the Tapini Scenery everyday. Today it was released finally. This is my Day-1, first landing in WTP Woitape. I want to share the video for the ones who are wondering about the new scenery. ****Spoiler Alert: The Tapini strip is even more fun to land and take off. It was not a smooth approach. Most probably since I was trying to locate the strip, and enjoy the view :). Still, the landing went smoother than I expected. As a newbie, my p
  8. Hi forum, there is an annoying issue on my FSX which I would like to eliminate as soon as possible. However, searching the internet didn't help me further, maybe someone here can assist me. Every time the wheels of my airplanes touch the ground FSX freezes up for approximately 3 seconds or longer. When the simulation continues, those 3 seconds have been skipped and only later happenings (e.g. slowing down on the runway) are shown. It doesn't matter which plane I use nor at which location I land and frame rates are always above 30 fps too. What I've already tried to solve this problem:
  9. It's like looking at some of my landings! http://www.flixxy.com/boeing-767-landing-gear-banged-to-its-limits.htm
  10. It's more a touch-and-go landing...
  11. Hi guys, I hope this is ok to ask here but how long did it take you guys to be able to land a plane almost perfectly every time? I have only just started, over the last few months, While initially I jumped around from plane to plane for a while I have as you know found my favourite with the Cessna Grand Caravan, just love it, so far done 52 hours alone in it (fsx) and with a program called Air Hauler ,that's given me more flights and reasons to fly one plane.. but some days I do a really awesome flight, but for what ever reason I just have a crap landing like tonight, been trying to c
  12. well guys managed a better flight today,it was a bit tricky landing this one but all went well,i got a good look at canberra today before the rain came happy to be on the ground again
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