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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, cruising over France I noticed this wonderful texture repetition... I use ORBX Vector and OpenLC Europe. Is this normal or am I missing something? Kind Regards Julius
  2. Hi, Directly on the western edge of Dartmoor in south west England (for the avoidance of confusion it's the dark green square patch just right of centre shot) there is a large square block of forestry landclass that does not exist at all in real life. Just one other thing. The runway in Guernsey slopes down from east to west in real life, 303 feet elevation at the west end and 334 at the east end but it is flat in the sim.
  3. Hi, I'm getting some missplace landclass data departuring from KPHX to KDEN, Golf Courses at random places (the shape of something that I believe would be water?)... Also I'm getting some irrigated circular farms inside strange places, like mountains... Any help? Screenshots below:
  4. Is there any news on development of Orbx Landclass for Africa, Asia, Middle East, completing the global texture picture?
  5. hello, something must have gone wrong during my installation of openLC NA today. the area around KPHX looks like this this is my scenery.cfg any help would be appreciated! regards, Denis transaction ID 584dc552098a5
  6. There are some weird landclass issues going on around Arches and Canyonlands NPs in Utah. Squared off areas of what looks like jungle type landclass in the middle of a high desert. Could someone doublecheck and make sure it's not just me? OpenLC NA is verified above the Base pack in the scenery library. Arches NP north of the AC location, and Canyonland NP to the Southwest: View SW towards Canyonland NP: Sim set to 12/3/16 when these were taken, so should have gotten late fall or early winter for the season. Pretty sure it never gets THAT wet. Same area in Gmaps: https://www.google.com/maps/@38.5225752,-109.7497247,66591m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en&authuser=0
  7. Found a landclass error today while scouting some airports in Siberia - this one is located near Irkutsk (northwest of, if I recall): Thanks!
  8. Hello, Excuse me if this has previously been identified - I found another small landclass error in openLC North America, this time in the immediate vicinity of "Hawk's Nest" (MYE4) on Cat Island in the Bahamas: Please ignore the Lat/Lon data on the left column of the map view (MBPV instead of MYE4). Thanks!
  9. I've just completed a fresh install of latest updates of Global Base, Vector, EU LC and England Region. Here's a screenshot of London. Anyone got any Idea why it looks like this...?
  10. I have all US FTX regions and they work fine if I fly inside these regions. If I leave ORBX-land then I have wrong and corrupted landclass tiles, as you could see here in the area of Aspen, Collorado, but unfortunately I could not post any screenshot. If I switch back to FSX default all landclass tiles are correct. I have switched several times between FSX default and North America, I have no Global product and no texture AddOns in North America. I have tried Holgers suggestion to built a new terrain.cfg, but did not help. As I want to buy and use the new Telluride scenery and do not want to have Global I think I have to switch the region to North America, which destroys the surrounding area. Thanks in advance for help, Fritz PS: I have tried five times to attach screenshots! If the problem with attaching files is solved I will send one.
  11. Hi, this is my first post on these forums. Lately I have flown around a lot in Canada with openLC and I have observed two things (apart from that it is absolutely gorgeous, perfect, stunning, ... ahh one could go one forever. OpenLC really makes a HUGE difference): On the islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, there's always a single tree here and there. To my knowledge, there's not a single tree growing in that region. Not a tiny crippled fir tree. I may accept that perhaps around Iqaluit (although I really think there's none), but not around Alert (CYLT, quite close to the north pole). Doing low altitude flying in Prepar3d v3.1 with the default F-22, I noticed that the framerate drops and texture reloading is severely lagged the more to the north you get. Whereas on the latitude of Iqaluit it is just smooth and normal, Svalbard (not in Canada but it serves as an example for the latitude) is just a tad slower, and Alert / Ellesmere Island is even slower, with stutters, and textures really blurry. Possibly because of the tiles getting comparatively smaller up north? It was summer when I looked but did you remove the ice cape completely? Then again, KUDOS to you and your work. The first time since FS98 that the simulator looks really realistic. Lars
  12. friends: Installing Australia SP4 me this message: "Duplicate index landclass 14. Aborting FTX Central" And FTX center closes. As I can fix this problem? Thank You
  13. Hey, I´m FSS0229376. After install the au tasmania demo file if I active whatever scenery in FTX Central the houses and trees apears everywhere. FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 130623 23rd July 2013 FTX AU BLUE SP3 (TASMANIA SPRING SEASON DEMO) OCT 2009 FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.20 December 2013 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS EUROPE PACK 2 - April 2014 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 1 - Version 1.00 August 2013 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 11 - April 2014 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 2 - September 2013 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 3 - October 2013 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 4 - November 2013 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 5 - December 2013 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 6 (Hawaii) - January 2014 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 7 - January 2014 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 8 - January 2014 FTX NA KHQM BOWERMAN AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 FTX NA PNW PACIFIC NORTHWEST DEMO V2.00 FTX openLC Base Region Version 1.10 - September 2013 FTX openLC Europe Region 1 (Baltics Demo) Version 1.10 - September 2013 FTX openLC North America Region 1 Version 1.00 - September 2013 See this only houses --of course I have autogen active as medium or high. See this lake full of trees. or this airport full of trees, houses and textures which are changing full ot time. The only way to chage these is put FSX default in FTX Central can anybody help me. Rgds, Angel
  14. It looks like we'll be waiting a little longer for the much anticipated Europe & North American landclass software to be finished, and another year or two for openLC to be complete for every region. In the meantime I'm getting antsy, and I'm kinda am tired of seeing familiar areas of the world getting rendered so poorly with FXS's default landclass layer. I'm wondering if the alternatives will work fairly well with the Orbx software I have installed already -- FTX Global Base and FTX Vector. (I do not have any mesh terrain at the moment.) Here are the alternatives three I've found out there on the interwebs.... Scenery Tech, which from the looks of it hasn't been updated in years, but might be ok. Cloud9 XClass, which is also old-ish but pretty cheap. Ultimate Terrain, which I believe is also a vector layer; I'd be paying for it quiet heftily though, and since my FTX software handles that already there's probably no point in buying this one. I'm just wondering if there are any known incompatibilities any of these and the FTX Base & Vector sorftware, and I'm curious what preference people have, if any. Also, I do realize that none will be as nice as openLC, and I'm eager to buy it and complete the suite of software as the regions become availible ... but I guess I'm a tad impatient. Thanks in advance for the input -- and as always, sorry if this is a newbie newbie question/topic.
  15. Hello, i recently bought AU SP4 and was pretty amazed how nice everything looks got me two airports as well Now i tried the OZx airports which are nice too. I like AU alot but for some reason (i thought it was the OZx installation) i have some landclass problems. I started a flight in FSX from YGAN first without AU installed. It looks good, nice ground textures and lots of autogen trees. I installed AU afterwards (AU already installed in P3D2) Launched the flight again nearly no autogen and big ponds of water (trees in the water too) around YGAN. I disabled OZx no luck. Tried P3D2 same here. Disabled AU everything is fine. No 3rd party landclass no UTX nor GEX or anything like it installed. Gan Gan airfield is located in north australia near blue mud bay. Below are some screenies. All were taken in FSX (Prepar3Dv2 looks the same) Thanks in advance This is the area just FTX Global (Vector installed) ...now same area: AU SP4 - active OZx 3.4 - active AU SP4 - active OZx 3.4 - disabled Same area from higher altitude.
  16. Hi there, As mentioned before, thanks for what appears to be an awesome product (FTXG). However, having now had time to fly around some favourite areas in Southern Africa, I have discovered a serious problem created by the FTXG installation. Initially I was not sure if the problem was with FTXG - but after having completed a full re-installation of FSX and all scenery addons, as soon as I installed FTXG, the problem returned. Here is the problem: I, and the majority of simmers in Southern Africa, use Aeroworx's freeware mesh and landclass (available at AVSIM and Flightsim.com) as the default mesh and landclass and all other land class products available for Southern Africa are close to useless. The Aeroworx landclass prior to FTXG installation worked extremely well - even with the so-called "washed out" default textures. In general, the correct African indigenous tree varieties were rendered based on the landclass so as to ensure the terrain looked African and not North Alaskan (i.e. no pine or fir trees are found in indigenous forrests in Africa). However, with the installation of FTXG, the textures look great - but they have had a seriously negative impact on the types of trees rendered. An example is around the Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe, or in Northern Botswana, were the indigenous trees are no longer present and have been replaced by thick pine / fir tree forests - making the area look anything but realistic in Africa. I have tried using ORBX trees as well as not using them (via the FTX Central Control panel). I have also tried inserting the Aeroworx landclass scenery entry "above" FTXG entries - with no impact. I was under the impression that FTXG did not affect the landclass (and thus tree types rendered?) - but rather only improved on the ground textures rendered over the default ground textures. How can FTXG completely change the TYPES of trees that are rendered if the landclass has not changed ? Please help. I really hope there is a solution to this problem. Regards,
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