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Found 32 results

  1. Using Orbx's Sun Valley and Yellowstone airports to fool around using two ATC programs simultaneously. This is an IFR flight in a Embraer Phenom 300 using ProAtc/X and Vox-Atc. Hope you enjoy!
  2. First ones with the new version. The Tetons do look more detailed, and I also got a way too close look at them.
  3. Spotting wildfires in Yellowstone (Images reduced from original 5760 x 1080 resolution) Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, HD Trees; FTX: NA Gold USA Central Rocky Mountains, FTX: NA KWYS West Yellowstone Airport
  4. Flying out of West Yellowstone Airport... Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, HD Trees; FTX: NA KWYS West Yellowstone Airport
  5. FTX Yellowstone Airport - KWYS Having fun in these excellent weather conditions. 1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ 5_ 6_ 7_ 8_ 9_ 10_ 11_ Cheers, Voyager
  6. The Legacy from Jackson Hole to West Yellowstone.
  7. Just a few unedited shots out of West Yellowstone...
  8. Good morning, Yellowstone area, misty flight
  9. Great to see KWYS now has a triple installer. A very pleasant and most welcome surprise this morning. So here are a few shots from a flight with Carenado's Cessna 152, not the best choice for high altitude flying though! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Great to get back here again, many thanks to those involved in the P3D conversion.
  10. After a maintenance issue with the Spartan - ie no power for some reason, I swapped it out for a Hurricane (don't you love FSX). I have had KWYS for a while, although the last few flights there have been void of buildings due to an overwritten dll.xml file (I think). I just purchased Bozeman in the May sale, so flew there for a first look and a few touch and goes. Cheers,
  11. KWYS, Pilatus PC 21 by Iris (hope to see that duo in p3d too), weather by opus fsx Have a good flight
  12. ...from Bozeman to West Yellowstone (of course with HD trees ) Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  13. I finally got around to closing the gap between Bozeman and Jackson Hole by getting a copy of West Yellowstone during the sale Here are some from a flight from Bozeman to KWYS I see I have some work cut out for me... Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  14. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade, edited with Google Picasa
  15. Hello all, Santa and the FSS sale brought me (along some more stuff ) KWYS and KJAC - finally. And what fine jewels of scenery desing they are. Great job, ORBX team! I really like to fly the short hop between both airports. Here I took the fantastic TDS B787 Dreamliner for a ride. Ready to go at Jackson Hole. She looks gorgeous from this angle, doesn't she? Over Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful visitor's center. On finals. Had to go around the first time. I was too distracted by the landscape... Compare the size between the 787 and the airport building! No editing apart from resizing, minimal cropping and sharpening until here... Time to relax a bit... Hope you like the shots. Comments welcome Cheers, Alex
  16. My new bird's maiden flight... West Yellowstone (KWYS) to Jackson Hole (KJAC) Heading in real steep to Jackson... Hard landing coming up folks... Still in one piece...stiff drink for the passengers please attendant...oh & leave me a bottle!
  17. Having some fun with the A-10 Thunderbolt between Bozeman and West Yellowstone. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  18. Always the fan of the retro jets, I took the CS 732 for a quick burn from West Yellowstone down to Jackson Hole. Now if only someone would come up with a new Convair 880 or VC10, I'd be a very happy man Cheers, Jarrad
  19. http://www.orbxsyste...o-jackson-hole/ After i arrived at Jackson Hole, i decided to spend some days in the Teton National Park. In Jackson, i met a guy named Bob, who wants to climb Grand Teton. Two days later, we climbed up Grand Teton and reached the summit. Panorama from the summit of Grand Teton. View to the north. Unfortunately, i was completely exhausted from climbing Grand Teton, so i decided to continue my NA Tour in another way... 6 am at Jackson Hole Looking for traffic Takeoff Teton Range at dawn Yellowstone National Park Near West Yellowstone West Yellowstone landing Taxiing at West Yellowstone, part 1 Gate at West Yellowstone Taxiing at West Yellowstone, part 2 Takeoff from West Yellowstone Madison Range, Montana Anaconda, Montana Missoula, Montana Silver Mountain Ski Area St. Joe River Near Spokane Downtown Spokane and the three bridges I-90, BNSF Railroad and Sunset Highway After landing at Felts Field Gate at Felts Field I hope you like the pics from my latest NA Tour stage. Enjoy and thanks for looking.
  20. Bozeman Gallatin - West Yellowstone - Jackson Hole At the gate at KBZN Taxiing at KBZN Takeoff from KBZN On the way to KWYS Big Sky Ski Area Taxiing after landing at KWYS At the gate at KWYS Ready for takeoff from KWYS Takeoff from KWYS Lake Hebgen Lake Hebgen and West Yellowstone Airport Teton Range in the background Approaching KJAC Taxiing at KJAC At the gate at KJAC The passengers are waiting Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  21. Hello everyone, here is one capture taken from the KWYS airport. Hope you enjoy.
  22. Hello Everyone! One VFR flight in between now into the Yellowstone area with the C185. Repaint by Richard Louis. Please enjoy! Christoph Take off from KWYS ... ... great and unique landscapes below now ... ... love that view ... ... exploring this area a bit and then back on track ... ... spent the day at Yellowstone lake and then - just before darkness set in i continued the flight to KJAC ... ... airport insight ... ... Welcome to KJAC! ... and one nice video from a C185 i recently found on YouTube. Enjoyed it very much, hope You do so as well! >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae0AdbdZtTA
  23. Hello Everyone! Another segment of my latest "crosscountry tour" above the great CRM scenery from ORBX! Did take the Turbine Duke out of the hangar for this particular flight and had the FSGRW (FS Global Real Weather) Engine in use here for the first time together with REX textures. (Personally i now have OPUS as my prime weather engine and this one will be my 2nd one so to speak - because both have to offer a lot and i like to have choices! ) Everyone, please enjoy! Christoph Take off was very quick with the powerful engines of the Turbine Duke ... ... here we go ... ... into KWYS now via the ILS01 aproach ... Welcome to KWYS ... and the flightroute from these two CRM flights Pt.1+2
  24. Near Big Sky Ski Area Quake Lake Hebgen Lake KWYS and West Yellowstone Yellowstone - Grand Canyon Yellowstone Lake Grand Prismatic Spring Enjoy and thanks for looking!
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