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Found 28 results

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v4.5 HF2 Screenshot: KSQL issue.png Issue: I-5 hwy is missing; also random brown textures As seen in the screenshot attached, it appears that a few San Carlos area tiles are missing. I've tried all the proposed fixes I've found in this forum for similar scenery texture display issues without success. Using the "early access" version of OrbxCentral I had migrated all my Global, NA & Europe LC, Region and airport files to an external SDD library; but have since reinstalled Global and the regions back to their P3D root location. I'm currently running V4Central 0.15. I've tried uninstalling KSQL and reinstalling that in P3D using FTX Central. Tried reordering Vector file sequence, confirmed correct Orbx insertion points, have looked for conflicting bgl files, ran verify files and simulator sync and etc, etc. Has anyone seen this issue and successfully resolved it? All my other Orbx sceneries I've checked so far seem to be ok, though some highways look crisper than others. central.log
  2. Some sunny flying around the Bay Area...
  3. So...I wanted to do a cross-country from the old homestead to the new, and I used the A2A V-Tail to do it. Made it a two day trip because I was just too tired last night. Waiting to go at KSQL (San Carlos) Holding short. A dawn departure is a beautiful thing. Looking south towards San Jose, and you can see the runway lights from Moffett Field at the low right. Sunrise over the City by the Bay. There's Redding (KRDD)...one of my favorite ORBX add-ons. And there's the Sundial Bridge out of the pilot storm window. Crossing Lake Shasta, which looks fuller here than in real life at the moment. And there's Mt. Shasta in the distance. The mountain and Black Butte inching ever so close. They're almost as pretty as they are in person. I had planned this to be done as one flight, but like I said, I was getting tired. So I found Rogue Valley International - Medford Airport (KMFR) in the GTN 750 and dialed in my approach to call it a day. Parked and chocked at KMFR, we'll finish this flight tomorrow. Part 2 posting shortly...
  4. I quick flight from Sonoma to San Carlos. Flew over Cloverdale, and right past Half Moon Bay as well. Enjoy!
  5. Monterey to Sonoma County Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - Orbx Weather 3 Cheers Karsten
  6. Take off San Carlos for a tour at SF
  7. Did the update to P3D v3.3 which fixes ground texture issues at San Carlos and Meigs but I notice that the windsocks are free hanging in the air in KSQL without the poles. Would you recommend me to reinstall KSQL or is this an issue also seen by others?
  8. Hope someone can help with this. It seems the underlying photo-scenery at San Carlos is showing through the tarmac and runway depending on the viewing angle and the taxiway and runway markings disappear and reappear. The screenshots below will hopefully show what I mean. Each screenshot is at a different angle. My mesh resolutions is 5m and texture resolution is 7cm as in the User Guide. I can't remember this being a problem prior to the latest install into P3Dv3.2. Missing taxiway and runway markings with large concrete pad Tarmac is ok but taxiway and runway markings are missing as viewed from a different angle All normal as should be Any solutions greatly appreciated as on landing approach the markings keep disappearing and reappearing as viewed from the cockpit. Edit: I guess I should add that I have also reinstalled KSQL, cycled FTX Central and have the latest libraries installed.
  9. Cloverdale to San Carlos via Santa Rosa Enjoy and thanks for looking! Sorry for so many shots, couldn't decide which shots i should leave out. FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  10. Some unedited shots of a quick flight from Monterey to San Carlos. It was awfully hazy in the Bay Area, and the crosswind on final at San Carlos was a little daunting.
  11. Departed from San Carlos airport-KSQL in Metroliner III, heading east and flying over a part of the world 'bits&bytes' center:
  12. to make a round with the F33A Bonanza in this beautifull flyweather in California, dep at KSQL and arrival at KMRY
  13. Hi guys I am at a loss with a recent install of KSQL San Carlos and nothing from reviewing forum content and FAQ's has been able to help so I hope you might be able to help. The issue I have is that the scenery all looks fine compared to product screenshots except for what appears to be a default control tower placed just to the left of the payware one. When selecting the airport from the P3Dv3 Scenario builder and choosing a parking spot there seems to be an excessive amount and some I choose place my aircraft inside hangers which I assume should not happen. The only way I have found to resolve this is to place KSQL at priority 1 in my scenery library but as soon as I alter regions via FTX Central 2 then as it should KSQL is placed back within FTX default positions and the problem returns. I have FTX Northern California installed as well as FB's KSFO HD, hope someone can point me in the right direction to get this resolved. Please keep up the great work.
  14. Simreviews has reviewed KSQL San Carlos: http://www.simreviews.com/2015/09/09/orbx-san-carlos-ksql/ Thanks to Simreviews for their time and effort!
  15. Bright and early morning flight from a weekend playing golf back to the corporation - just in time for the first meeting of the day... Looks like we're in good company here on the GA side of Palm Springs Thanks for the tip, Shaun. Taking the pic while the sim is running did get the heat shimmer back into the nacelles Cruising along... ...at 30.000 feet and 320 knots. But I did soon have to go lower and slower, as the wings were heating up quite dramatically. (Yes - you have to keep an eye on that temperature gauge on the left, just above the chronometer) Monterey in the background Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  16. Another beautiful masterpiece... Hey, do I know you?! VirtualCol Dash 8 Q300
  17. The sales are on and one aircraft that really caught my eye was the Flysimware Cessna 441 Conquest. Had a look at the start up video and then was time to taxi to the runway and take off, wiping out a few aircraft on the way. I must watch the next video in the series soon to see how to move this plane without devastating the other occupants on the ramp. Took off and it goes like the proverbial powers. Great aircraft to go with all the wonderful ORBX scenery I am amassing. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  18. Celebrating my 8000th post with a flight from Monterey to San Carlos. Sorry for so many shots in this topic, i couldn't decide, which one i should leave out. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  19. Some of the execs from one of the Silicone Valley joints wanted to hitch a ride for a round of golf in Monterey.. Yeah... I did not take the most direct route... More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  20. Little time to fly these days... but time to acquire the new releases - lov'em all!
  21. San Carlos Airport is literally down the street from my office, so it was a guaranteed buy. I made my inaugural flight down to Monterey.
  22. Sat here for a long time pondering weather to shell out AU$33.00 on San Carlos. Don't smoke, drink much or play the pokies so why not. 1. Ready to go and explore. 2. No doubt where we are! 3. The Hiller Aviation Museum. 4. Not much GA here, will have to move the sliders up! 5. Holly Street passes over Route 101. 6. Don't think I would get a job in any of these businesses. 7. Looking back over Steinberger Slough and Bair Island. 8. Bayshore Freeway Route 101. 9. Bair Island and Corkscrew Slough. 10. Pacific Shores at Westpoint. Well there is my first look. Great stuff glad I brought it and well worth the AU$33.00
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