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Found 52 results

  1. Added the Vertx Diamond DA62 to the hangar, and wanted a decent cross-country flight to break her in. Decided to pay @Rodger Pettichord a visit at Felts Field. The weather was not ideal in Gig Harbor, broke out of the clouds while en route, then got socked in real good at Felts. I think this aircraft is fantastic, but I have got to learn the G1000 or it's not going to be an aircraft I'll use all too often. It's much easier to dial up a flightplan with the GTN750 in my V-Tail. Sitting at KTIW (Tacoma-Narrows Airport). Wheels up, and man is it cloudy! She's a real beauty inside, and that G1000 can do more than this pilot can throw at it. Some clearing as we climb towards 14,500 feet. Now we're on top of it, and Mt. Rainier is poking her head up through the clouds. This aircraft is really drop dead gorgeous! Those clouds are blanketing the western part of Washington. Hello there moon. It starts to break up as we get east of the Cascades. ORBX really nailed it with the PNW region. Look at those lines...Rodger is so gonna want a ride in this thing. Very short final after breaking through the low clouds. I can't get enough of the art deco styling of this airport. Alright Rodger, Border Patrol said we have Carte Blanche to do whatever we please.
  2. Hello, everyone. The pattern over a gloomy KSFF on Connie.
  3. Arriving KSFF from KBZN, KGEG off wing!
  4. I noticed after OF2 install that all of the roofs of buildings & tower at KSFF are missing. I have the latest FTXC, reinstalled latest libs ver. 171001, unistalled KSFF twice per Tim Harris' instructions under FAQ, ran force migration, ran trouble shooter (all green), checked OF2 boxes ticked in both FTXC and P3Dv4 addons (both ticked), ran configurator twice, probably did some more that I don't remember atm, all to to avail, roofs still missing. So I must be missing something (besides the roof), I have perused the site in depth and haven't found the answer to my problem (but I could be overlooking it), so any help would be greatly appreciated at this point. This in no way affects my sim or my flying but just the idea that something is not right at this fabulous airport, haven't found it at other airports. 2 Screenshots attached. Thanks in advance for advice Talk about your glass ceiling
  5. Orbx-FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Northern Rocky Mountains and NA KSFF Felts Field Airport
  6. I have no people at KSFF. Checked screenshots on the product page and there are no people where there should be. I have everything checked in the config settings for the airport, have the scenery complexity slider in P3D maxxed out, but nothing. Can anyone help? Thanks. -Ed
  7. I haven't had the chance to do any flying in the past month, but seeing as though I have the Van's RV-7 up and running, I figured it was time. The weather was fun to look at, but it was bumpy as all get out. Enjoy!
  8. Morning flight with a Canadair North Star C-4 Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - Orbx Weather 3 Cheers Karsten
  9. A quick an enjoyable trip in any plane - especially in a DC-3 in this polished livery. Steve
  10. Felts Field (KSFF) to Bozeman (KBZN):
  11. .......now the wait is over, the last three multi installer airports are here. 1. The first of the trio I have installed is KSFF 2. Very happy to have this great airport in P3D for the first time. 3. All the ORBX airports are so good but this is one of my very favourites. 4. Not only the great airport but the ground detail in the town is spectacular. 5. Just wanted to get into the air and have my first squiz at Spokane for a long time and does it look even better in P3D. The story you are about to read is true, only the names have been changed to protect the insane. 6. A few years ago I got home from work tired as usual 7. My wife said, "if you go onto your FSS account I have brought something for you" 8. I opened up my account at FSS and found there was new purchase. 9. So I installed the programme and was amazed by the scenery. 10. So I asked her, "why did you buy this particular airport"? Her reply was of course, "because I like to make my present felts." Many thanks yet again to the ORBX team for your wonderful work providing us with multi installers at no charge.
  12. What is going wrong with these last two airports for P3D V3 , last previews from Ian are over one month old. hope we will see them really soon now.
  13. Obvious edits... Mustangs around Jackson Hole Electra at Spokane Dashing out of Southampton Spit over England (Stapleford, to be precise) A 60s pic of a Canberra over Canberra And a colourful Melbourne evening All pics tweaked, chopped and mushed up from the originals Cheers Mallard
  14. Having nosed around KSFF, a quick hop around and across Spokane to KCEG in the Hawker Fury - Having circled round out of KSFF, now heading across Spokane itself Over the city, heading to KCEG Safely (if not professionally) down, and parked These full-fat regions are SO well done (and I'm getting to really like the Fury)
  15. Yet another little wonder from Orbx. Started off with a little trip round with Bob - This was the view north of the airport (I think) And then there was a nice little industrial area off at one end - OK, so it's just a bunch of sheds and fences and trees, but I think it's pretty damn impressive just as a bit of backdrop that you'll probably never see. Just read JV's interview in PC Pilot magazine where he mentions the guiding principle of aiming to produce the best and most immersive experience possible and I reckon this sort of thing shows he's spot on target. A couple of shots from the R66 next - And to finish, heading off for a flight across town - Should have been a good bit higher here but again, wanted to admire the scenery detail - Will continue to KGEG (Spokane Int) in another posting Enjoy
  16. the WACO at Spokane airport (KSFF) in the year...well, recently....but made 'old fashion'
  17. Felts Field to Bonners Ferry in a C207 Skywagon Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather
  18. Another flight with the Electra - this time from Bonners Ferry to Felts Spokane... One bug with this plane appears to be that the landing lights are always on when the navigation lights are lit... But I'm sure that this will be fixed soon... Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  19. G'day Everyone, I'm very pleased to unveil the first screenshots of my latest project, Felts Field Spokane. Located just over the Cascades from many of your favourite PNW airports , this is the first payware airport for the Northern Rocky Mountains region. As well as modelling the regional GA hub of Felts Field in all it's glory, I have also included a very large chunk of the city of Spokane for you to explore too. FELTS FIELD & SPOKANE Historical Felts Field Airport (KSFF) is the GA airport servicing the city of Spokane, WA. Nestled adjacent the river in the scenic Spokane Valley, Felts is the GA hub for the Inland Empire (Inland NorthWest). With three runways (including a water runway), Felts is suitable for all types of simmers including jet flyers. Rich in history, the airport is home to a variety of well-known aviation companies and businesses, including Pemberton & Sons (owners of the oldest flying Boeing, a 1928 Model 40C), Rocket Aviation (who modify the famous Beechcraft Duke into the Turbine Duke), Northwest Airways, Moody's Aviation and many others. Felts also features impressive early 20th-century architecture, including it's famous Art Deco terminal building and old 116th Squadron USAF hanger. Spokane is the second largest in Washington, as well as being the commercial and cultural hub of the Inland Empire. Originally prospering as a stop on the Northern Pacific Railroad, Spokane grew to be one of the most important rail centres in the western US; the existing railyards are an important visual cue whilst flying the circuit at Felts. The downtown area experienced significant growth following the hosting of the '74 World Fair, and many landmarks built at this time are visible in our scenery. As well as the downtown and railyard districts, many other areas of Spokane are faithfully recreated, including the northern approaches and Spokane River valley. FEATURES - Ultra-detailed & low-impact rendition of Felts Field (KSFF) - Advanced rendering & ambient occlusion applied to all textures - Huge coverage area including the majority of the City of Spokane at 60 & 30cm resolutons - Over 40 custom landmarks and points of interest, including detailed representation of downtown Spokane - Over 50 extrusion bridges & overpasses within the coverage area, including 5 high-detailed custom bridges - Spokane railyards faithfully recreated - Super high-definition 5m mesh coverage for extended Spokane Valley - Clock tower at Felts Field tells the time! - Custom high detailed StaticFlow2 and ground vehicles, including custom aircraft unique to Felts - Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX Northern Rocky Mountains (first payware airport for this region) - Full suite of ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2, Snowflow, TextureFlow and CreatureFlow COVERAGE Stay tuned, more screenshots and features coming up this week! Cheers, Jarrad
  20. Part 7 - High River Regional (CEN4) to Felts Field (KSFF) - The weather was a little rough once I left CEN4, but it got better until I was about 30 miles out of Felts. My video driver crashed, which caused FSX to go TU also. So the last few shots are of a re-launch, from a nearby airfield; and the weather was not exactly the same, unfortunately. You can make out Bonners Ferry (65S) on the plateau down at the bottom of the shot.
  21. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  22. Finally got the second throttle quadrant to work as it should (yes, it does pay to RTFM). And since I'm still installing some of my latest purchases, I thought I'd give the setup a try on a flight from (my "new") Bonners Ferry to (my "old") Felts Field Spokane En route Approaching Spokane All shots straight, slightly cropped but otherwise untampered-with DX10s Cheers Mallard
  23. Metrolining the stretch from Bozeman to Spokane. Climbing to 10,000 feet to make it over the mountain ranges Passing the Missoula Snowbowl ski resort Would make for a nice schedule - 1 1/2 hours gets you gate to gate Cheers Mallard
  24. Finally got my screenshot prize installed - thanks again to everyone who voted for my pic and to Orbx for offering the chance of winning one of their great products! Ooh! Lots of bridges in this area... Wonder what one could do with them..? @ Brad (and anybody else from Spokane): Sorry for buzzing to and fro over your heads for such a long time at such an early hour (sim-time was set to 8:30 a.m.). But you really live in such a nice place that I just had to explore it extensively Cheers Mallard
  25. Hello Everyone! This flight had to be completed quickly, because an injured person needed to be picked up at 65S and transfered to Felts as fast as possible. The crew enterd the B200 aircraft at about 8:15AM local time at KSFF and took off at around 8:25AM. At around 8:50 the plane was parked at 65S and while all the stuff for the returning flight to KSFF was set up by the flight crew, the medical staff helped bringing the patient on board. At around 9:00AM the plane was heading back to KSFF. At around 9:30AM then, the "mission" was over and so far all went well: The patient is on the way to the hospital and the crew now has some time to relax a bit and have some breakfast. Everyone, please enjoy these shots below, captured while this particular flight. Cheers, Christoph While taxiing: Another Medstar B200 - parked and taking a rest for now Teke off ... ... ... some views from the inside to the outside ... Descending into the RNAV02 approach towards 65S - really like this approach (and also the green altitude arc at the MFD - very nice!) ... here we go (Really have to take good care of the trees nearby the runway ) ... Now let's get the plane parked ... ... Taking off again - but - - Holy ... That was scarce! Above some clouds while on the way back ... Into the final segment of the RNAV (GPS) A approach of KSFF ... And here we are, back to KSFF at 9:30AM
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