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Found 27 results

  1. Hello, I need two days to get KSAN working with SODE, and still have some Problems. 3 Gates are missing and are static!, no idea why ORBX has done it this way. Some other Gates are really difficult, I never get the AI Air Canada CRJ705 working and some others to. That's the first time I use KSAN v2 and I'm still not happy with it. I expect more from ORBX, all other Airports are looking much better. I appreciate the new SODE Gates in KSAN, but the quality is bad, compared to the other ORBX SODE Airports, they look really basic and outdated, like the old low quality static Jetways. When I remember to the other ORBX SODE Airports, these Gates look, ... sorry ... horrible for me. I'm still not happy with the scenery, but the surroundings are looking nice, togehter with ORBX SOCAL. An Approach to Rwy 35 is really funny and challenging. Southwest hast still some old static Jetways (can't believe that these are no SODE Gates, never seen this in an SODE Airport), the Passengers need to Jump to the Plane. If you want to know more about SODE and AI, you need to look to the ESSA Topic: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167316-the-updated-stockholm-arlanda-sode-ai/ the other ORBX SODE Airports (KMBS is not done yet by me): https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167585-the-updated-idaho-falls-regional-airport-sode-ai/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167464-the-updated-glacier-park-intl-airport-sode-ai/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167388-the-updated-dubrovnik-sode-ai/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167681-the-updated-santa-barbara-municipal-airport-sode-ai/ another nice one: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167599-climbing-out-from-kalispell/ and now finally for you: Night: Thanks for your Interest Urmel
  2. Meanwhile... testing the last version of San Diego Lindberg KSAN with the SODE gateways. AI Traffics are from Ultimate Traffic Live + models and textures from FLAi.
  3. First flight out of Big Bear, as well as my first flight into San Diego. Back in the familiar confines of the RealAir Piston Duke.
  4. Left KSAN for L35 via Border Seven JLI SID, passing KPSP and KBNG along the way! Taxi to Rwy Niner for take off via taxiways F, C, C6, B6, B, B10 Passing US Customs and Interanational Gates Needed a bit of fresh sea air along the way! Passing over what I think to be Cowel Mt. a good place for hiking (Jack!) KPSP, a bit behind and right, of the plane, you can see the green triangle of wind turbines! KBNG, Banning, just up the road from KPSP. Coming into Big Bear over Baldwin Lake from the east! Red & White is good! Pretty decent landing (if I say so myself) My gal/pal, waiting for me, trying desperately to get hold of someone to unlock that gate, she's serious when that hand is on her hip!! My flight plan, on FltPlanGo iPad (not this fuzzy in real world) Thanks for looking!
  5. Ready to move further westwards, to discover some of the orbx airports I have purchased since my last virtual west coast stay. This is the plane we are going to use, seen from the coffee bar in the United lounge at Houston terminal E: Cockpit preparations. Hurray! Just compare the registration of the PMDG bird with the real one above. We are serious simmers, aren´t we? A view over Houston, from the international airport to CBD. Texas in green. The cockpit in nice. Arizona in brown. Imperial Dunes, while already descending. The Gulf of California to the left... ... and the Pacific ahead, at the same time. Here you can see the use of freshwater in California. And here you can see... the visibility during final approach. A pleasure to all pilots... There is no vertical guidance on this approach, and the clouds just opened seconds before landing. So I was waytoohigh and had to pull the brakes... Made it. Then overheated the brakes, which caused blocking... so there is no gate screenie today.
  6. This is from BA273 from EGLL to KSAN. At the Gate in Heathrow. No SODE here. One of the jetways is inop. First Class snobs have to share a jetway with the other folks. Taxiing to runway 27L. 777 in old Etihad livery taking off before us! Concorde on display. Takeoff... Northern England. Leaving for the Irish sea... ... and the Atlantic Ocean... Greenland. Labrador (no CTDs here, never had). Some midwestern town... Arizona, probably. Some mighty grand (?) canyon... Southern California... Crossing the last mountains before final. Touchdown. Evening in San Diego! That's it, I hope you liked it. Regards Lars
  7. Chester airport - KSNC Welcome all to my next project! This time is the turn of KSNC Chester airport. Chester airport (KSNC) is a public use airport located 5 km southwest of the central business district of Chester, a town in Middlesex County, Connecticut. Chester airport has a runway (17/35) measuring 782x15m. The airport is sourrunded by very big forest and to many lakes. The particularity of this airport is it's runway and apron, in fact the runway has a moderate slopes and one part of the apron is about 3mt under the runway level, and to acces to the apron zone there are two sloped ramps. The airport has been recreated carefully, the runway is not flat but i have recreated every single slopes! The same is for the buildings which they follow the terrain slopes and them are not flat. Compatibility: Available for FSX, FSX:SE, and Prepar3D v1, 2, 3, and 4 Requires only FTX GLOBAL Coverage: The photoreal it's composed by 7cm/px near the airport and with 50cm/px for the sourrounding. The coverage area is extended untill Essex City and is present the part of river running along the city with the marshy area. Features: Carefully reproduction of Chester Aiport (KSNC) with sloped runway, apron and buildings. Realistic night illumination of the runway and apron. Dynamic lights (P3DV4 only). Realistic specular map over the entire runway and apron ( FSX and P3D ). Orbx objectflow controlled, which change the colours of the trees, terrain, buildings etc.. due to season. Volumetric grass with different colour for every season. Different colours of the terrain for every season. Snow covers airport runway, apron and buildings during hard winter season with unique specular effect. 3D rocks ( deactivable ) on the runway hill. Animated trees. Smoke from the terminal chimney's. Animated peoples. animated flag with different speed and angle due to wind. animated windsocks with different speed and angle due to wind. animated insects . Maining POI's of the zone, example: Essex''s station with trains and Luna park . Blended extremely well with sourrounding. Custom mesh of the zone. San Diego airport - Service pack 1 This is the much-anticipated update for San Diego! I have done my best to improve this scenery, first i'd like to remember to all, the San Diego region is one of the most difficult area of the sim to develop. I have done my best to improve the grapich and in the same time improve the usability, I hope you appreciate it!. This update includes: New GSE vehicle, much more optimized than old and unique for Ksan with the iconic purple-blue luggage vehicles, TUG, push-back vehicles etc.. Dynamic lights (P3DV4 only). New Jetways. Now you could decide if you want to use the old animated jetways or new high detailed static jetways with 3 different kind of jetways in the airport ( like in the reality ). Fixed autogen xml. Removed some bugs ( misplaced apron light, removed the block that did not allow to see autogen trees in the city, bigger guardlights etc..) better blending of the photoreal of the airport zone with the photoreal of the sourrounding better night illumination near the aiport ( removed red colours and added more realistic tone ) Improved performance ( may not be perceived in all systems ) Regardings CTD error reported by some users; I think that with these updates the error may not occur. This kind of errors they can come as no, so it's up to you to see if it still happens, in case, we will see how to proceed! From what I can say, now the scenary is more optimized and by removing some bugs the ctd may be less or disappear.
  8. Hey guys, I am thinking about purchasing KSAN but before I do I have a question to ask and that is... I fly the eaglesoft Citation X and the plane will not align with one of my addon airports, does anybody know if the Citation X works with the airport. This would be my first airport purchase from you guys. Thank you.
  9. @Mark Abdey These are dedicated to you :-) I finally tried out the skytextures etc you gave me tip for and it was one of the best things happened to my SIm.... Its AMAZING!!! Thank you so much....
  10. Not sure why i feel big? And this one here i really like.... ANd near arrival over KRDU
  11. I had a question about the KSAN control panel.. when i first opened it.. neither option (select this if using southern california or select this if using ftx global or openlc) was selected.. Which of these should be used? IE: i have all 3.. there is no joint option.. just to test i compared each setting for a given shot.. i noticed the openlc gives more details, but at a cost of about 5 fps on my 4k display, which is fine given the detail level. Is openlc the correct choice here (unless frames are desired), despite having southern california? Thanks in advance
  12. Obviously, this is the Southwest terminal (KSAN). I think Ultimate Traffic Live is overfilling the terminal in the background with Alaska planes
  13. Hi, I decided to test San Diego International with the PMDG MD-11, which is quite demanding when it comes to FPS. I did not expect fantastic results, I just hoped it would work and it did. So here are a few shots of the arrival of a Lufthansa MD-11 in the evening... I am very happy with the scenery of that airport. Great buildings, lots of things to see but, with the MD-11 on final, it was not exactly time for an extended sightseeing... With 50 degree of flaps, it lands like a Cessna 150. Well, almost...! There was nice AI activity that night, with another aircraft on final and few aircrafts taxiing. I even had to wait in order to avoid contact with a big carrier. Finally one last view of the airport before I explore the area with something smaller. But since I heard that somebody would create San Diego International, I had promised myself that I would fly the MD-11 in there to test if it was still flyable with todays sceneries. And it sure is! Cheers!
  14. Orbx - FTX: NA KSAN SanDiego International Airport, Orbx - FTX: NA Gold USA Southern California
  15. From the Nimitz in San Diego Harbour to the Charles De Gaulle anchored off Nice "good bit of shore leave coming up!"
  16. Flying P-51 Civilian Mustang from Agua Dulce to San Diego. OBRX: NA GOLD USA Southern California, NA L70 Agua Dulce Airport, NA KSAN SanDiego International Airport.
  17. As I seem to be in a nautical mood - Arriving at San Diego in the USS New Jersey one fine day And now leaving the dockside a few days later, in the evening And on out to sea. This is fun! And those guns do actually fire (quite impressively), but I thought that would be a bit impolite.
  18. Aeroplane Heaven have, as you all know, just released the Helldiver. I was very pleased when I visited their site to see that the F3F was included in a special deal when you brought the Helldiver. So I treated myself to a little Easter present and here is the start of my first flight in it. 1. I don't know too much about this plane but an important thing for me is that it will start with Ctrl+E and it has a GPS. 2. Along with that is a pretty convincing Wright R-1820 sound set. 3. Another good thing is that I have got my AI traffic running again but I expect you noticed that already. 4. Plenty of things to look at in the harbour here. 5. Some excellent ships here. 6. There is even the Coronado Bridge that I have to fly under, be daring and don't choose the wide middle spans, unless you are in a 747 or the like. 7. More beautifully done cargo vessels flash past. 8. A very impressive city scape here too. 9. Now to the Naval Dockyard. No itchy trigger fingers please. So it is onwards to Ensenada in Mexico.
  19. I bought the new KSAN eye candy.... I read that the Jetways move. Will they move if you park your jet at the gate?
  20. Just before dark travels in the KSAN area
  21. My favourite US airline just got a whole lot better. 1. This beautiful 737 is about to run up the west coast to it's home. 2. Sadly as beautiful as it is there are many dangers on the way. 3. The weather may be a problem. 4. The weather does look good at the moment, but still many miles to go. 5. Could be hungry bears, they love to snaffle a tasty Salmon. 6. Possibly a Bald Eagle with dagger like talons. 7. There are plenty of anglers who like to tangle with a big tasty salmon. 8. Maybe some nets will be strung across the salmon's path. 9. Or the many rapids and water falls might tire the salmon to a standstill. 10 No it is none of these. A few seconds after this shot was taken zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap Bloody OOM. Stupid me, next time I will knock the slides back once I am at 30000ft, don't need the detail so high up. Oh well, I enjoyed the flight while it lasted and learnt something. Great work Matteo, we will all look forwards to your next wonderful project.
  22. A few shots on the ground at KSAN at dawn. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. I have done a few other flights around the area and what a great job has been done here.
  23. Several images of the KSAN area in a before and after comparison. The before images utilize FTX Global, FTX Vector, Orbx Trees, OpenLC NA and the SoCal region. The after images added the KSAN product to the mix. Before The 805 Freeway crossing the Mission Valley Freeway [I-8] has a good deal of defined details often using autogen. Next to Qualcomm Stadium and I-15, there's a good amount of detail. There are some hand placed objects and autogen features. A good amount of geographic variety. After Same general area of the Mission valley Freeway around Qualcomm Stadium. An updated stadium is surrounded by a diverse set of numerous hand-placed objects. The detail in the area is crisper and geography is has far more variety and shadows. There are numerous detailed office buildings and retail areas. The topology and vegetation is very detailed.
  24. ... in a Lockheed Electra Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
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