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Found 8 results

  1. That means we move from JFK Space Center (precisely Orlando)... ... flying over Tampa... ... the Mexican Gulf, ... ... and along the estuary of the Mississippi. Deep down in Louisiana, close to New Orleans. I do not see the log cabin?! Numerous Bays on the way towards Houston. In reality not as blue as in the sim. Here we get ready to visit Johnson Space Center as well. Where I finally was able to walk around a Saturn V rocket...
  2. Some touistic attractions have been placed in the humid surroundings of Orlando. A big Disney World, for example. The huge parking lots remind me of the old times when mass meetings of people have been possible. They also remind me of high prices and even higher "VIP" prices for "skip-the-line" entry. While the real VIPs not pay at all but really skip all lines. I have never been too interested in that commercial tourism, or does one say it is worth it? You may also visit the Universal studios here. Or Lockheed Martin. My map says they should be here, but which building is it? KMCO, a great design for an airport. Very quick for the passanger and easy to get an overview. Just about an hours drive to the east coast is Palm Bay. I once had a business trip down there... ... and was surprised to see Melbourne International airport just next door.
  3. The obvious touristic activity in the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. Here we start northbound from Melbourne International.... ... and soon after we arrive at Cape Canaveral. When you look in https://skyvector.com/ , you will find out that this airspace is going to be blocked tomorrow due to "Space Launch". But not for us, and not today... Numerous launching facilities here... ... and the JFK Space Center. A great place. Many years ago, I was fortunate to have some time left after a business meeting, went there spontanously and had some interesting hours, including a chat with a Space Shuttle crew member. Titusville airfield, with a potential Shuttle landing strip. When I left the center IRL, I wondered why all people were standing next to their cars. Got out, just in time to see a rocket starting. We all have seen that often in TV, but that sound is something else! Much less noise at Orlando airport.
  4. The old SAA always had their intercontinental flights over night and parked the expensive birds at the destination during daytime. This new "South African" company makes use of the Fifth Freedom rules and offers mid-distance flights from their long-haul destinations, as you see here out of Washington-Dulles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedoms_of_the_air#:~:text=The fifth freedom allows an,country (and so on). The Appalachian Mountains to our right... ... and some good cloud coverage below. I had to climb to FL410 to avoid permanent bumps and to allow a true South African drink service, which surely is an innovation on a US domestic flight. A view of the Atlantic at Savannah... ... and the next group of thunderstorm clouds in our path. Florida weather! But Daytona Beach awaits with clear skies. Not so clear in Orlando... ... but we have some little helpers... ... and a fantastic scenery! Ready to land and drop off the passengers. The plane would immediately return to KIAD and get ready for the homebound flight to Jo´burg. We stay for some nice days of tourism...
  5. Flying around CityScene Orlando for the first time yesterday, I found a few issues that should be considered for a future update. So first for the good. My tour consisted of 2 parts; first was a flight into KMCO (from KSTL) in the NGX, with CityScene enabled. Normally I wouldn't have attempted this but I wanted to see the limits of my system. I have to say that performance approaching the Orlando area was admirable; there were only a few points where the sim choked momentarily, and only short periods of time, maybe on the order of 30 seconds, where I had black buildings before things caught up and textures loaded. Landing FPS was a little sluggish; on the order of 18-25 fps but nothing completely unreasonable or precluding a nice smooth landing in the TDZ. (Also consider this was all done with the residential building setting unknowingly ticked; so my performance probably could have been significantly better.) The only glitch was discovering that the Taxi2Gate KMCO taxiway bridges were missing, but a scenery reload seemed to fix that - no idea what that was all about but it would seem to be an issue on my end. All in all, I was quite pleased! Now for the "bad". The second part of my tour was a helicopter tour from KMCO to the I-4 corridor and to the southwest to and around Walt Disney World, then over to downtown Orlando and back to KMCO. Aside from my always suspect helicopter piloting skills, I found a handful of issues. No show stoppers - I suppose with over 200k buildings as claimed, a few glitches are to be expected? DoubleTree Inn Universal Studios (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/jD2YxeDGaZ32) A few buildings appear to be missing, except for floating fascia wall elements: Odyssey Center, WDW EPCOT (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/W6ukapf4M7v) Similar to the DoubleTree, there seems to be a building error: Building just west of Cinderella Castle, WDW Magic Kingdom (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/sGnPY1s14Bp) Another similar problem - part of the building appears to be too short and is missing textures: The Magic Kingdom Skyline This was mentioned by a few in the preview thread but bears repeating here: I measured the heights by slewing in-sim, so they are approximate. The original comments in the preview thread centered around the height relationship between the castle and Space Mountain; they visually "don't look right", but when actually reviewing the heights they appear to be roughly OK - the castle could be made a little taller and Space Mountain a little shorter, but in the scheme of things it's a minor complaint. The Astro Orbiter is grossly out of scale, however. I wasn't able to find a height listed anywhere but based on a Google image search it appears to be somewhere around half the height of the castle. Also, the castle is facing the wrong way! Overall, let it be known that despite the backwards castle, the representation of Walt Disney World earned overall praise from my Disney nut girlfriend. KMCO There's an airplane on short final to RWY 35R. Not really a big deal but thought I would add it to the list:
  6. Order #:5a17739cd5bec Autogen at KMCO.... bug trees on the apron and houses around the runway.
  7. Hello. I recently did a total reinstall of fsx steam and then ORBX. (Global Base, FTX Global, Global Trees, Global Vector, Lights, NA airports, and libraries). For the most part I guess things look ok. However, at KMCO Orlando, there are trees all over the airport area. On taxi ways etc. As I just did a fresh reinstall of everything I have no addon airports installed. Any help here would be appreciated. 583648440b240, my transaction number if that is needed
  8. Hi I installed OpenLC NA and went to KMCO for a look at the results. Unfortuantely there are trees everywhere. This doesn't seem to effect othe NA airports I have been to. Before I take the drastic step of re-installing everything could anybody offer any advice please. Additional info: FSX:SE A forced migration has been performed and the scenery cache has been rebuilt. GLOBAL FTX Global Base Pack FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.40 September 2015 FTX Global openLC Europe FTX openLC Europe Version 1.20 - September 2015 FTX Global openLC North America FTX openLC North America Version 1.10 - August 2016 FTX Global Vector FTX GLOBAL VECTOR PACK - Version 1.40 April 2016 REGION England FTX EU ENG England 1.40 - August 2014 OTHER Europe Freeware Packs FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS EUROPE PACKS 1 to 8 - March 2015 FTX Trees HD FTX TREES HD VERSION 1.00 APRIL 2015 North America Freeware Packs FTX Global Freeware Airports North & South America - July 2016 Orbx Libraries FTX AA ORBX Libraries Version 160708 8th July 2016 UNCATEGORISED FTX_OLC_AA FTX openLC Base Region Version 1.10 - September 2013 FTX_OLC_EU1 FTX openLC Europe Region 1 (Baltics Demo) Version 1.10 - September 2013 FTX_OLC_NA1 FTX openLC North America Region 1 Version 1.00 - September 2013 Many thanks
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