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Found 9 results

  1. I just purchased my first Orbx product. Installed So. California SD into my Orbx library and everything went smoothly. Only problem I have found, is that my (Shortfinal Design's KLAX HD) is showing up, but without the Orbx scenery all the way to San Diego. I attached this photo. Sorry, I am new to forums.
  2. Folks, now that my sim is working well again, it is time to start a tour around my recent purchases. Recent means "since December 2016", as I have not been flying in NA since then... So getting out of KLAX... ... across the Griffith Observatorium... ... and the Victorville plane cementary. Then further north across Edwards... ... and into Yosemite NP. Mono Lake is kind of disappointing in Open_LC, maybe it shoud be individually enhanced towards reality. Lake Tahoe definetively does not need to be enhanced, a "must-land" on every tour in the region.
  3. After moving fromEurope to SoCal I have to encounter texture mismatches around (at least) Los Angeles. In former times I would have tried to re-install the latest libraries, but FTXCv3 is already satisfied. Does anybody have an idea? [The airport you see is KTOA Zamperini. PS: FSDT KLAX is installed & active, too.]
  4. After inspecting the last Norway purchases I now have to test all my recent North America ones. Which includes December sale, seems I haven´t been flying there for a while... So I took a United flight bringing me into LAX as a starting point. Closing in to the big city area I was a bit confused by these bigger yellow areas all around. I think I had also seen texture mismatches around KEDW before. The second shot (near Santa Monica) shows the same phenomenon. I´ll check this later with a less demanding plane... (and also a bit lower & slower). Turning into final over the Pacific... ... and getting the coast as well in sight as KLAX´s 4 runways. We´re going for the 07R. Touchdown. Followed by the OOM warning chime. But at least I could complete the flight... And now we head for some smaller planes for VFR flying...
  5. Finally, after a long way of downloading, installing, correcting, I am set for this long awaited flight. Long awaited, as the RL pics are prepared since months. I could make use of some pictures at KLAX taken earlier (with more cloudy weather, as in reality), and the complete flight in OLC at more sunny conditions. Taxiing at KLAX... ... queuing ... ATC assigns the 25R, whereas in RL we got the 25L. Here we go, with a collection of sights. Turning back over Palm Beach... ... and Oceanside. The Imperial Dunes from FL390 - not as impressive as from lower levels. Tucson. Even with OLC the sights get less impressive here (the boneyard is unfortunately not depicted). El Paso. West Texas, here we must be near @Gypsy Pilot´s home. Hmm, I got to find out what this structure is... Descending over Austin. OpenLC does its job... Turning into final over north Houston. The pilot´s view... ... the passenger´s view. On downwind, towards one of the 26 runways. ATC gave me the 15R today. Finally, taxing to the cate - to meet a colleague. 29 pictures. Might be my record. Do I have to say sorry for taking your time? However, the trip will be continued from Houston. With shorter flights, I promise.
  6. Day 3. Download 3 ready. Time enough for a little challenge... not in a Challenger, but in a similar appropriate type: That was tight. At 9000 ft, full throttle. Colorado River in pure FTXG, not (yet) with Open_LC. Passing along Maurizios Grand Canyon photoscenery... ... and into SoCal, just south of Las Vegas. Over the sea of buildings... ... and into 7L. With a successful approach - but with the KLAX buildings not showing up properly. After reinstall of the orbxlibs & re-sorting the sequence in scenery.cfg (according to the guideline) it was fine again.
  7. In fact we are not far in the north. And we do not even leave the southernmost Orbx NA region. But we are heading north from San Diego... The longest part of this flight is the approach into KLAX, from east to west, ... ... back downwind to the east, ... ... and finally a final. Perhaps it is the season to go even more to the north...
  8. ... in my personal history started in Launceston on a Saturday morning, leaving the hotel at 07:00. After a coffee with a friend at YMLT take-off was 08:40 hrs local time. Did I ever mention Lainceston airport has changed significantly since Orbx created the epic freeware? Leaving Tassie behind... Stopover in a rainy Melbourne. I have to admit the real flight was a 787, but as she is lacking a good representation in the sim, the 777 was my choice. Adding a bit more realism, I followed the correct flight plan. Nice to know the alternate airports on the way, as well as the ETOPS turning points. And good to know that Tim & Ken have already upgraded the Alternate which is nearly halfway... Greeting Sydney... ... and waving goodbye to OZ, at around 14:15 h local time. Which means you head into the night soon after. Here we find ourselves just about 200 mls out of Pago Pago. Now that is just a short hop! Still 4000 mls to go... Changing the hemispheres, for me this means from down under to upside up. Let´s summarize this view: In India it is still daytime, Saturday. In Brazil it is already daytime, also Saturday. And we are in the middle of the night. Good to repeat and realize this craziness in the sim... Good morning! The real wind (compare with the routing map above, it matches!) makes us gain lots of time on this route. Get up folks. I think I may post this blurry picture here with the impression of the 787´s mood light. A great plane, but stay away from the noisy galleys! Here we are, well prepared for the lovely approach into Los Angeles, with Catalina Island ahead. DX10 has given a lot to FSX... ... as well as Orbx SoCal. Ready for final, and into full brakes. Here we are. After 22 hrs of travel, started on Saturday morning, we have now arrived ... on the same Saturday morning. And when you see the lovely breakfast in United´s business longe, you know you have arrived in the USA. A long day makes a long post. I can not apologize for 31 pictures selected...
  9. After yesterdays fantastic pilot´s work... ... the Hawker needed to be returned to KLAX. The plane was checked while passengers enjoyed the pleasures of the lounge: All seems fine, so we went on to 31L... ... and straight we go: Just after passing Benning, ... ... you find yourself already over greater LA. Approaching KLAX i see the ocean again, after applying Jarrad´s waterbody correction ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/106505-kpsp-los-angeles-expands-out-toward-catalina/#comment-960056 ): Downwind, base & final: This time the gear does not refuse to work! I am still struggling with the autopilot´s vertical modes, but finals are done manually anyway. Heavy on frames, this area. But I trust the Orbx designers are better in programming the SoCal region than the Microsoft team did 11 years ago. And how I look forward to have the west coast completed!
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