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Found 7 results

  1. I just had to get one more flight in before it was time to call it a day. A quick jaunt from Half Moon Bay to Monterrey. It got foggy along the way, and I had flashbacks to my last flight in murky weather; that did not end well. Luckily, I had the GTN 750 ready to assist, and it cleared up regardless. I simply can not get enough of A2A's Bonanza!
  2. ... if you can keep them there close to a wind machine like this. Not the most quiet caravaning place... Heading north... ... along the Montara mountains... ... and the Golden Gate Park... ... to the well-known bridge. Alcatraz, ... ... CBD, ... ... and the 49ers stadium (you can see: my VC issues are solved), on our way to .... KSFO.
  3. ... for a little lift from Monterey... ... over San Francisco Bay... ... to Half Moon Bay. Please proceed to the terminal. Now what should I do: Stay for a coffee or take the car?
  4. Hey all, I got a chance to visit the relatively recently released Half Moon Bay. This is just STELLAR from the air and loads better fps than San Carlos! Enjoy!
  5. Hi All, This one has been a long time coming, and I know many of you have been waiting for it. Well, I'm proud to finally present my latest project, which I took over from Scott Armstrong a while ago - KHAF Half Moon Bay Airport! I'm very close to completion with this one, expect a release sometime in January, once you've had time to cool down from the sale frenzy Half Moon Bay is a unique airport located on the Pacific Coast in San Mateo County just south of San Francisco, and just over the ranges from KSFO. Being so close to the Bay Area, the airport sees a lot of GA traffic throughout the year, as well as some air taxi services. The spectacular coastline around the airport makes for a truly amazing approach, and the airport has been faithfully recreated from imagery taken over multiple visits to the airport by Scott and myself in the last few years. The airport is also not far away from many other Orbx airports, such as KSTS Sonoma County, KMRY Monterey, and KSQL San Carlos, all of which are very nearby, as well as other airports a bit further inland, such as KTVL and KBLU. COVERAGE MAP: Please enjoy the screenshots Cheers, Misha
  6. It has been a long time since I last flew. It's time to take out FSX again, and dust of my VOR navigational skills. I love California (and of course the NorCal addon from ORBX), so I decided to take a Cessna 182 to an early morning spin. This morning's flight was from Benton (O85) to Half Moon Bay. KHAF is my favourite airport since Flight Unlimited II, can't wait for Misha to bring this airport to us (hopefully still this year)! The NorCal region already did some updates to it, but it is still light years from proper ORBX treatment... In Northern California, there is so much to see! Starting the day at Benton Field in a trusty old C182, 5:00am. The sun is just peeking on the horizon yet! Taxiing... Takeoff! The Bay awaits! Just after takeoff. NorCal is so realistic! Looking back at the still sleepy Redding This is what I like about real weather: looks like there are some surprises mounting on the horizon (I know, I should have checked the weather before, like every good pilot does)! Lake Berryessa (also reminds me of Flight Unlimited II) More and more clouds as I'm getting closer to the Bay Area. The City Suburbs of San Francisco in the middle of the soup Getting closer to KHAF, time to lower the landing gear! Moments before touchdown... ...and safely on the ground. Time to taxi! Finally, stopping in front of the (not-yet-there) Three-Zero Cafe. Time for a nice breakfast! I can't wait for ORBX KHAF!
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