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  1. Back in the A2A V-Tail, from Redding to Blue Canyon!
  2. Here's a screenshot of a problem I'm having at CA21 Limberlost Ranch, part of the KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack package. I took this right after loading the plane to the active runway. If I push forward a bit, the movement underground results in a crash. I have it installed with NA Norther California. No other mesh or scenery product is installed in the area. I've also noticed that with crash detection enabled, my plane crashes immediately upon loading on the runway at KBLU, and has similar issues at Gansner. This is the first of many Orbx airports I've purchased that have caused this kind of trouble
  3. Blue Canyon to Limberlost Ranch - Sierra Nevada Mountains Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, FTX: NA Gold Northern California, FTX: NA KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack
  4. Hi, If you don’t know what to add to your collection of airports, here is one suggestion before the Orbx 50% sale ends : KBLU Blue-Canyon Nyack. The following pictures show a flight from KBLU to Limberlost Ranch (CA21) then to Gansner Field (201). Landing and taking-off from Limberlost Ranch is a nice challenge and lots of fun! For this flight with FSX, I used the Carenado Cessna C-207 equipped with bush tires and REX clouds. Airborne from KBLU. Enroute from KBLU (5284 ft asl) to Limberlost Ranch and it’s 1700 ft grass runway
  5. Gerold suggested a move south for some nicer weather when flying. So it is down to KBLU and his forecasting was spot on. 1. Yak-52 speeding down the runway at KBLU. 2. Heading east and following Route 80 towards Emigrant Gap. 3. Yuba Pass. 4. Lake Tahoe North Star. 5. At KTRK Truckee 6. Carnelian Bay on Lake Tahoe 7. Rubicon Peak is in the distance. 8. South Lake Tahoe 9. Now that was a nice landing. 10. A different parking spot. 11. VH-XSU "Red Alert"
  6. Short Skyvan SC-7 from Blue Canyon to Gansner Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  7. Just making sure that things are all right on a flight from Blue Canyon-Nyack via Ganser and on to Redding I probably blew the portapotty over... Coming up over Ganser Field I interrupted my flight here for a couple of hours... And onward to Redding! Benton to the left below me Once again more or less cropped
  8. I installed KBLU with the new V3 installer. Started P3D V3.3. The aircraft was shown on the map at KBLU in the startup screen. Said OK and the program began and finished its load/start process. The screen then showed the aircraft, on an external view, at the end of the runway but with the word CRASH at the top. Then within a few seconds the program began loading something else and it was my default airport KHQM which was ok. I looked at Central2 and the airport (KBLU) was not there. Nor was Palm Springs which I had just installed but not tried to open. It appears that both installs
  9. A relative short flight with tourists in a Quest Kodiak from Blue Canyon airport-KBLU to Lake Tahoe airport-KTVL :
  10. Hi, Just downloaded and installed what we were told was the latest KBLU from the FlightSim Store after the recent announcement about the KPSP, 74S Anacortes and KBLU releases and it installed as KBLU version 100. FTX Central still indicates that my current version is out of date. The Flightsim store still indicates KBLU100 version. KPSP and Anacortes were fine. Not much fun when the file is 1.6GB and it takes all night to download. Please advise. Rhett
  11. For some reason - and I promise I haven't touched a thing!! - my P3Dv3 has gone into some wierd kind of "overdrive". Frame rates seem about the same, but my scenery (all that green stuff) seems to be looking so much better. I wish I knew what the secret was!! This is just a "random" shot when I was testing the newly installed and updated KBLU. It's just general FTX NCA scenery, but I love it! *Almost* as nice as NZ . Maybe it's PTA (P3D Tweak Assistant) - that's giving me better shading (not sure) - but terrain shading in P3D has always been good, IMHO. No o
  12. Another one from the sale. Seemed to go in to P3D ok. In my usual careless fashion I got airborne, looked around a bit and thought, "what's that over there?" and off I went. Glimpsed an interesting bridge in the distance and headed that way Turns out to be a town called Auburn, on the American River, and that's Folsom Lake in the distance It's that lovely evening light again - get's me every time So, heading down to the lake to see what it looks like c
  13. So, I went back and did a spring evening flight from KBLU towards Folsom, in the Businessliner this time. Coming down past Auburn towards the lake - Across the lake now, approaching the Folsom Lake Dam on the southern side. On the left bank of the American River just past the bridge in the shot below should be Folsom Prison (as in Johny Cash and "I shot a man in Reno, just to see him die") but I don't think it's specifically modelled. I couldn't pick it out after looking at Google Earth and this fly over.
  14. This isn't really my sort of flying being neither airliner nor bush, but it's good to get the rocket ship out from time to time:
  15. Lake Tahoe - Blue Canyon - Gansner Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather
  16. Hello, I recently purchased the KBLU airport triple pack. When I try to start my flight at CA21/Limberlost Ranch, my aircraft is partially buried or not visible from an outside view. Sometimes from an ouside view I can see one wingtip protruding from the ground or no aircraft at all. (yes, the new libs 150815 are installed). I thought perhaps there was an issue with the A2A aircraft I normally fly but through trial and error I discovered the same issue with the default Cessna. Am I missing a patch or service pack? Here's my setup... Windows 7-64bit FSX boxed +Accelerator FTX Global
  17. Hi, I have a curious problem to Gansner Field Airport-2O1. The same problem to KBLU. I have to try a re-install, nothing! Thanks !
  18. Thanks for viewing
  19. Weather by ASN, KBLU, and Aerosoft Twin Otter Have a good flight !
  20. Sorry for a so long post but that flight was very exciting. Alabeo C404 Titan, Weather by Asn and KBLU of course Have a good flight and an excellent Week End. Happy july,4th for all the american peoples flying here !
  21. A simple traffic pattern, with landing at the right speed to stop at the hangar door. P3Dv2.5 >http://youtu.be/L0rVAfTYZGc Cheers,
  22. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
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