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  1. P3D + ORBX KAVX + A2A + ASCA = unparalleled realism (lovely colors, lovely textures, lovely water, lovely clouds, lovely aircraft behavior, really nothing to dislike here).
  2. Another marvel sceney to discover in California not far from the coast of LA: Back to my plane for returning to mainland
  3. West to east was done in the P-51. East to west was started in the C172, had a couple of legs done in the C182, but mostly by Comanche, hopping via freeware airports. This is the last leg: Morongo Resort Shut down on Santa Catalina Island My next mission is up the west coast, via Orbx airports of course.
  4. Hello Everyone, I uploaded a YouTube video of a FSX Tour of KAVX. It is a helicopter tour of Catalina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBoBeDtwSW0 The helicopter is freeware:from www.Hovercontrol.com and www.flightsim.com-RED-AS332L2 by Dirk Fassbender and Hauke Keitel. KAVX scenery by Orbx https://orbxdirect.com/ Music use license consent granted by Wayne Gratz htpp://waynegratz.com/ Music in this video from Wayne Gratz album entitled " Light, Lands and Shoreline” © Copyright - Wayne Gratz / Wayne Gratz Music (634479711
  5. "You may end your call, I am already here." Maybe it gets too noisy anyway. Let´s go down to the coast and watch the tourists arrive. Oh, you like a drink? Or a more exclusive one? Watch out, @Jack Sawyer is here with his new submarine. The southern "serpentines" of Catalina Island (Pebbly beach quarry)... ... and the west coast. Two Harbors. Another option for a rest. The northwesterly tip of the island... ... and back we go.
  6. I have been meaning to do a flight around the coastline of Catalina, so what better aircraft than the Helldiver. Quite a few caps as it is an excellent piece of scenery. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. BTW this is the F8C Helldiver from the 1920s!
  7. ... in a Lockheed Electra Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  8. Like the title says - Not sure I should use "real weather" around Catalina - it always seems to be shrouded/clouded
  9. Welcome to KAVX Catalina Airport, the Airport in the Sky! This project forms the 4th experience package created by Tim Harris and Ken Hall, following up after the highly popular South Pacific based Papua New Guinea and Samoan experience packages of AYPY, NSTU and TAP, we finally arrive in the United States of America to develop the world famous island of Santa Catalina, and the Airport in the Sky Features: Entire island of Santa Catalina HD rendition of KAVX Catalina Airport HD rendition of Pebbly Beach heliport and Wrigley M
  10. Carenado 500S SHRIKE AERO COMMANDER HD SERIES / ORBX KAVX Catalina Airport
  11. Taling some close looks from Catalina, depart from L11 Avalon and a quick stop for . . .
  12. A few shots from recent flights and buys. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  13. A continuation of my post this morning. No payload and only 10% fuel. 1. Using Shift+P to make the most of every inch of runway. 2. The port outrigger is nearly on the taxi way. 3. Pedal to the metal and take off depends on runway length not speed. 4. We are off and airborne. 5. FS9 model with 744 2d flight deck and RB.211 engines sound. Sounded very impressive from the tower. 6. Now we have to rendezvous with the air tanker as 10% of fuel won't get us very far. 7. I like this shot from the tower, plenty
  14. I have already found 2 herds of Bison and I have been told there are still some more to find. These are very timid so we will have to creep up on them very quietly. 1. I think there are some up here, we shall approach them using the bushes for cover. 2. I don't think we were heard scrambling up the rocky hill side. 3. Very close now, I think they are just around here. 4. There, an M-4 Bison. 5. It must be a common sight here as the three bods by the Dakota don't appear too interested. 6. Ah, now I know why, one of
  15. Having a flight around some of the mountains on Catalina Island. 1. On the wrong side of the fence looking through the barbely wire. 2. Up and away in the usual uncontrolled fashion. No sign of the C-47 I put off the end of the runway last night 3. Better keep clear of the tall palms. 4. Now under control and admiring just how good the airport scenery is. 5. No items left off the hangar roof. 6. Tea for 2. 7. The beacon at Mount Banning. 8. An anonymous aerial just down the road. 9. An
  16. Hello: I just tried loading in from KAVX at night and noticed that there is no lighting- this includes buildings, windows, external lights on apron, etc.. Worked fine in FSX...Any thoughts?
  17. I love the static group with the DC-3 ... but as I was puttering past them in my trusty little C-172, I thought "what the heck!!!"? So ... a couple of minutes later ... Adam.
  18. For anyone that's wondering, the default FSX Trike works great in P3Dv3! If you still have FSX, just copy over the Simobjects Aircreation_582SL folder and off you go! Adam.
  19. KAVX Catalina Airport, Nemeth Designs AS-355 1_ 2_ 3_ Cheers, Voyager
  20. Someone said that a slow platform was best for scenery viewing...I agree. Aerosoft's Falcon Ultralight is a terrific way to see (and spit on) the scenery...(tried to hit one of the boats at the coast...much harder than it looks.)
  21. Five more shots from the masterpiece that is KAVX: For once, P3D's "oily black sea" makes a dramatic picture: Wonderful, subtle colouring: Saving my favourite until last again! Adam.
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