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Found 20 results

  1. Finished 1st Hawk cheeky wee takeoff from Oban
  2. 1st attempt at painting the great JF BAe Hawk XX154 Prototype flying over Dunsfold where it was built and was original Top Gear Race track even has the Hammerhead on the great ORBX Scenery:
  3. Still getting used to particles etc in 11.30 looks better with Military than civil aircraft
  4. A couple of aircraft in my Justflight jetliner fleet have been updated for P3Dv4. The classic DC-8 - Air New Zealand - NZWN: A visiting Tristar: Adam.
  5. Homage to a couple of JustFlight classics! One of the earliest JF aircraft in my hangar - the Douglas Bader Hurricane - which I persuaded to work in P3Dv4! ... and now my latest acquisition ... the C-46 Commando! VC up to JF's usal high standards! Rio de Janeiro ... spot the landscape gardening/airbrushing! From the TV series! Adam.
  6. One of my all time favourite jets in Real Life - beautifully modelled by JustFlight - and just updated to P3Dv4. Here are a few flown from RAF Kemble (home of many Hunter restorations) - starting with a splash of yellow for Jack: *Not* a fictitious livery - I've seen this "Re-entry" Hunter with my own eyes!! Over the Golden Valley/Chalford - my old home: My favourite shot of the session: Adam.
  7. A slew of updates in the last few days. Great to see FTX Australia getting some TLC. This is where it all started, folks! Justflight also updated their Gloster Meteor, so here's an RAAF version taking off from Avalon then cruising above and beyond Melbourne: Such a classic profile! Plan view is pretty nice too! Hmmm ... that contrail looks suspicious ... Not bad for an AI repaint!!!! Adam.
  8. Updated and made freeware (now, that's what I call an update!!!): Looks like Ardmore's going to "cop it" ... The Justflight HS748 also got an update. Here we are on an early morning check flight from NZQN: Adam.
  9. Early morning hunting over the Coromandel Ranges (NZNI): This is using my latest PTA preset (adam_PTA_21_11). I had to add an aircraft specular tweak value as I found that all my new JF aircraft seem to have very bleached highlights. I suspect they designed the model to work in FSX and didn't test in P3D (which uses a different lighting system). All my presets can be grabbed here. Adam.
  10. Old joke ... sorreee!!! For penance, I'm only allowed the one pic: Adam.
  11. I was playing around with some PTA presets - and had one of those wonderful "gotcha" moments: It's not the 633 Squadron - and it's not Norway (or wherever it was meant to be). It's an FB VI Mosquito (305 Polish Squadron) practising around Milford Sound. Adam.
  12. Hi all, The latest from Just Flight: Hawk T1/A. I took her for a quick early morning flight along the south coast to see what she could do. Cheers, Al
  13. The new JF version. Hard to resist such a classic WWII aircraft. Adam.
  14. No - not FTX YSCB - the JustFlight EE Canberra! Celebrating Waitangi Day with a flypast over Tauranga, NZNI: One of the best VC's around - and a great aircraft! Adam.
  15. I updated my JF Tornado to SP3. It's still a slideshow - and causes OOMs (yes - even in P3Dv2) ... but what a slideshow, eh? Here's a response to PeteH's "Mach Loop" post (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/104718-p3dv25-tornado-gr1-through-the-mach-loop/#entry944311) but set in NZ (near NZQN), with the correct Kiwi pronunciation (in the title). Hard to *not* love the Tornado - attractive, but warlike ... but maybe not quite as "evil" as this (from my combat sim - DCS): Adam.
  16. Hi all, Has anyone flown the Just Flight DHC-1 Chipmunk? Is it in the same league as A2A quality? Just started reading the excellent "Follow me through" by Mike Brooke and it's got me wanting to add the venerable chippie to my hanger! Love the simplicity of this agile little aircraft and quite fancy following a similar BBMF route and clocking up some hours on this taildragger before getting to grips with my A2A Accusim Spitfire.
  17. I don't know whether "Mach Loop" is a loop done at the speed of sound, a pub in N.Wales, a [not-so] hidden valley in N.Wales, or a nutty Scotsman ("Mac the Loop"), so here's a Tornado on holiday in NZ! Adam.
  18. JF DC-6 coming over Arthur's Pass on its way to Christchurch, 1953. If you like the DC-3, you'll love the DC-6! The Film The Air Race in RL Adam.
  19. First of the two amazing offerings from Justflight. I finally managed to buy the Canberra! ... and an incredible VC: Adam.
  20. If you're quick ... Head on over to JustFlight for their mega 70th Anniversary Battle of Britain Sale. $8 for all three! http://www.justflight.com/product/battle-of-britain-70th-anniversary-download Here's my trio over Wanaka. Adam.
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