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Found 9 results

  1. Amazing scenery Jarrad ! Thanks. I took these a while back but it seems I never submitted the post at the time . . . Kind regards,
  2. I can't believe how many layers of new or renewed discovery I'm peeling away after making the move to the Rift. There are growing pains here and there to be sure, but WOW! I can't believe the many differences I'm uncovering! One thing I learned today was that I'm learning to like helicopters! I never enjoyed rotor-wing aircraft in the past. I'd fly them with limited competence back in the old FSX missions (man, I miss those -- they were fun!), but never really ever felt comfortable in them, or enjoyed them much. Today, I learned why! After several hours enjoying my new Alabeo Robinson R66 far more than I'd ever imagined I could, I talked my wife into donning the VR goggles while I 'gave her a ride' in the R66, as I flew from what I could see on the monitor. YIKES!!! I had been flying that machine gracefully all day -- but when I stepped out of VR even briefly, I was like a drunken sailor, staggering all over the sky in that thing! I can get away with fixed-wing in 2-D without problems. But for rotor-wing, I find it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to have that 'seat-of-the-pants' feel VR provides! I doubt I will become a full-time whirlybird flyer -- but it is fun to discover a vast new dimension of enjoyment! These are great for real low-and-slow sight-seeing, as you can loiter around POIs that capture your imagination. Which brings me to the reason I started this missive... I wanted to give a shoutout to Jarrad Marshall for his EXQUISITE work on KEGE Eagle/Vail airport pack. Since receiving my CV1 (Rift) just a couple of weeks ago, I'm going back and exploring all the airports I've bought over the years, and finding that thanks to VR, they are almost all nearly completely new experiences for me! But today's visit to KEGE has left me speechless! I had zipped in and out of there in various fixed-wing craft numerous times since purchasing it when it came out. But taking my time and slowing crawling over the entire area today, I am simply blown away by the vast scale of this project, and the many thoughtful details there are to find! What a treat this was today! I'll be back many more times, with renewed interest and vastly deepened appreciation for this 15 carat gem!
  3. Jarrad, reading the replies in Alex post about the coming Bar Harbor addon, one seems to seeing a returning pattern of East Coast love and support. While we are not starved of many great Class B airports in the area for great addons by other developers we are lacking the smaller Class C and D types. I would like to throw a post of support for looking at KPVD as an airport that seems to fit your kind of MO when it comes to airport developing. A Class C airport that is near some interesting terrain of water front and some interesting bridges and a nice downtown. Nicely located near KBOS and KLGA (which are currently getting a make over from their developers) and the coming KACK not to mention its closeness to KBHB and should still fit within the boundries of a NEM region if one were to be in the pipes. This airport also has a bit of flight sim history as being an old Flight Scenery Flightzone airport much like what was done with many of the GeoRender Fields, it will coming with a following. Leaving the Southwest area of the USA its hard to find those scenic approaches that airports like KSEZ, KEGE and KTEX offer but hoping with the waterfront, bay of Providence, we would still have a visual enjoyable surrounding approach outside of the airport fence. Even has a nice little grass strip of Mystery Farms located on Prudence Island. Perhaps with the coming Flight Sim Con while some of the Orbx team will be in the area, one could get some local pics of the field. I mean look at some of those Americana teal blue buildings on brown in the GA area!! Whats not to love?! Well, thats my pitch. Hope it finds its way to you as of the many different developers on the Orbx team, this one seems very suited for your type of airport. Just to try to seal the deal heres a nice video of what we had way back in 2005 that got many of us to become PVD pilots.
  4. Finally found some down time to explore in detail this amazing scenery from my friend Jarrad Marshall. Incredible work buddy and insane detail as always from you!!! I'm sure you'll see some more screenies from me from this area. Cheers
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